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  1. I dislike the change as well, because breaking the laws of physics due to poor imagination is just wrong. The problem being solved was not about pirates catching haulers though. It was to give PvP more variety in ship design. This has been really elusive. The meta of what is the best ship just tends to change with the patches, so they were trying to add some variety. Unfortunately, many of the pvp changes have a really poor impact on other parts of the game.
  2. NDA from alpha is not lifted. Some non-lawyer might have used some poor wording to explain that beta would not be under NDA, but alpha NDA remains in place for all things that were not publicly released. Not only can you not post alpha NDA content from DU on Discord, you cannot post content from any source that is not legally allowed to be shared in public (so you cannot break NDA with your work, another game, etc on NQ Discord or forums). Now the answer to your original question, is I am back for release, no doubt. I don't agree with every decision that got us here, but I am excited for release and the game still has tons of potential.
  3. Customer service! It's a good thing. People who are not currently active in the beta can still come give things a try at launch and will have their core BPs regardless of where they were.
  4. Try out the FTEU (currently in the game). You select your starting hex before you do anything else.
  5. I agree, I never said the refund was going to survive a wipe. I am saying that the same logic used to perform the refund can be used to refund core BPs. And they have carried BPs between alpha and beta, so this is the reason that there is such specific information. They already have a way to do it and know exactly how it works.
  6. Clearly, this is the same logic that was used to refund schematics. It is logic that is already written and can be tweaked for core BPs. No conspiracy, just something they already know they can do.
  7. They (NQ) were being asked about it right at beta launch, and they had an answer already prepared. Internal discussion of a wipe had already taken place at that point (obviously). When it tipped from something they were trying to avoid to something that was unavoidable is anyone's guess, but it must have been quite a long time ago.
  8. Sure, there is certainly a psychology to the words being used. But things should make sense, especially within the genre of the game. They would be better off using mechanics where the verbiage used didn't need to even be debated. Just make fun game loops to act as a limitation. Who cares what it is called. When you put limits in place with no gameplay and no positive aspect to it, it sucks regardless of what the name is.
  9. I sorta get what you are saying. Knowing that there will likely be some form of reset, I have been preparing by making BPs for getting started. The fact that we are at this point of development and we still have not locked in the collision detect for flight elements and HC weight is really frustrating though. I don't even finish fixing ships from one change before another one comes down.
  10. And as the OP said, flying used to be fun. Cruise around and see all the cool stuff that people made. Maybe some shenanigans ensue and you do some tricky flying. Now landing and using the maneuver tool to change direction is less painful than turning in the air. It is a science fiction game. It is not a simulator, It is supposed to be fun!
  11. First off, I can appreciate the reasoning behind these changes, in terms of what it brings to PvP. However... While PvP is a major pillar of the game, it is not the only pillar. Some people just want to build things that look nice, and their motivations are based purely on the textures of the honeycomb, not the HP value. I have suggested several times in the past and I still believe that a good addition to the game would be armor specific material. This is more realistic and more practical to meet the needs of all players. Armor is not made to look attractive, it is made to be functional. The various polished, galvanized, etc forms of HC have these looks so we have a variety of colors and textures to build with. Many non-PvP ships are going to be heavier as a result of this change. We can learn to live with that, like we have with so many other changes. I question why we should need to live with that when there is an alternative that treats two entirely different things in different ways?
  12. @NQ, I am providing additional feedback, now that the schematics change has been in the game for a while. My primary interest in the game is industry, and I have been both maintaining my existing factory while also adding additional lines. New Lines Adding new lines, or additional capacity to existing lines, is much simpler now, much like it was in early beta. That is great. Maintenance Maintaining a factory is worse than I feared it would be. Much worse. In a very short amount of time I have become completely apathetic toward machines not running because I simply have no desire to fiddle so much with schematics. You took an already annoying process and made it a nightmare! I again need to ask: Was this change made to intentionally be tedious as a form of balance? I am having a hard time envisioning a scenario where the tedium was an accident or a byproduct of the route that was chosen. It seems to be designed to frustrating. That I have a major problem with. There are any number of ways (look at all the suggestions) that the limitations you desire could have been implemented with minimal effort, while also not making the game less fun. An Observation It appears that you have a recent trend of approaching things you perceive to be a problem from a very technical perspective. There is no consideration as to how this fits into the game or the game world. You are not going to introduce any entertaining mechanics if you do not consider how these mechanics fit into Dual Universe. Why are we copying schematics over and over. What in the world is happening to these copies? Why do some copies disappear faster than others? Why is it such a slow process to copy them? If you cannot answer these questions, you have not finished designing the feature. If you instead start from the perspective that this is a game that should provide entertainment, I think you will discover that the options you are considering can bring additional enjoyment while also accomplishing your balancing goals.
