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  1. I'm going to learn, I expect my first coding will produce something like this "hello world" 3 2 1 Feckin BOOOM I die many many times by my own script
  2. Shouting " Get off my Feckin grass" to all and sundry as I sit smoking my space spliff and grumbling about anything and every thing As to place or style, haven't decided yet
  3. Apart from the type it in yourself and pray you didn't mess up (Vic 20), I started with Elite in 84 and since then there's been this huge hole in my wallet Just a few... Elite (1984) OP FLashpoint Unreal Doom Duke Nukem all the way up to today Arma 3 Elite Dangerous Star Citizen <---- Hoping it's before I shuffle off and my Grandson gets all the feckin fun Dual Universe <---- Sooooooon please DD
  4. Dan-Dak

    Hi all

    Thanks for the welcome DD or Dan is fine. A Zimmer Frame is a walking aid DD
  5. Dan-Dak

    Hi all

    Thought I'd pop in and say hi to you all, Please don't trip over my zimmer, cos I'll prob follow you over it (yep, old boy here). Regards DD
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