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  1. Discord Link: https://discord.gg/CYNYpT9 Website Link: www.boogaming.org “Come As You Are.” Link to old thread Band of Outlaws is a honey badger worshiping space cartel within Dual Universe. We plan to be the premiere organization for those who enjoy a less than serious organization, with a cartel/mafia theme to spice up our unique community culture. Our goal is to always enjoy the game, and to knock over as many sand castles as we can. We are happy to accept mercenaries, pirates, smugglers, traders, builders, explorers, and any other play style in this game. We want to encourage everyone in Dual Universe who has a heart for a sense of community and gaming to join us, whether as individuals or with your own group. Either way, we have a growing support network that anyone can benefit from. We also understand games can be hard to commit to, and acknowledge the fact that people have lives outside of the internet. We won't force you to do anything, the only thing we want you to do is to have fun and play the game your way, hopefully with us among friends. Already want to join? Scroll down to the bottom for the info. Unlike the majority of organizations within Dual Universe who want to create their own space empires or industrial mega corporations, we wanted to create the first Cartel for the game and its community. BOO will provide many services ranging from discreet goods transportation, a bounty hunters network, asset security, and everything else in between. All of which can be purchased for the right price of course. We wanted to create a community in DU that did not take itself seriously, but could still be a powerhouse organization through economics, industrial power, force if necessary, and memes. We intend to help with the construction of neutral, free trade player hubs like our Project: Tortuga. Tortuga is our code name for one of Dual Universe’s first planned neutral player hubs that will be created on a planet when the game releases. That is just a small portion of what our community is going to accomplish, as we have been steadily growing in several other games such as Battlefield 1, Conan Exiles, Elder Scrolls Online, Overwatch, and several more. We want members to join a family of fellow, like minded internet nerds than just some faction in a singular game. Strength in numbers: Being the 2nd largest organization in Dual Universe, we have more than enough manpower to protect our own assets and those of our members. PVP: Want to bathe in the blood of your enemies? Did that space trucker look at you sideways? Just like to see the galaxy burn? We can ensure you that we will do all of that and more. We love PVP, do you love PVP? PVE: Huh? Industrial Powerhouse: We have some of the brightest minds in the DU community theory-crafting our industrial process’ for churning out our ships and construction materials to keep you busy if building and production is your forte. Ship Replacement Program: We like PVP, did we tell you that yet? While we will be blowing holes in other players’ ships, some will be blown into ours as well. We can keep you in the fight with our organization funded SRP program where you will be given a free replacement for your ships if they are lost/destroyed on BOO business and operations. A true gaming community: DU isn’t our only game, join our Discord server of 400+ members to hang out with a community of somewhat likable nerds. Come for the memes, and stay for the memes. Memecrafting: We live by the meme, and we die by the meme. BOO is not a democracy, but we place our members as the number one focus of our community. Everything our leadership does is done with that goal in mind, and if it doesn’t work/fit our culture or it just chaffs the community in the wrong way, then we find something else that does work and keep moving forward. This keeps our foundation strong, and allows our community as a whole to adapt to whatever it needs to adapt to in order to keep everyone happy and having fun. Our leadership volunteers their free time to ensure that BOO is always at its best, and that our members are taken care of. Below is a quick diagram of our current leadership. Like any good space cartel, we are also home to several organizations within BOO. Groups like Vanguard, a private mercenary corporation, benefit from everything that BOO offers its core members without losing their own identity and autonomy. We like to call these groups SIGs, or Special Interest Groups. Special Interest Groups help to provide day-to-day content for their members. To apply to BOO as a SIG, go to this link and fill out the application: https://goo.gl/forms/OxVSpl69byEFLQN62 BOO is all about