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  1. You might be interested in these few topics; 😉
  2. Oh I've seen this for sure in another MMO before, STO, market is so saturated with what we call "space whales" essentially players who amassed high insane amounts of the currency... It's so bad that the developers are at now at I believe 3 main currencies... Energy Credits Dilithium ZEN With at least 30 sub currencies. 12 from 12 different reputations Like 3 or 4 for Fleet (Organizations) currencies Lobi (a sub-currency obtained from ZEN a la lottery roulette gamble style lootboxes) GPL - a gamble like currency Essentially a pay-to-win model as well, players with money are able to buy bundle and bundles of these. I do want to see what other details NQ gives us in the upcoming AMA and Podcast, should be an interesting read/listen about the economics in DU... If they do discuss it of course.
  3. discordauth:ESWD4AoUgOLovHdEAFrjlYIn5IK8_xGnImGF9pNLP3Q=

  4. discordauth:ESWD4AoUgOLovHdEAFrjlYIn5IK8_xGnImGF9pNLP3Q=

  5. Comrademoco


    1. The game is currently in Alpha 1 2. Alpha 1 means no actual economy in the game 3. A testing economy system will be implemented in Alpha 2 - Dual Evolution with the introduction of factories and markets 4. An economy system which will then be enhanced Beta - Player Nations having more freedom with the RDMS system fully developed. Lastly 5. Kinda of hard to categorize a basically non existing economy in Alpha 1 as a "Problem with this game" can it having a missing fiat system. Just my 2....5 cents!
  6. Font is Earth Orbiter Here's a version of it without the smoke or background texture in it: https://i.imgur.com/KVQ6Bwm.png
  7. Color me impressed... Here's a challenging one; https://www.deviantart.com/comrademoco/art/The-Freelancers-671605292 Can you animate that one ??? ???
  8. I'm not sure if this is just being argued now for the sake of being argued or what, but, this not how the bot works, if fact it's 100% impossible for the bot to do this. I mean the code is all public, it's just a matter of taking some time to actually read it to realize the bot does not monitor NDA breaches, but only checks the forum's profile for the proper tags to grant a Discord account access to those channels... Monitoring NDA breaches is still left at the moderators expanse. Something that was done even before the Discord was Official. Users breaking NDA were removed and reported to NQ. Not via the bot but via moderators actually reading the channels themselves. To think that the bot is used for monitoring breaches just baffles me. But a las. As we've mentioned a million times. Using the linking process the bot provides is not a requirement to use the Discord itself. It only allows users the ability to use the NDA channels in a secure way... And get this... If and ONLY IF they want to use those channels. If you want to use those channels you must prove to the bot that you have proper access. Otherwise, don't. Simple. Comrade
  9. Awesome News: https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/09/10/dual-universe-official-discord-server/ Welcome everyone to the Official Dual Universe Discord. The OP has been updated to reflect the changes. https://dualuniverse.chat
  10. At Gamescom 2018? Just found out about DU at Gamescom? Then come to join us in the Dual Universe Community Discord to chat more about Dual Universe. Get your questions answered. Find out what DU is all about. Get to meet more Noveans excited about DU. See you there! https://dualuniverse.chat
  11. Looks... Intel'esting to me ? Looking forward to seeing the Ryzen Empire in action. Hopefully, its Ryzen'able with my chache demands. Welcome!
  12. Welcome back mmtheboss. Hope this time we get to see Void League being ran properly without having to result to the problems that plagued the previous organizations. It would a be shame if it went there. But regardless, welcome back. Looking forward to seeing Void League prosper.
  13. The following info can be found in the Sep 24, 2016 Kickstarter AMA Event Video: (Without getting into the whole biased PVP/PVE off topic debate I'll just give you the answers that came straight from JC) Answer at 9:56 into the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efu_129hI9o&t=596s Question: Damage: "What will the damage model be like? Will collisions damage ships? Will weapons blast holes in the voxel structure or will ships just have a health percentage? Answer: That way damage is gonna be implemented most likely in construct vs construct, is that we'll use the fact that every voxel is editable, so you could actually "edit" a hole in it. "an area of destruction." So we will implement a way to select the place where you want to shoot, then you shoot. Based on stats and other skills and the type of weapon damage that you use and the types of protections and the type of materials and all sort of things, there we'll be an amount of damage that happens to the ship. We may try to aggregate the overall level of destruction to give you a visual feedback so that you have an idea of a percentage of destruction, but it would be purely informative. Things will actually be destroyed, or things will be deactivated if you loose an engine or if you loose a certain weapon. It will just cease to be operational in your construct. So this is aiming to being very realistic. What we want to have is that collisions between constructs will actually create damage, we could do it technically, but the idea that in terms of gameplay, we don't want people to build some kind of torpedo ship and just slam ships over each other and I don't think this is going to be a great addition to the gameplay but it will certainly be a great addition to the load on the servers, so we favor, rather than that, we favor missiles that will formally be implemented and that will not actually involve physical objects flying. But again the usual "lock and fire" mechanism with the stats behind the scenes." See @supermega's answer above.
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