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  1. Sup DUveans, Just stopping by here to say my final farewell to everyone here, in discord, and in game that I had the privilege to be acquainted with or some, to even call friends. I had a blast being along side everyone of you these past 7 years, watching this community grow from literally 0 members to a whopping 50,000+ of you. I had many fond memories building premature alliances, making in game hostile moves, watching orgs rise and fall, overall, nerding-out over every aspect of Dual Universe. However, all good things must come to an end. I'm sad to say but due to recent announcem
  2. Cause we all know JC is up to nefarious stuff up in there, secretly doing things against his game. 😆 Should we tell the OP he's the CEO and Creative Director of the game or nah??
  3. Is not that it won't* happen, It's more probable that perhaps NQ doesn't have any plans to release to GeForce Now as of now... But nobody really knows that, these guys have no special insight into that, so it just pure speculation from them, like my next one. If I'm correct GeForce only plugs in into existing game stores... Which devs have to individually publish to in the first place ... Steam, Uplay, Origin etc... Shadow is just a cloud based PC (a glorified but powerful VB that you pay for on top of your internet connection to which you can install to whatever you wa
  4. One Shard (not be confused with one single server) One Continuous Universe. There won't be dedicated shards per country per say but the server tech should allow for better connection and play experience even in areas like AU.
  5. Subscription-based at release with a DAC system... DACs is a PLEX-like (see EVE online) coupon ticket that lets you add time to your account. Tradeable in-game. So technically you can play and make enough to buy DACs in game and play without spending a single real world dime.
  6. They can DU DU however they want to DU, DU. You know? Kinda like my original post in here... They win by however they want to play the game and however they define their winning as. Just as I DU DU and you'll DU DU.
  7. But Nanoman, it's all about semantics. IMO 😉 You DU you, I DU me. Mkayyy?!
  8. In an MMO like DU... The answer to that question lies in everyone's own personal goals (and their own definition of winning as you've mentioned) You actually did answer your own question with the questions you asked in the OP. For some "winning" constitutes on; Economical Prosperity Military Advantage Political Standings Logistical Wellfare Explorational Knowledge Time Spent Etc... It honestly depends on the individual and what they are really after. Once they've achieved that, they've hypothetically "won"
  9. Mate, I'm probably one of the few here that's been here the longest, since before there was a forum, Kickstarter, or even a website about the game, but one thing is for sure, they've always been 100% clear that DACs will always be thing and buyable with RL currency. There's even an old blog with JC himself explaining why the company chose this model already. It's no one's else fault (and I'm not stating you are blaming others) for you not knowing about this before now, I've you've been here 4 years. As you already stated, you've made up your
  10. I have many friends that don't own the game but are still part of certain orgs, and are waiting for beta/release ... Are you telling me that them joining an org they like is not validated by your "opinion" because they don't own the game? I'll make sure to tell them they are fake members of our community, on your behalf!
  11. You do realize the community portal has been on "phase 1" of it's development since it launch right, and it's not priority 1 for NQ at the moment? I don't see how this is an issue... Regardless if it gets "fixed" people will still join the biggest org in numbers... But that doesn't mean jack until the game release and those orgs can prove to be stable and active. That's why I voted for #2 Let people join and worry about it later.... But if you have DEFINITE proof that orgs are DELIBERATELY inflaitng their numbers by creating ALTS ... Point it to NQ...
  12. @WilburKit contact me personally when we get to beta I'll get you one, fam. I stand nothing to loose if you do decide not to continue playing. And welcome to our wonderful helpful friendly community 🙃
  13. You might be interested in these few topics; 😉
  14. Oh I've seen this for sure in another MMO before, STO, market is so saturated with what we call "space whales" essentially players who amassed high insane amounts of the currency... It's so bad that the developers are at now at I believe 3 main currencies... Energy Credits Dilithium ZEN With at least 30 sub currencies. 12 from 12 different reputations Like 3 or 4 for Fleet (Organizations) currencies Lobi (a sub-currency obtained from ZEN a la lottery roulette gamble style lootboxes) GPL - a gamble like currency
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