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How did you find Dual Universe?


How did you find Dual Universe?  

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  1. 1. How did you find Dual Universe?

    • Gaming exhibit (E3, Gamescom, PAX)
    • Forums (another game forum, reddit)
    • Word of mouth (friends, other gamers)
    • RSI Note from the Chairman (Star Citizen)
    • Stumble upon (Youtube, game news/articles, Kickstarter)
    • Deliberate search (Google, etc.)
    • Other

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I honestly cannot remember. I was with the "wave" that came after the E3 last year though - I think. Maybe I saw some article on some gaming site (I do not visit those often) or because someone in another gaming forum (maybe Star Citizen) advertised it. What's more possible is that someone from my Steam friends list notified me about it. That sounds about right.

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Bluedrake42's shitstorm, the video where he criticised that the E3 trailer looks fake and that the space station and ships were not made out 0of voxels, thne NQ came out with a video response and proved him wrong. I was like "you got my attention unknown Frenchman, with your unknown game studio  and your unknown Landmark-done-right game

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Must have registered for the newsletter a while ago and never looked at it again, don't know why. Until the newsletter popped up, where the last call for the pledges came.

And I fell in love instantly. 

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From my Hello Thread



Dual Universe

I came across Dual Universe, when I was in the mists of getting bored with some of the games I play, at that time it was "STO" that I was playing... I just totally got bored, and decided to look for games that met this criteria:


1. Space

2. TRUE exploration

3. TRUE sandbox/single shard

4. Ability to create own ships


With those goals in mind, I set for a course to the never ending land of.... Google.... Hehe :)and after a few hours, I came across a list of some "Top 10 upcoming space MMOs" I clicked on the link, and I read on the author's ramblings, sorting through the games, non of which appealed to me what so ever, but alas, I came across number 10.... Dual Universe. I read the info on the game, and its drew my attention. (To which this day I don't understand why it was number 10) And so I came to the website. Long story short... I read every... single... blog the devs have put up, and every single area of the website, this.... led me to, as one of my comments in one of the blogs... "Drool" over the game...


This was sometime in mid-late 2014, sooo Deliberate Google Search that made me stumbled upon it!?!?!  Yeah, let's go with that!





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21 hours ago, Lethys said:

E3 last year :)

same, I always watch the indie stuff coming out of the game cons and I saw DU and I about shit myself, I went to the main site started reading then saw the forums. signed up and well...iv been here since lol


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I was searching for some game I might like in Google.  I didn't have a clear idea of what I was looking for, but nothing I saw seemed to be what I wanted until I found Dual Universe.  I don't remember what the first thing I found in the search was, but it was enough to interest me.  Everything I've seen since then convinces me I made the right choice.  

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Re: Star Citizen Gedöns

Beitragvon BierNot » Fr 18. Nov 2016, 00:50

soon... :mrgreen:
Man munckelt das Ende November der Patch kommen soll, aber nichts genaues weiß man nicht...

Anbei mal ein vid zur server architektur von "DUAL UNIVERSE", so ähnlich soll es wohl auch in SC werden.




English (Translator used)


I found it at EliteDangerous.de through the above post.



German (orginal)


Ich habe es bei EliteDangerous.de gefunden durch den oben stehenden Beitrag.



mfG Die Waldfee


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