  13. Not sure what you mean that we need to move stuff from planets? Planets are getting wiped, no need to move anything. And they have always said that Sanctuary (now Haven) is the permanent safe place for your stuff, that did not change.
  14. I second this. And the questions that picked in Ask Aphelia are silly. "What is a megafactory?" Well that term was coined by players, why waste an Ask Aphelia answering something like that, instead of the legitimate issues that players want to interact with NQ about? We all appreciate when people from NQ jump into Discord and chat a bit, but there are threads in the forums with questions that get upvoted many times and they never seem to get answered in any form.
  15. I agree. And my feedback when 0.23 came out is that we should have a licensing scheme, not schematics. What I proposed at the time would have been more flexible than the current copying system and would make far more sense. You could have bought the license that was more appropriate for your business at that stage. Newbie could grow into industrial titans, upgrading their license as they did so. Just like the real world. What does not happen in the real world is that you need to copy a basic schematic file from the source over and over because the machine... eats it? Or do we have computer virus problems? I don't really get the supposed justification for many of the game mechanics, this one especially. I am pretty good at suspending my disbelief, but give me some kind of fairytale at least.
  16. Speak for yourself. I guarantee nothing, but I believe. I don't care what others believe.
  17. Yeah, the broadcast makes zero sense and doesn't really add anything to the game. Even marking asteroids as found and not broadcast is silly. Why on earth would all of the DSATs be linked together? Ignoring how it doesn't make sense, it is not adding any PvP value either.
  18. I can't see get refunded game time. The EULA is very clear that you are paying for a test and that you do not have ownership of any in game assets. It would be extremely generous to give players 2 years of free play after the beta, just because a player was a paid subscriber.
  19. I also get the "incompatible link type" error when linking industry units, even though the link is successful. That does not appear related to the lag though, because it has happened on a brand new core where there is less lag.
  20. That is certainly true. New players are always going to be behind players with many talent points. This is not only the case in industry however. New players that come in and choose mining talents will mine less ore in a given time compared to someone with many talents. A new player that comes in with zero mining unit talents will receive less ore than one that has talents. A new pilot will use more fuel and lift less weight than one without. The majority of the talent tree equates to characters that have more income potential. I'm not sure how you fix that without creating an entirely different game.
  21. I agree, the rewards are meaningless. I like getting unusual achievements in most games, but if you are going to give a reward, you might as well make it worthwhile.
  22. Lua is one of the best and most innovative features in DU. Surely something positive for the game is not the reason for the game to struggle? If you are complaining that they are doing multiple things wrong, the solution cannot be to criticize the things they are doing right?
  23. Yeah, totally agree. It is really hard to get a read on NQ intentions, which is really unnerving. I still put in the time and money to support the game, but it is a big commitment when you are not even sure which direction you are going on the road.
  24. If NQ has the intent for people to specialize, industry as a whole should have been designed differently. I like the current design (sans the tedious schematics stuff). But if they really want people to specialize, the talents should not work as they do and the recipes should work differently as well. As it stands now, if you make the massive talent investment to work through the tiers, you are going to want a benefit from that investment. This means making a broader range of elements, all of which use your talents. Since there is overlap in so many of the parts that get made in the middle, it only makes sense to leverage that any make more things. To really get people to specialize, talents should be more geared toward electronics, propulsion, etc. It would be a massive undertaking to rework and test that all though.
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