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  1. ^ this is why we can't have nice things.
  2. I haven't seen much on this and haven't heard if it's planned, so here it is: I think combat should include explosive elements like mines, bombs, and grenades. Blast radius weapons that aren't just point and shoot. The potential overpoweredness of it could be tamed with appropriate defenses such as shields, radar, fancy footwork, and active protection systems (point defense, countermeasures, laser missile defense, etc.). I think it would add a lot of richness and tactical diversity to the combat dynamic. Thoughts? ? ? ?
  3. discordauth:inC2X9blokEZDRmm4nembRDoAUPBgIouR7CEJ-7Po4s=

  4. Eh, maybe. I'm not a game dev either. It's a good idea.
  5. As cool as player actions affecting planetary ecology would be, it's well beyond the scope of DU's proposed gameplay mechanics. I imagine it would greatly increase server load, as well. But, it would be cool to have something like that in the distant future for sure.
  6. I heard from an unnamed ATV member, on an unnamed forum, that...
  7. I'll probably take a long walk on the beach... ... and then I'll mine my butt off like everyone else. I'd like to contract with an organization's R&D department and get some experience designing/building useful doodads. Maybe I could do that on my own with designs I make in alpha, but if not, I'm thinking it'll be easier with some corporate funding first.
  8. Yeah, it was a "compromised account." I feel stupid. Time to go through the ebay resolution process...
  9. It's got to be some kind of mistake... who sells this much RAM for so little?
  10. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Corsair-Vengeance-LPX-16GB-2x8GB-DDR4-DRAM-3000MHz-C15-Desktop-Memory-Kit/272837680710 I'm really hoping it's not some kind of scam... but it looks legit. 80% off 2*8GB DDR4 3000MHz RAM. If you can't use it, you could resell it. I thought I should share it with my fellow... what are we calling ourselves now?
  11. Yeah, I'm in the market for the unlocked processor. It'll probably be $200. I think that used to be true, but looking at the latest AAA games... some don't even start with less than 4 cores.
  12. I looked into upgrading, but my laptop's size doesn't support an upgrade. I've gone over my finances and it looks like over the next month I can pull together a nice hackintosh (I prefer Macs, so I'll just dual-boot Windows for DU). I'll probably miss the grand-pre-alpha opening by a couple weeks and it'll be a painful blow to my wallet, but with the motherboard I'm looking at and an i5-7600 with OC potential, it should last me several years. And I'll FINALLY have an actual gaming rig. I can't wait to put this thing together. (I think my profile picture needs an update...)
  13. New question: what's the likelihood of being able to play on a dual core?
  14. Well, I'm crushed. Turns out even with the a new GPU my CPU will be too much of a bottleneck... This is seriously depressing. Option 1: buy a new computer. Option 2: don't play DU. (option 1 would require selling some of my investments... )
  15. I think I was just perusing games on Kickstarter and when I stumbled upon DU was like: < in that order. So I threw my money at it!
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