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  1. So, anybody watch anime? Like Gundam or something?
  2. Uhm yea, Arkers sounds better imo ... since we are doing the space travel with Arkship
  3. They already mentioned the upcoming Supporter Pack in the recent newsletter, so i think we will not wait that long
  4. Another type of Pledge will open soon, i suggest you to signup to the news letter so you will not miss it
  5. Hi there 13, Welcome to Dual Universe
  6. Perhaps it's because of the timezone
  7. As far as i know, there will be a very amount of NPC that will involved in the game itself. The building & construction activities will be fully done by the player
  8. I think there is no "how big" in terms of infinite
  9. There is no major project yet in my organization where i'm at. It's a local org's anyway, so it will be hard to expand it until the game released to the public. As for now, i'm focusing on giving some little tweaks regularly on the org's page so it will be ready to gather all of the local players when the time comes
  10. It's not a big deal in term of Organization because in my opinion it's not about how big the size is, but it's about what the do in the game
  11. This kind of unfortunate that the blueprint feature is disabled. Anyways, i will wait patiently, do your best NQ!
  12. I think the problem is you still recognized as Member instead of Pre-Alpha Tester even though you are a Gold backer. Once your account status updated to Pre Alpha tester, you will be able to access the Pre Alpha Forums
  13. Chill bro, it's only 2 persons
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