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  1. I don't think it was ever going to be what they thought it would be, but they live and learn, same as the rest of us. If they can produce a good working space game out of it, then they will have brought it back, some way, at least.
  2. Well ! being one of those players that said 'they would have to wipe to succeed' and also one of those that stopped playing a while ago (long while). I will probably come back to see what they give the new release. Lets be fair, DU got into a mess, best way to sort it and go forward is by doing what they have decided to do. It was getting very obvious. Dual Universe had great potential, it may get that potential back having lost it for a long time. I hope and look forward to release as that is the time I will come back and have a good look (fingers crossed). Power to your elbow NQ and lets hope DU can become something really good.
  3. There a quite a few of us that have said from the beginning that a wipe of the game prior to release (or earlier), would be needed to set things up for all players. Happened in ED and worked fine. But a wipe is not going to save DU, just in my opinion. The game is broken, lets be honest. It will release in some state, not sure which state that will be, but much lower in scale than the original idea. It will run for a while until players dry up, possibly quite quickly. Then they will announce that the game can no longer be supported through lack of players and turn it all off.
  4. Even if they wiped it, I don't think I would come back to the game. It will never be what they wanted it to be and also what we wanted it to be. We have to face the fact it probably isn't doable.
  5. I would argue the game is already dead. Everyone I knew that played the game, has gone.
  6. I think the 'game' is more or less dead. It's sad, but there you go, just another game not finished properly. Seems that is the gaming industry now.
  7. It comes of a scientist that thinks he could build a video game. After all, video games are 'easy' to build.... Aren't they.
  8. I hadn't spent much time in Empyrion for a few years. But recently I've been playing it a lot. The game is a little gem in space games, much underated I think. Huge universe that you can get lost in. For single players its a dream of a game. Possibly better than Space Engineers, but not as good building wise, but close. DU was never going to live upto the hype, but at least they're still here.
  9. Must admit I love voxel games. Putting time into Empyrion again after latest patch, not bad, been a while.
  10. Unfortunately, but what I believe is happening now is.. they're thinking of an exit strategy..
  11. Yeah I see your point. In Space Engineers it's very easy to change your skybox to any of the thousands (probably) available. I prefer no skybox in SE. I have the asteroid PG set to high, so the space has lots of things I can actually visit, feels very real to me. Thereagain, I haven't been to space to check. Make it moddable.
  12. For the sake of the game 'yes'. For me and my game-play, not really. But it needs to be here or the game won't really succeed as a space mmo.
  13. New players are the dream NQ are probably missing out on, they need more players. So get some yt advertisers to plug your product. We all know that. 2021 is the test, get to Christmas and they might make it. My guess is, unfortunately, it will be gone by then. Quite sad really.
  14. My feeling is they pandered to the wrong playerbase, designing and building is great, but only remains interesting for so long. DU needs its economy, pvp, space flight etc as much as the other side of the game and I hope they balance it out better. Plus NQ will have to think seriously regards performance, they need players to enjoy the game, that means optimizing the hell out of it, to allow mid range systems to play the game too. Hopefully they'll work something out.
  15. I suppose we have to wait and see. The game needs new players and a slightly different direction, just in my opinion. That said, I hope they find a good balance for the game.
  16. We can hope that JC wanted to stick to the vision and the pressure of doing that and running the place was getting to him (not surprising). There isn't much players can do but wait and watch and hope that this may help in some way.
  17. Cheers for that. It's not a good sign, but we'll see.
  18. Not being a discord follower or indeed NQ. Could someone enlighten me as to what has changed at the top end management of NQ ? I would appreciate it.
  19. The game looks pretty bad, always has. It can't really get better because performance is always going to be an issue. The game runs bad and there are hardly any players in there, compared to what they say it should be able to handle. Overall DU is great in promise and low in delivery. The idea behind the game had most block building space fans drooling when first announced. But I think most have realised that the worry about performance etc, at the beginning that we all thought about, is showing itself to be the biggest issue they are going to have and probably, as many players thought at the time, they are not going to win that battle.
  20. If I remember rightly, the guy that released this is a scientist and they are never ashamed about anything.
  21. You need players for success & new players at that. I hope things pan out for them, but it does not look good for DU overall. Shame, it does have huge potential, but how many games can we say that about that just disappeared.
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