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  1. 100% agree. The dev team just pins their own spam. They have lost all touch with reality or their playerbase. I will celebrate them all losing their jobs when this company goes under after their failed launch.
  2. I think the game is dead. PVP never really got fixed in beta. Without good PVP and territory war, it's just multiplayer space legos
  3. NQ is like... am I going to punch you in the face? I might... we're considering it. Please discuss.
  4. DU did a good job ninjaing in another 3 month sub before I could hit unsub. This is the reason they do not do month to month. Disgusting business practice. Good will for these devs is evaporating quickly.
  5. 100% agree. Game is as good as it will ever be. Server limitations mean the game will never get better. The players playing the game right now are the only players who will ever play. The idea of launch is just a fantasy. Only hardcore lego lovers play this game. It's not a MMO. When they do the wipe, they will go bankrupt all so they can have hope that may be new players will come when they "launch".
  6. I find that since I played before the limits on how many cores you can have, I purchased TONS of components to a point that I never run out. There is no need to manufacture or mine or do anything besides build ships and tear down old ones due to the limits. My bank balance never changes since I never have to buy anything. I have thought about selling it all on the market though but meh. I also have most of my wealth in gold as a backup currency in case Quanta ever inflates
  7. To me, PVP is not really worth the risk because they get to keep all your stuff. Most Pirates are already MEGA rich, and I am not super interested in handing them more spare parts. They have years of experience using this non-intuitive janky system and I doubt I can catch up. The only way to win is to not play until a more even playing field exists. It is not realistic that you get to keep an entire ship you just destroyed. Would be better if only the non-destroyed components were repairable when taking over an enemy ship you just faught. I could be wrong, but I am not interested in losing a billion quanta while learning how to pvp-- You need those super expensive high tier weapons to compete.
  8. Now it let me in for about 10 seconds before disconnecting me and saying (Server is in maintenance) Sorry for the spam, just trying to log my experience for others who might be experiencing the same?
  9. Before the game fully loadedin, I was disconnected by the anticheat system again.
  10. This is a really interesting topic for me since I feel I am quite rich in the game. I would not mind restarting if it meant the game would be fun, but I feel like the devs have not exactly mastered the game-play loop to make it so fun as to want to do the boring grind to regain my lost wealth. I think devs should first master the game play loop, worry about wipes later when the game is good and inequality is all that remains as an issue.
  11. So odd, I turned on my VPN and set it to a nearby city and the game appears to be loading in.
  12. At first when I logged in afte rthe client update, it said "Disconnected by the server! You have been disconnected by the server. (Disconnected by the anticheat system) You will be able to reconnect after 58 seconds. It has been about 10 minutes now, and each login attempt first does CONNECTION QUEUED: 1, and then after about 15 seconds, I get SYSTEM_ERROR(REQUEST_TIMEOUT(ERROR:2) I went ahead and closed any random apps I had running in the background incase the Anticheat is finding a false positive but that hasn't helped. I submitted a ticket too.
  13. The creators of some of these tracks have left and no-one will be able to afford the tens of millions weekly it will cost to maintain them. Can something be done to preserve them? Location of this track is at ::pos{0,2,-0.1225,109.1183,-0.0000}
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