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  1. Hi everyone! I made a similar post about this a long time ago here but thought I'd write a new one dedicated to this issue in General Discussions. All atmospheric bodies in the game (except Sanctuary) have the exact same Earth-like, blue look to their atmospheres with the same apparent density (the exact same rendering), whereas in Alpha and Pre-Alpha, they were unique per planet (i.e., dense, purple atmosphere on Madis). They also all have clouds now which takes away some variety IMO. As you guys over at NQ made Sanctuary's atmosphere orange, I was wondering if the atmospheres would ever return their original unique looks, and if not, why that might be the case. It's a server-side change as far as I'm aware, so it shouldn't require a client update! I wanted to shed some light on this as I haven't heard anyone else talk about it, while me and my friends have been acutely aware of it. I don't expect a response or anything, just decided to make a post, in case, I don't know, you forgot or something haha. This would be an incredible change. Here are some pictures that I dug up online by the way: Gorgeous, gorgeous Sinnen. As you can see, it's quite nice and orange, and it doesn't have clouds either. Imagine standing on its surface, looking out onto a deeply rich, warm sky. A ship on a cyan Talemai (this was on the original Dual Universe site) And here's Madis, with its purple Venusian-like atmosphere (P.S. if you want to view the original graphics for each planet, you can do so by looking at the map icons)
  2. I was under the impression that a lot of these artificial Aphelia restrictions are placeholders to keep the game balanced until more immersive, emergent gameplay loops are added like player run markets, territory warfare, electricity, etc
  3. In Deckard's defense, that was said during a casual conversation about the nebula between only a few people. It's likely that Deckard didn't realize the depth the issue had within the community and the passion that was behind it
  4. 100% agree. At the very least, I'd say reduce the brightness to a fraction of what it is now, and maybe reduce the amount of rocks as well. They're so abundant it shouldn't matter if the spawn rate was limited to, say, 1/3rd for example. They also lessen diversity and uniqueness among planets and moons in my opinion, as having such a large portion of the area around you be covered with these rocks makes all the planets feel just that little bit more the same. Here's another gorgeous shot just to add:
  5. Right! Damn was it something when I first witnessed the sun set on Alioth. It was magical to see night. Really gave me that classic Star Trek/Star Wars vibe and hooked me just like you.
  6. I'm so glad I'm not alone in this! I hope that someone from NQ at least reads this. And if they do, I'd love it if they replied just to let us know where they're at. I know that this is probably a minor change in the grand scheme of things, but since the engine supported this type of lighting at some point, I don't think it would be too challenging to revert it, at least internally to try it out. We're all human, and these simple artistic changes can make a massive impact on players, far larger than one might expect. I truly believe you guys would attract more players from this. The world you're creating is meant to be emergent in its nature, with no set form, for the players to define, and to hold as diverse of a playerbase as possible. In theory, you'd want a skybox that compliments that — one that is beautiful and compliments any scenery (because it's black and realistic). Yet, as it is like a blank canvas and is open to interpretation, it doesn't push for any specific style, leaving a more organic and natural style the universe and its planets emergently develop if that makes any sense. Plus, it would draw in those who look for realism in games. I think this skybox would compliment any scene, enhance immersion, be consistent with Dual Universe's vision and wouldn't even affect gameplay. I think it's one of those things that a lot of people want, but never actually ask for because it's purely aesthetic, so NQ never really knows the community wants it in the first place.
  7. yes yes yes -- strength slider! would be nice for bloom as well
  8. Dear NQ, You see this little thing? It's always there, taking up UI space. I'd love it if you guys added some way to hide this. It could be an option in the settings menu or moved into the context menu when you right click a construct (like with right-clicking to see player names). In addition, the information it shows you while looking at a planet I feel is redundant and unnecessary: The planet name and whether the territory is claimed can be observed through the map. As for the voxel material, there's already a key for that: H! While it's quicker to view it this way, I think it simply doesn't need to be, considering the value of the information you're actually gathering. Just a small QoL thing that, for me personally, I'd love immensely. Never liked this label since the day it was added.
