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  1. Welcome to DU! Might I suggest checking out BOO? https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/band-of-outlaws/ I believe one of our members was talking with you on the Tortuga server last night also. :D
  2. Check out this cool video one of our members put together. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoEFdkOEy-c
  3. Just now getting access to play Dual Universe for Alpha 2? Come sign up with us!
  4. Welcome to our corner of the galaxy.
  5. Tired of the excessive turbo nerdism among the DU community? Join BOO, we don't give a shit. If you have Alpha access, you'll be able to participate in our many projects we are already doing right now.
  6. discordauth:BUGU1k4bhM8EU3ThraFfh7zyImeiyPb2B6yM5xP0cNc=

  7. Thanks. This needs an overhaul anyway, so I'll get started on that ASAP. EDIT: Since we have several new content creators here in the community since the time I made this topic, shoot me a DM (or post here) with any links to your content and I'll have it added.
  8. While those with Pre Alpha access have been working on Tortuga in-game, @Agilulf put together a writing group to create an episodic series called "Tales from Tortuga". Check the main thread out here.
  9. BOO is setting up a private gaming tournament that will take place end of this year. We're calling it the BOOlympics! BOOlympics Games: • Starcraft 2 • Team Fortress 2 • Osu! • Super Mario Kart (SNES) • Guns of Icarus Online The long wait for DU is real, so why not come join a fantastic community of gamers in the mean time?
  10. Welcome to our humble community.
  11. Cybrex

    Hey all

    Welcome to our humble abode.
  12. Still here everyday lurking with the occasional post. I need a life.
  13. This weekend on August 12th (Sunday) BOO will be doing a Day of Games in celebration of our 2nd anniversary as the best community in Dual Universe. (No bias, I swurr). We'll be playing Planetside 2, Rocket League, and Teeworld as well as maaaybe crashing some discords to say hello. This is mostly just a BOO event, but if you're interested in joining our shenanigans on Sunday, just drop a message here, send me a DM, or hit us up on Discord.
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