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  1. 1) Voxel building 2) Open world or should I say universe. 3) Potentially be part of a galactic Kingdom or Empire. Plus, I have been a fan of science fiction since childhood. It's one of my favourite genres.
  2. Exploring and building on the surface world and underground. Then I shall venture to the Stars.
  3. No! It definitely should be much darker at night. If you want to see. Then get or produce a torch, night vision goggles and other sources of light.
  4. Can't wait to traverse through dense forest, deserts, valleys and plains. Coming across settlements and eventually go on a voyage to the stars.
  5. More youtube videos and attending gaming expos. Thus, spreading awareness of the game and increasing interest.
  6. If, you do get rid of it. Don't give it. Sell it!
  7. Whatever I deem necessary. So shall it be.
  8. No, I am not...for now. As the next phase is full development.
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