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  1. Sounds interesting and would push those that pick the exploration path of life to thoroughly explore every planet and corner of each solar system for new discoveries and mysteries !
  2. The 2 closest Ship building games compared to Dual Universe I can think of would be Space Engineers and Empyrion they or both on Steam and you can use things like YouTube to see actual game footage and player creations ! Personally to me DU is a step way above both of these games and the systems they use but that my personal opinion and I cant talk about DU ship building system do to NDA but there or videos also out there like the Dev Diary's on ship build in Dual Universe and some of that still might change seeing we are in Pre-Alpha.
  3. I guess I'm ok ether way with the crafting because I don't think it will be a problem seeing that I feel there will be a lot of specialization in many areas and no one will be a jack of all trades and maybe you might become one day but that would be a very long time away seeing how skill training might go ! You may be the best weapon smith out there but you will probably need some one to provide you with rare ore and materials you may not be specialized in harvesting or making yourself !
  4. We don't know yet and nothing has ben released that I know of on this subject but in theory if I destroy a enemy ship after I destroying its core that should sever all ties of ownership of that construct and I should be able to salvage it or place in my own core and try to take control of it ? If this is possible people will probably try to hide the location of there cores forcing attackers to have to destroy a lot in order to find the hidden core and maybe giving them time to counter attack be for losing all the materials they used !
  5. Wheels , rotors , treads or some of the worst things to have in a voxel type of game it has caused nothing but bugs and server problems not to mention in a sci-fi futuristic game would they really still be using things like wheels , treads , and rotors in a advance future setting ? I personally would expect to see more anti-gravity and hover jet type technologies being used.
  6. Technology and research : Mostly weapons and weapons systems but I also plan on doing a lot in the Financial/economical areas of the game!
  7. I was in Landmark but due to events in my life at the time I did not get to play too much but I did enjoy Landmark and seeing other peoples creations was amazing ! One of my favorites build styles were people that had massive building that looked like ships! =)
  8. Yea that's a awesome ship I like this one also : Vulcan ship .
  9. GunDeva

    Cloaking Tech

    Unown006 yea I put that up for some good information and insight but I also got tired of people not wanting restraints on cloaking . Cloaking doesn't exists in real life its a Sci-fi tool for fun with no real science behind it yet so you might as well call it a magical system. I have no problem with them putting cloaking in DU I would just like to make sure there is some balance! Unbalance game play has also ben a factors that has killed a lot of games. Many people will come up with great ideas for system but don't forget they also need some balance. Having the 007 Golden gun is great when you have it but not so much for the other players!
  10. It is and gives a great look at possible technologies ! Sci-Fiction is still FICTION but I love when aspects of FICTION become SCIENCE due to learned technology !
  11. GunDeva

    Cloaking Tech

    Well with out some balance I would vote NOT ! Cloaked ships firing weapons and staying cloaked is a broken and not fun system garneted to be abused! Objects in space move very fast so yes hitting a large object is a 50/50 chance. Many nations have ben working on Cloak tech and most likely it will use massive amounts of power to bend light or project a image so yes by disrupting this ability it would break a ship out of cloak not mention this tech will probably give off a lot of heat! Its a Sci-Fi game and yes we are allowed to tweak it for balance like many games have done be for and people do hate broken and over powered systems in games. So in other word you have a unlimited amount of power for all ship systems ? That doesn't work in the real would not to mention it would break a game? Its not magic its balance just like most thing you have to do some type of management. I guess you could go with the endless power supply to all ship system shield , cloak , weapons , life support ...etc but I am sure most would view that as a broken system seeing you don't even get that in real life or movies. Finally key word is BALANCE : cloak tech is ok but there need to be balance. Can you lock or tab target that ship that's always cloaked or could jump back into cloak while in combat? NO You would have a ship that no one could touch or target which would break the game.
  12. GunDeva

    Cloaking Tech

    Personally I don't have a problem with cloak technology as long as they would do it like in most games and moves : #1 any aggressive action you make takes you out of cloak. #2 cloak works best when your not moving. #3 If you get hit while cloaked its a 50/50 chance you might get knocked out of being cloak! #4 short range cloak countermeasure devices which would be costly just like cloak. Basically cloak being used to observe targets or slip by enemies and sometimes used to get a first strike but never over powered where you can constantly attack someone and remain cloaked which would be over powered and broken game play.
  13. The key thing is balance! Stand off / long range weapons are cool to use but can also cause unbalance in a game and abuse if the defender does not have equal weapons or counter measures for protection.
  14. I think NQ made the right decision don't forget there will be many types of players and if you start robbing people with no safety net type systems you are going to lose a lot of people that want to play your game but will not be cause of it ! To some people not interested in being a pirates or PvP player : why waste time / months and money some times really money investing into something that some one can destroy in a few seconds that's a no win scenario for them. Even if you loot someone in game why is it a big deal to also take there money? You could still make a profit off the items you looted from them right? I use to PvP but I still don't understand why some players want to be able to loot all my items and take all my money leaven me with zero : butt naked and no cash O.o
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