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  1. I did not vote, because I am not sure whether my response would be considered a yes or a no. This idea is based on my understanding of why cores exist, so it may not be valid if I am wrong about that. As I understand it, a core creates a grid in which voxels are placed. Dynamic constructs obviously need their own grid, so they can move, but why do we have static cores? The planets are also made of voxels, so it seems we should be able to build there without a core, but I believe they use a grid that is spaced much more widely than the one for constructs. A denser grid allows co
  2. If you rob another player, you are a pirate. There is nothing wrong with that playstyle, but do not claim to be something you are not. A trading organization earns it money by trading, not stealing.
  3. https://maps.sco.wisc.edu/Parcels/ That is a real life map that shows who owns a parcel of land just by clicking on it. Many of them have been split, but in places you can see the grid of squares that were the original parcels it was divided into before it was settled. DU does not need to do things the same way they happen in real life, but the comparisons do show what is reasonable.
  4. I consider placing a territory unit the equivalent of registering a deed in real life, so knowing which tiles are owned should be public knowledge that anyone can just by see by looking at the map. I do know know about the rest of the world, but in Wisconsin, the government has an online map where someone can click on any parcel of land and see who owns it. It would be unrealistic if the DU map did not show which territories were owned. Having the territory marked on the map will make hiding ineffective, but I think discouraging that will benefit the game. I would prefer to h
  5. I would never consider claiming land which was not claimed before grieving. If some builds on a territory that has not been claimed, they should accept the risk of losing their constructs. If someone is prudent, they would only build either on land they already own or where they have permission to build from the owner. Letting players effectively claim land by building on it would defeat the purpose of the territory units.
  6. I suspect this would require a major change in the design of the game, since every construct having a core seems to be a very fundamental concept. If this would require essentially starting development over, I do not think it would be worth it.
  7. However, Novaquark has said when organizations are introduced into the game, the membership will be the same as the ones we are creating now, which would mean there will no need to invite existing members. This is from the information that appears when creating an organization: Once the game launches the organizations, the members and the information held here will be synchronised with the game world
  8. Before I found Dual Universe, I had been anticipating a game called Firefly Online. It also had a science fiction setting with space travel, but the gameplay would have been very different from what was planned for DU. When it became apparent that development of Firefly Online had stopped, I started actively searching for a new game in that genre and that is when I found DU. Beyond being in the right genre, DU was promising many features that I found very appealing. What stood out immediately was the building. I have done a lot of building in games like Space Engineers and Empyrion
  9. I disagree with that. We do not observe the character. We observe a virtual world from the point of view of the character. Since the player is observing from the point of view of the character, if the character is moving at relativistic speeds, time in the virtual world should appear to pass normally for the player, but actually be at a different rate than other players. That is why people are saying this suggestion is impossible. Of course, the player is not actually in the virtual world, but saying the player should see the world slow down because of that is like saying the view on the
  10. A mechanism for ownership of organizations has already been announced. Being a legate will mean being an owner of the organization. How would these stocks fit with that system? I think it would be a good idea to be able to exchange a legateship in the market. If that is not possible, it would still happen informally with one player agreeing to make another a legate for a certain amount of quanta. With an informal transaction, there is always the possibility one player does not fulfill their part of the deal. Going through the market would ensure no one is cheated. However,
  11. First, I would like to thank Novaquark for preparing the roadmap. I have been looking forward to seeing it. The sequence in which the features will be implemented seems very sensible. I have two questions about the features in the roadmap. 1. Social Features, which mentions grouping, is under Alpha 3 and Player Nations is under Beta. Does this mean player groups and player nations will be different kinds of entities in the game or will they still both be organizations with some features of organizations introduced later than others? 2. When will the RDMS be intr
  12. That is you opinion. To me, a simulator for organizations to roleplay governments is a perfect description of DU, although the governments would not necessarily be big or bad.
  13. Most planets will not have a safe zone. Currently, the only ones planned are around the Arkship and on the Sanctuary Moon.
  14. Where did it say that RDMS only applies to people in the same organization? I do not remember seeing that.
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