quality over quantity, and with that, we have some standards we put in place that we would like potential members to meet. Our Discord server and wherever else we hang out is always filled with the finest quality of meme’s in Dual Universe. Seriously, we’re home to some of the most iconic memes in DU already. Here is what we call "The Code", these are our community guidelines, and is what every member will follow in Dual Universe and other games. That’s really it. If you can meet those expectations, and feel that you would be a good fit in our community, then we want you. The recruitment process is simple, and you only need to submit an application to our group on the community portal, and to also be sure you join our Discord server to conduct a quick one-on-one interview with one of our recruiters where you will be asked a series of questions to make sure you are a good fit for us. NOTE: If you are wanting to apply as a SIG, contact Lord_Void on the forums, or on our Discord server. Applying as an organization? Contact our Diplomacy Director, Lord_Void, to inquire about joining BOO with your organization as a Special Interest Group. You can also join our Discord server, where someone on our Diplomacy team will get with you as soon as they can to get the process going. If you are ready to apply as a SIG, then please visit this link and fill out the application: https://goo.gl/forms/OxVSpl69byEFLQN62 Applying as a member? Sweet! Send your application to us on the community portal here, and be sure to join our Discord server so we can conduct your interview. You can also contact our Internal Affairs Director, Anslem Vry. NOTE: If you apply and do not join our Discord server after a week from submission, your application will be denied by default. “Come As You Are.” Discord Link: https://discord.gg/CYNYpT9 Website Link: www.boogaming.org
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    Awesome, welcome to NQs private slave army.
  4. This is a "General Knowledge" thread to help provide newcomers with a list of hot topics, answers, FAQs, videos, and other miscellaneous information that pertains to Dual Universe. This thread will not contain everything about DU, but merely help to point you in the right direction. I have done my best over the years to keep this thread up to date for newcomers, so if there is something you think is missing and should be added, just private message me with the information and sourcing. You are also encouraged to join the Official Community Discord for Dual Universe if you have questions, or just want to be involved in the community. PSA: Use the SEARCH FUNCTION in the forums before making a thread if you are new. Chances are, it has already been discussed and beaten to death. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ -> Release Roadmap & Alpha Announcement <- Official Links: • FAQ from the Main Website • Trello Community Suggestions • DU Gamepedia (wiki) • Developer Blog • Kickstarter Page • Youtube Page • DU Community Discord • Official Discord FAQ (Forum Link) • Soundcloud/Soundtracks • DU Reddit Forum Links: • "Ask Us Anything" Thread by NQ-Nyzaltar • Forum Rules thread by NQ-Nyzaltar • Pre-Alpha FAQ and Rules by NQ-Nyzaltar • DU DevDiary Video Guide by Shockeray Other (Non-Official) Media: • Dual Universe Explorers (Podcast) • Ark Central (Community News) • Dual Insider (Community News) • Dual Universe Sleepers (Fansite/Blog) • Outpost Zebra (Blog) • Community Org/Player Map (Community Tool) Common Topics: (NOTE: All information below is subject to change at any time. Official responses from the developers, and sources, have been linked to each subject.) • Price Model will be Pay To Play • "Virtual Simulator" for builders to build in peace • "The Economy" • "Scripting" Dual Universe will utilize LUA Scripting and Distributed Processing Units • "FTL Travel" answered by NQ-Nyzaltar in the Ask Us Anything thread • "Unigine 2" Dual Universe will be running off of the Unigine 2 Game Engine • "Single Shard Server" In Dual Universe, all players will be playing in the same server • (Video) Server Technology review by JC Baillie • "Active Lock On Targeting" In Dual Universe, combat will not be twitched base • "Character Progression" There will be no character levels in Dual Universe • "Survival Gameplay" Currently NovaQuark are still considering adding survival elements • "Territory Control" In Dual Universe, you will be able to own pieces of land • "Rights And Duties Management System" Sophisticated system for managed roles in your organization • "Stealth Technology" Stealth tech is currently being considered by NovaQuark
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    Dual Universe FAQ/Sources

