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  1. "Any plans for silly stuff?" - First what I see in my mind is spaceship looking like a dick but It's not Minecraft and I hope there won't be this kind of stuff in DU
  2. ESC for leave a ship is not the best idea I think. Many people will push ESC by mistake when they want to leave the game (or open options), not the ship.
  3. I don't know by IMO it should be locked to prevent stealing ship projects. If not, someone could buy interesting project, add one voxel and create his own blueprint to sell it as his own project. It would be unfair.
  4. Is there any info already about pre-alpha access in October? I know that pre-alpha starts on 30th of September and we won't have permanent access to the game 24 hours per day (and probably not every day). I'm sure we could play on Saturday (30th of September) and on Sunday (1st of October) because it's weekend but what next? I'm asking because I would like to take a vacation on Monday and Tuesday (2-3.10.2017) just to play DU and I wonder if I could play then.
  5. Anyone play this little game? It's free to play: https://cosmoteer.net You can construct your battle spaceship and try it against other ships. You can also share your ships and watch a battle between your construct and ships created by your friends. Of course the game is very simple but for me it's a nice game to play waiting for DU pre-alpha.
  6. One more question - during ship construction were You able tu use mirror building mehanics (symmetry) or You had to take care for both sides of Your ship to be the same?
  7. Thanks for all informations. It's great that we can create atmospheric-only ships. I would like to create small and cheap atmospheric fighter for defending planets It's also good I think that construct working spaceship won't be easy. But how hard it'll be? Do You think someone who is not handyman but was able to construct working things in games like SE or Kerbal Space Program would be able to go to space after few hours of building in DU pre-alpha?
  8. And what about gravity inside big spaceships in space? If there will be any gravity there how during spaceship construct we'll decide where is up and where is down inside the ship?
  9. Will be NDA for pre-alpha stuff or till alpha - will it be ok to record pre-alpha stuff but wait to make it public till alpha premiere?
  10. Cześć Ja rozpocznę swoją przygodę dopiero od zamkniętej Bety, ale dobrze już teraz zacząć poznawać społeczność polskich graczy w DU. Jeśli planujecie robić jakieś streamy lub nagrywać swoje przygody to zarzućcie linkami, chętnie pooglądam (zamierzam oglądać rozgrywkę już od Pre-Alphy tak abym nie był kompletnym żółtodziobem gdy rozpocznie się Beta, a zawsze ciekawiej będzie mi się oglądało grę rodaków). Discord to dobry pomysł, pewnie sam będę chętnie wpadał na pogaduszki i wypytywał o pierwsze wrażenia z rozgrywki. Myślę, że tematów do rozmów nie zabraknie. Pozdrawiam
  11. Thanks. I missed that. I just love a perfection as a constructor and I know that bigger projects are hard to plan when you need symmetry, It will be very helpful tool.
  12. I know there will be possibility to create new constructions outside the game using some graphic programs but for less experienced builders main option will be creating new constructions in game. It's not so easy to create symmetrical project of spaceship or building especially when it will be huge and complx project. I think there should be an option to use axis of symmetry. For example you design only half of your ship and use option "mirror reflection" to create the same second half of the ship. What do you think about that idea?
  13. Anyway it will be interesting because alpha and closed beta game would be without CvC weapon so it will be great time for builders, engineers and explorers but not for military or pirates. Before final release there will be wipe but players will probably have a chance to save their bluprints with construction projects they've created. Thats some advantage compared to new players at premiere day but not as big - even if someone created a project of good fighter or battleship, he has to modyfy the project after CvC patch to add weapons. Some great project maybe will need huge reconstruction because weapon will be different than the bullders expected. For example fast and well maneuvering small spaceship designed in alpha phase as a future fighter could end as a big fail because it will be too small to add any effective weapon without loosing it's great strengths. It may be frustrating for constructors but also exciting. We will be learning on our own mistakes
  14. I'm against importing but I hope devs will give us a good tool to create our own constructions. It will be hard to make happy both players experienced in modeling and people without that kind of experience. First group would expect advanced tools for creating great projects and the second one would prefer simple constructing mechanism (like constructing in Space Engineers or Empyrion - more minecraft style).
  15. AUTO6PL

    Super weapons

    Death Star would be IMO too expensive to build but I hope someone will build full scale Star Destroyer (1600m long). I'm sure there will be factions constructing their ships as a copies of original movies ships (Star Wars, Star Trek, BSG etc.) - maybe this constructions won't be the best spaceships but will look awesome.
  16. If you need engineers and spaceships constructors I would like to join.
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