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  1. This is a petition for JC to change his profile pic to
  2. yamamushi


    Welp, I'd edit that broken copy paste formatting but I can't edit posts, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    This is wrong, and I wish people would stop telling others this because it's only going to lead to frustration and anger later on. This question was addressed several times in interviews, and the tl;dr version is - Yes, but not at release.
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    Account Public View

    That isn't completely necessary at this point 🙂 I wrote the DU Discord Bot, and I had to figure out a way to authenticate users as well for the NDA channels there. Forum accounts provide all of the details you need to authenticate whether someone has NDA access or not, and can also be used to validate access in other ways. This post covers how it all works: That is also why our forum profiles display whether or not we have Alpha access, in lieu of a real API that provided enough information to validate Iron/Silver/Bronze/etc backers who have Alpha 1 access as opposed to those who only have access to Alpha 2. This is also the best way because the forums don't require authentication to view profiles 🙂
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    EVE Online players , pls gather here ;)

    I was in TEST and then Goonswarm after that, way back during the fountain wars. Good times
  6. We know a bit about how exploration at an interstellar level is planned to be, so this doesn't really concern the mechanics of exploration so much as how that information is propagated... At some point, new planets and systems are going to have to make it into a galactic map for us, so this idea is more about how that would take place. I propose that in order for a new system or planet to show up on the galactic map, that someone has to actually go out to that planet or system and collect information about it somehow (a mechanic that doesn't exist yet). Then they have to fly back to the Arkship (without dying and losing said scan results) and upload that scan into the Arkship so that everyone globally can have access to that information. That way new planets and systems can remain somewhat secret to the discoverers, and it gives more value to those who are exploring deep space selling the location of planets and solar systems. But if someone goes out there they can choose to make it public by uploading that data to the Arkship for everyone to have access to.
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    DU Memes

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    drugs, boosters

  9. Who here is attending the Montreal meetup in March? I'll be going, I was wondering if anyone wants to hang out beforehand 🙂
  10. I used this site to teach myself, but it helps if you already know some programming: http://tylerneylon.com/a/learn-lua/
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    Game download

    Login here: https://community.dualthegame.com/accounts/profile it's at the bottom of the page
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    Gifting Backer Packages

    I understand that during the post-Kickstarter phase when Founders packs were available, it was generally discouraged to be gifting backer packages, however now that we have Supporter packs it would be really cool to have a built-in feature to allow us to gift pledges to others. I don't want to go into explaining how I've been able to gift pledges to others, suffice to say that it does not involve sharing passwords. However it's not really a straightforward way, and it's somewhat risky to be doing I'll admit. I did ask NQ whether or not what I was doing was allowed, and they did say that it was. So I know I'm not breaking any rules by doing it. So I suppose I will consider this thread as a request for us to have the native ability to gift pledges directly from the pledge page.