    Thanks. This needs an overhaul anyway, so I'll get started on that ASAP. EDIT: Since we have several new content creators here in the community since the time I made this topic, shoot me a DM (or post here) with any links to your content and I'll have it added.
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    Project Tortuga

    While those with Pre Alpha access have been working on Tortuga in-game, @Agilulf put together a writing group to create an episodic series called "Tales from Tortuga". Check the main thread out here.
  7. BOO is setting up a private gaming tournament that will take place end of this year. We're calling it the BOOlympics! BOOlympics Games: • Starcraft 2 • Team Fortress 2 • Osu! • Super Mario Kart (SNES) • Guns of Icarus Online The long wait for DU is real, so why not come join a fantastic community of gamers in the mean time?
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    Day 0 - First Impression

    Welcome to our humble community.
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    Hey all

    Welcome to our humble abode.
  10. Still here everyday lurking with the occasional post. I need a life.
  11. This weekend on August 12th (Sunday) BOO will be doing a Day of Games in celebration of our 2nd anniversary as the best community in Dual Universe. (No bias, I swurr). We'll be playing Planetside 2, Rocket League, and Teeworld as well as maaaybe crashing some discords to say hello. This is mostly just a BOO event, but if you're interested in joining our shenanigans on Sunday, just drop a message here, send me a DM, or hit us up on Discord.
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    Hi, im Ever_green

    Welcome to the community. And good luck with your organizations.
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    Hello im CMCrisis

    Welcome. Looking forward to potentially seeing some ship designs from you.
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    Project Tortuga

    Quick bump. We have some exciting content for Tortuga being released "soon" with the help of @Agilulf and many other collaborators on our city project. Why not come stop by our Discord to see what it's all about? https://discord.gg/CYNYpT9
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    New here

    Welcome to our humble swamp. Watch out for the bog trolls.
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    hello, new member here

    Welcome to the fun house. o7
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    The Outpost called Zebra

    Great article, thanks as always.
  18. Anyone can hop in a squad with us. I typically run a public squad in PS2 on Monday/Wednesday nights. Edit: New Conglomerate faction, Emerald server. My ingame name is - IKilledAHooker
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    Best way to recruit

    Just buy some of my alts. Good points made by above posters here. Just be patient and persistent as you start to recruit. But your biggest hurdle will be retention, and keeping things energetic. With the current state of Dual Universe, I advise finding games that you can rally your members behind. The community aspect of your group is more important than anything else, as that is your core. However, recruiting from DUs community right now will be a hard venture as the barrel is a bit empty. You'll have better luck pulling in new members from other games, which is something BOO has been doing for the last two years. I believe half our member base come from games like Conan Exiles, ESO, Eve Online, Planetside 2, and a few others. It brings in new people to Dual Universe, and you can grow your own community while having fun at the same time.
  20. Bumpity bump. For the last several months we've been running weekly Planetside 2 squad nights, movie nights, and other shenanigans many would deem unnatural. Why not come join one of the best communities in DU and partake in the fun?
  21. Hey look, a totally not-bump post. Join BOO and get your free boobs today. And cake. Cake beer. Yeah, anyway just join it's pretty cool.
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    Project Tortuga

    The Tortuga City building contest for Pre Alpha has concluded and the winners are Kurock, Agilolfing, Captain Hilts, Lau2356, and Sunrider. They will be the first among many to help layout the final layout and design for Tortuga City. Keep an eye out for future events from Tortuga City as we begin to flesh out roles of administration as required throughout testing. This project has come a long way since its inception, with a community already beginning to flourish on Discord. Why not come join in on the fun and help make a badass home for yourself?
  23. https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/tortuga-city We are running our own contest as well for the remainder of the Pre Alpha test. Hop on our discord if you have any questions.
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    DICE Den 1: Voting [Closed]

    Droid Kart for sure.
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    Project Tortuga

    The leg we'll amputate for free. The replacement... well, like Kael said.