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  1. That is the point of the DAC, but having it as the only form of paying for subs isn't gonna happen. It simply defeats the purpose of them. If you look at the old ks rewards a single DAC is going to be around 18 euros/usd(if you go with how packs are priced now). The purpose of buying a DAC with real world cash is to sell it on the market. It costing more than the standard monthly sub is part of that, and because you are making money in game off it.
  2. The prices won't be dropping. The cheaper packs allow you in at later phases so there isn't a point to ever drop them. Conversion ratios arent the best, but nothing stops you fron using a vpn to get the usd rate as opposed to the euro one.
  3. discordauth:l13VuW6U_pGOl_S2UOGzGbzFl4QPsOT23ehCp63etB4=

  4. Honestly, I think i wanted a game like DU since i was young. When i stumbled across it during an E3 vid i got excited and started to read every shred of info i could, then i joined the forums and the rest seems to be history lo
  5. This thread was to be questions about the discord on a whole, instead it has become nothing but people attacking the bot and other trying to clarify/defend its use. NQ has made its stance known, i don't understand why this thread has gone 2 pages over this. It is the same arguments over and over again. If you don't like the bot because you are paranoid/skeptic/or personal issues with it being made by a community member that is fine. You are entitled to your opinion. However, might i suggest that if you are only going to continue talking about the bot then maybe take it to a different thread and let this thread get back to the purpose it was meant for. TL;DR: if you don't like the bot or discord....don't use them and move on.
  6. This might be better asked in the NDA area of the forum, i wouldnt expect NQ to answer that here.
  7. Its disappointing, but its by no means unheard of for a game following the traditional test phases to remain in a NDA state while in alpha, NQ is keeping its promise to the supporters though in that they will be letting anyone who backed during KS to join the alpha in waves. The reasoning for the NDA remains the same, and imho its for the best given the landscape of the gaming community at large.
  8. Currently there isnt any plans on collision damage, and rotors and other moving parts have been suggested but denied by NQ. trello has a lot of info for features planned and denied https://trello.com/b/Y6WNMd2S/dual-universe-community-suggestions
  9. There is very little to no info on any of the combat, Right now anything we say is purely conjecture.
  10. I hardly suggest people to back, it is a lot of money. My only thing is that if you have faith in the project its worth it for the dacs alone, that being said its still great to have people who arent backers in the community.
  11. The keys are for beta, and as we are still currently in prealpha waiting on a new road map, it would be impossible to say when Beta would even hit. It is possible to back at the 60 dollar level then as you are able bump it up to the next level and so on only paying the difference between the packs.
  12. Personal opinion aside, NQ has stated that they will never port DU to console.
  13. The way we hold Quantra is more akin to how we hold money in todays world. In a bank where we use a credit card or paypal.
  14. Not only this, but the fact that you will still train skills while offline. the metered system wouldn't work at all when you take that into account. The DAC and the way skills are planned to be trained make it so someone who cant play 15hrs a week to gather resources because they are working is able to supplement that with the use of DACs on the market. That is imo what Plex/DAC and similar systems are actually for. If you get on 10 mins even at the end of your skill training timer...you arent falling behind someone in skills, even if that person is playing 1hr for every 10mins you play
  15. Usually you have to log out then back in for it to reflect. If that doesnt work then contact support. hope that helps
  16. almost forgot about this.....too bad for you guys i didnt. where do i collect my winnings?
  17. and being made within the past few hours. you 3 can claim not to be Slaxx, but i have a suspicion you are. also the fact one knows what supposedly happened between nq and slaxx or op is fishy. If you wanna apologize fine, but dont feel entitled to be given forgiveness by this community or by NQ for enforcing their rules that we all agreeded to. personally i feel this thread should be locked as this is just a flamewar waiting to happen. end of the day its not up to use community members to pass verdict in this matter. Its NQ and if they have decided one way and cant be convinced otherwise then i feel its time to accept it and move on.
  18. He was given the option to restart his org after it was deleted by NQ as long as he didn't ghost, I understood his anger at the time. MM was a known issue in the community though. Neither was banned after the ghost incident. Slaxx was banned because of how he acted after. MM was never actually banned, he demanded a refund after the incident. I'm sorry if he truely has mental disabilites, but to me it doesn't justify how he lashed out. In the end its NQ decision to allow him to come back into the community, if he is allowed to come back though i dont believe he should be allowed to repurchase his pack. I won't claim to know what exactly happened via pm's. thats between slaxx and NQ. If he is allowed to come back, he should be aware that there is a good chance the community will hold him at arms length much like we do with MM
  19. It was just a silly example of Quantum Mechanics mainly. It was just meant to illustrate the the random nature of it. We may learn more later but right now they only refer to quantum mechanics in the older blogs.
  20. It's based on quantum mechanics. so you are going to the universe that is most similar where you almost died but lived instead. So you will never be richer lol. Jokingly you can look at it as what ever items you lost were what caused your death. There is an alternate reality for every possible outcome, therefore an infinite number of universes.
  21. The way the res nodes work is it takes you from the time you died and puts you in a very similar dimension, this is the lore. What this means in practice is that you lose inventory at random, not all of it and no way to really know what you will lose. Best way to look at is is you Die in Uni A and come back in Uni B, but in Uni B you didnt pick up a certain rock, welp now you dont have that rock upon getting to res node
  22. Two things about the mining. One you are assuming we can set up macros in that manner, Two you are assuming all materials are on the surface of the planet. actually a third point i think depending on the material it will take longer to actually mine a section. have to hold the key down for a bit. So even if you have the capacity to do the macros. The materials you will receive will be subpar and super common.
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