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  1. There was a time, like maybe 2 years ago, where the nanocrafter did run offline. At least that is what I remember. Anyway, it has been like this for a long time. The technique that Zeddrick mentioned works really well. The main thing to keep in mind with doing this though is that the queue will not be completed when you log in if it was stalled when you logged off. For example, if you have a character queue up only product, like Silumin and Steel, but there is no ore to make the 1st step in the queue, it will stall. When you log back in later and there is the proper pures in the container, it will not have used them. It will still be stalled looking for ore. To get around this, I will usually just add a step that I know will run as the 1st step, before I log off. Making hydrogen works great. It just gives you enough time to log off with a running queue.
  2. Look at the value of a DAC that was estimated in the Kickstarter. The prices for release were always going to be higher.
  3. The prices are going up. They are going up in 10 days. The DACs will be a month of game time forever, but we for sure know what the price difference is between today and on the 27th. Plus, the in-game trade value of a DAC will only increase, as players increase their in game wealth over time.
  4. That was how I looked at paying for alt subs during beta. In addition to another character, it was additional financial support for the game I wanted to succeed.
  5. Maybe it is not smart to commit too far into the future on a newly released game, but most of us already committed to a game that was either not started or was still in development. Buying more game time at release is not a whole lot different.
  6. Your first question is not really all that clear. It just seems like you are asking if you need to buy now to get the lower price, and the answer to that is yes. If you only have 7 DACs and want to play for a year, you would need to pay for more game time. Doing it now means you get it at the cheaper price. The plans for DACs are that they will be player tradeable and purchasable in some type of cash shop that doesn't exist yet. This essentially would make it so that quanta can be exchanged for game time/real world money. The cash shop is not expected at launch nor is the trading of DACs.
  7. Why do you care about why he cares if you don't care?
  8. Why does civilization building equate to more ways to blow stuff up? I recognize that in RL, civilization does equal bigger wars, I just find it a little sad that this is just a matter of fact thing. IMHO, we need a good foundation before all these features are dropped down. Just adding TW and AvA for the sake of blowing up more stuff doesn't help the game at all. We need a framework for all of these features that gives purposes to all of it. Civilizations go to war for reasons (usually). After improving the game we already have, I would rather see social and civilization type features added that act as as foundation that ties all of the other aspects of the game together. Politics, culture, trade, warfare should all be connected. Any actual civilization building game ties all of these together with benefits and consequences to pursuing any of those goals.
  9. Yeah, it works great. Whether or not the undo should undo all actions (like linking) is another question altogether. But the quirky way it works now is very useful for things like this.
  10. It is pretty bogus that someone involved in the search is not going to get the reward. I feel for you there. How short are you? I would say though that NQ really didn't screw you here. If you were involved in the search and were not given 500L out of such a large amount of ore, you got screwed by someone else. If I had more than exactly the required amount, I would share. Each org involved seems to have handled things far differently.
  11. Oh look, this post is no longer on the 1st page anymore but we have sticky posts that have not had a reply since July.
  12. Mining Units have been out a really long time, it is hard to believe there is still disinformation out there about how they work. Adjacency bonus is based on the owner of the hex. Period, end of story. Yes, some people will be able to get a small adjacency bonus on Sanctuary, but it doesn't sound like the STU will be available to buy at launch, so getting a big mining farm on Sanctuary right away will be difficult.
  13. Awesome to see all the people returning and new folks joining!
  14. That would be fairly cool to be able to do this. In the example you used, I usually move the container or hub near the smelters, do the linking, then undo (backspace), which will put the container/hub back where it belongs.
  15. I am not sure that NQ ever acknowledged that this was a bug, but they did say it would go to the active container, so I assume this is a bug that they just have neglected to fix. It does surprise me though that this type of stuff happens. I would think that however they code this, linked container support would be baked in and it would go to your "active" container unless overridden. There are only a few cases where it should also go to your nanopack, like when compacting a ship.
  16. It is not a great look when you go into build mode on a starter outpost that the gave provides and it gives an error that elements are overlapping.
  17. Yes, this is a discussion forum. Posts like the 2FA one are kept around because it is important information, but it is no longer a topic of conversation. Move all this stuff to its own section and let some player posts get up near the top!
  18. It is absurd that release is scheduled and we don't have this mechanic in game, so that we can go to release with ship designs that work. People have tried to build ships that they thought were going to conform to the occlusion rules for brakes, once implemented, and then the orientation was changed. Now we still don't have the final version to test against. If the UEF ships will be fixed in time, why can we not get the fix in beta, to confirm that it actually works with all of the beta resources?
  19. And you don't need to build the M assembly line, you can just buy it. The main things that slow it down is building assembly L, assembly XL, and the DSAT itself. Long cook times.
  20. I agree. I do see threads get unpinned, but there are just so many. Things that players actually want to discuss just fall off the first page and then the official pinned threads end up being the only discussion that is going on, which tends to be the same complaints over and over.
  21. You can also try and "force respawn on load" from the logon screen. If you are disconnected near a bugged construct, this can move you away from it and allow the game to load. Best bet if those things don't work is to create a ticket.
  22. You don't have to make friends, you could use the markets. Pick your poison. Friends don't sound so bad in that context
  23. If you are going to use downward firing space engines, I would suggest using a gyro oriented 90 degrees. When leaving the atmosphere, hold space until you are over maybe 6k altitude, then toggle the gyro. At that point, you can control your space engines like normal (in either cruise or throttle mode). I have quite a few ships setup with space engines like this, since I find it is more efficient use of space. I just setup a hotkey for the toggle and it works like a charm.
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