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  1. this may not be the cause of what you are describing exactly, but i want to talk about this. a huge issue i noticed was that way back in 0.24 when they gave voxels new textures and materials, all metals became very dark. at night, they seem to be largely illuminated by ambient light, meaning that surfaces appear pitch black unless they are directly reflecting a nearby light source. white pattern aluminum for example used to be actually white, like white plastic or concrete as we have now, however currently they appear to be gray at best, and black at worst. because metal is used so much, it made the entire world a lot darker and flatter in my opinion. during the time of 0.24 in beta many had the same perspective as i do here writing this, and the materials were altered slightly in response, but it was nowhere near enough in my opinion. i have pictures of Alpha 3 and upon viewing the markets back then, i realize that everything pops way more, mostly in the metals. i would share of course if it wasn't under NDA, but the world was brighter, and far more detailed, open and eye-catching as a result of the superior lighting conditions for metal honeycomb. it's really quite drastic, and i wish i could show it off somewhere in between the two would be the best balance i think
  2. it just says the max total size is 44.36 KB under the "drag files here" text. and when i try, it says the file was too large and was skipped
  3. i always found it a bit odd that alioth was doubled in radius for alpha 1 but none of the other planets ended up getting the same treatment to keep it proportionate
  4. i like them in general but yes i agree there are just too many. like we don't need the discussion thread for two factor authentication still pinned. and it hasn't been responded to for like three months
  5. this seems really awesome! just as an idea though: what if the lumi glass had a higher weight, so that people could still use it for accenting as much as they'd like, but would be deterred from overusing it (ie, huge cube ship of glass), incentivizing people to find alternate, more proper ways of lighting large surface areas? i think that'd be pretty cool, because with that in mind glass would still be used quite freely as accenting, but wouldn't ruin the darker sci fi feel of the game as much. would probably work best if it were in conjunction with adding mass tiers for building materials as well, which i see some suggesting.
  6. i'm really happy to hear this. thank you Novaquark, and i wish you guys the best on creating our dream game, players and staff alike!😀
  7. Looks good! May as well add: I think it'd be cool if we could place constructs into folder trees! like, for example, organization cores, city cores, personal, sanctuary, whatever we want!
  8. i sure am! i'm really excited if a wipe happens. i have an idea for a notepad type lua script that allows creation and editing of custom to-do lists and all its entries, just like that starting to-do list screen on the pts. i think i'd hang out in my starter base and brainstorm business ideas on a big screen, and maybe plan out an office space, a corporate ship, and other things. i love doing stuff like that. might head into the toilet industry (i definitely will) and try and get a monopoly on toilets. i'll sell them at every market!
  9. the changes that took place on Jago and Teoma were only asset updates and some very minor surface terrain changes. the revamp that NQ is talking about is a full revamp, with totally new terrain, biomes, continents, etc. you can see some of the stuff they had originally planned (and the tools they have now for generating planets) in this old dev diary
  10. Here are some of my thoughts: For this game's long-term future, I believe a reset is essential. With a robust marketing round, more players should arrive, like at the start of Beta. I believe that planet revamps, radical rebalancing, etc. will pay off much more in the long-term (for years), and draw in more players than otherwise. Speaking years into release, the game will require a very high population to maintain the vision to its fullest extent. Regardless of whether you wipe or not, years in, you know you will require a robust marketing campaign to achieve this population, with a high percentage of the population being post-beta players,. I believe that years from now, the presence of all original Beta players will be fairly insignificant in the grand scope of the gameworld. I think of it this way: Reset: lose a portion of current players No reset: maintain current players, however sacrifice many potential new players in the long-term of the game So, either way, there is a loss of some sort. I believe of the two, a reset is the safer route. The game seems to be hanging on for dear life and we need to take a risk to guarantee long-term success. I merely think that for this game's prosperity, a reset is necessary. It may be unethical, however otherwise I'm fairly concerned for the future of the game.
  11. not an issue i've experienced. things like that are usually resolved by a relog for me. try resetting your cache. go to the login screen, click on debug settings on the top right and hit delete cache
  12. hey novaquark, if you do perform a reset, please take the opportunity to perform a planet revamp with it -- the old overhaul that was originally intended to occur over a year ago with all the new biomes and such. i know multiple people whose largest turn off from trying this game is the lack of decent exploration and the repetitive and mundane nature of all planetary bodies. it would provide a whole new dimension to this game that would draw in a lot more players than otherwise. i understand you have the tools already in place from when the revamp was originally intended to occur, so i would imagine this would be done regardless (assuming a wipe), but hey, just in case, here's me suggesting it!
  13. i'm not here to stifle debate just want to share my thoughts (i'm in a good mood, don't burn me!) if you guys wipe, i'd be super stoked. i love the idea of potentially having a new and improved solar system too (i assume you guys would do the whole planet revamp thing you talked about ages ago?). i don't need to point out that it's true this game has drastically shifted from its original course, but with my new standards, i'm actually pretty excited. keep doing the best you can, nq. excited to test! oh, actually, i'd like to say one more thing. i'm a bit concerned about the development of emergent gameplay if there are no player markets by release. it might not seem that important on the surface, but i personally believe it's vital for any emergence of cities, as large, player markets are what would bind people together and create traffic and industry, combine that with territory warfare and ways to provide defense, i think we're off to a good start. i mean, think of it this way: if you had a market, you'd need to defend it. and if that market got big enough, from the taxes you earn, you could afford to "civilize" the area a bit. that in combination with the possibility of the market owner org providing defense for the region, cities might emerge! at least to a basic extent, especially on remote planets. anyway that's it. squidrew oouut
  14. Hi everyone! I made a similar post about this a long time ago here but thought I'd write a new one dedicated to this issue in General Discussions. All atmospheric bodies in the game (except Sanctuary) have the exact same Earth-like, blue look to their atmospheres with the same apparent density (the exact same rendering), whereas in Alpha and Pre-Alpha, they were unique per planet (i.e., dense, purple atmosphere on Madis). They also all have clouds now which takes away some variety IMO. As you guys over at NQ made Sanctuary's atmosphere orange, I was wondering if the atmospheres would ever return their original unique looks, and if not, why that might be the case. It's a server-side change as far as I'm aware, so it shouldn't require a client update! I wanted to shed some light on this as I haven't heard anyone else talk about it, while me and my friends have been acutely aware of it. I don't expect a response or anything, just decided to make a post, in case, I don't know, you forgot or something haha. This would be an incredible change. Here are some pictures that I dug up online by the way: Gorgeous, gorgeous Sinnen. As you can see, it's quite nice and orange, and it doesn't have clouds either. Imagine standing on its surface, looking out onto a deeply rich, warm sky. A ship on a cyan Talemai (this was on the original Dual Universe site) And here's Madis, with its purple Venusian-like atmosphere (P.S. if you want to view the original graphics for each planet, you can do so by looking at the map icons)
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