  9. True. However, my point in the main post was that objects themselves can still be artificially lit by the renderer in a dark skybox, as shown in the Pre-Alpha Thades picture. It may not be realistic but it still looks a heck of a lot better than the blue illumination we have now (IMO)
  10. I believe that the nebula skybox should be replaced with a realistic, dark and starry skybox, akin to the old one prior to Alpha 3. Here are my arguments, The nebula was originally introduced as an immersive way to increase ambient lighting in Dual Universe, making it easier to see at night. This is mentioned in NQ's Dev Diary on YouTube. However, this was nullified in 0.24 with the reduction of ambient light brightness. This is personal preference however I believe many will agree; the ambient light level does not have to match the skybox's brightness. For example, take this image of Pre-Alpha Thades. Its dark side is heavily illuminated, as I'm sure it would look on the surface as well. You'd be able to see. Compared to current Thades, I think most of us can agree that it still looks far better, and it could be taken down a notch if it's too bright. Additionally, with the introduction of the nebula, the atmospheres were changed to the same blue color we're all used to. I'm guessing this was done as a result of a technical limitation relating to the new skybox. So, think; If I'm right about this, we could have a Thades that looks like this, for example: Current Thades, for comparison: You see where I'm coming from? The way I see it, removing the nebula would provide so much in the way of fidelity, immersion and polish. It wouldn't affect gameplay either. Furthermore, I believe this change would solve many, many of DU's lighting glitches and "rough spots," at the very least making them look far better, and would provide much more polished lighting, both on ground and on a planetary scale. I simply don't see what the nebula adds other than style, but it sacrifices fidelity in a lot of key areas. Unfortunately I don't have any screenshots to back up that claim, so you're gonna have to take my word for it as an Alpha 1 player who knows how lighting used to interact with the old skybox. The nebula may be beautiful to some, but honestly, changing it would add so much in the way of polish — which I believe is far more important and is what this game needs right now. Not to mention, many people were dismayed at the release of this nebula, and I'm taking a wild guess by saying that most players would like this change. I know my friends and I would. Please consider this, Novaquark. Similar post by Mjrlun
  11. Currently, every planetary body with an atmosphere has the same blue color, same apparent density, and all have clouds. I've noticed that upon reading planet descriptions in the map, the actual appearance of planets are completely inaccurate. For example, Sinnen is described as "an empty and rocky hell" with "no atmosphere to speak of." In its icon on the map, it's shown as having an orange atmosphere. Yet in-game, it has a blue atmosphere with clouds. What? That's not right! From Lacobus' map description and icon, we can see that the planet is supposed to have liquid oceans coexisting with its frozen surroundings due to geothermal activity. Yet in-game, it simply doesn't. And the strange thing is these planets were accurate earlier in the game's development. You can see this from various videos they have uploaded during the Pre-Alpha period. So, I propose that NQ go through each planet and quickly fix them up if they can, with the correct atmosphere colors and density, adding / removing clouds and water where necessary and so on. We can see that the engine is capable of this as Sanctuary has an orange atmosphere. And from what I understand, this can be done totally server-side, so no client update required. This shouldn't take long from a development point of view, and would breathe so much more life into the game. I'm an explorer in Dual Universe, and I enjoy experiences like Space Engine which value scientific accuracy and realism. It really turns me and my friends off from this game to see these simple yet very impactful things that NQ have perhaps overlooked. In the rare case they have, I thought I'd bring this up. Here are a couple example images from the Pre-Alpha, showing what could be: Madis' dense, purple atmosphere with no clouds A base on an orange Thades
  12. I figure for a game like Dual Universe which has some focus on emergent cities, implementing this mechanic (or something like it) seems vital. Cities with potentially thousands of tiny static constructs seem like a pain to run on a system and unnecessarily complicated to plan around.
  13. It would be useful if construct owners could permit specific players to build only in specified zones of a construct via RDMS. This would be especially useful in, say, an apartment complex, where you could allow a resident to edit and furnish their apartment and not any other part of the complex. Construct owners wouldn't have to find workarounds like splitting it up with multiple core units, for example.
  14. Hey. I'm just a guy who plays video games a lot, and wants to get authorized in Discord ?
  15. discordauth:35iU_iLnfWcicsJ2UjaE5lNZGCqJNlOhHflTU5dxm3w=

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