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  1. These are so cool. I will engrave mine if I ever get one.
  2. Is there some kind of satisfaction guarantee, or a warranty of any kind? If you build it and game mechanics change, can we bring them in for service updates? Do you offer courtesy rentals?
  3. That is a pretty solid point, though one reason people build stuff is because they simply want to build stuff. There will definitely be a place for orgs to plop down bases and offer it's services to all it's members, which is great, but if those orgs can extend their protection beyond the base so that the... peasants, er... commoners, can build their own non-militarized infrastructure, that would be kinda cool too. It kinda goes back to medieval times with a castle on the hill, but it does fit the rebuilding of civilization mold.
  4. We know DU will have PvP and non-PvP areas. Well, they recently expanded safe zones to moons. That seems pretty real. So lets just build another Eve and call it a day? Why would you NOT want to cater to those players the same way the game caters to the hard core PvPer? Creative people don't need much (because they're creative). Just look at the recent city event. Most online PvP games are segmented anyway with the hardcore doing their super serious secret society thing, the small timers playing with their buddies, the lone wolves/griefers/gankers having their own version of fun. DU won't be any different in that regard, but it could be if it had a social/creative element where all those groups could mingle together from time to time. Bringing players together is something all MMO's, including DU is trying to achieve. The incentive is a larger player base, and a much more accessible game.
  5. Adding clothes for example, doesn't require a complete redo of flight mechanics or anything. If PvP players don't care about that kind of thing, so what? My guess is PvP officers want to look the part, as do space pirates. To get that shiny new suit, a shop in the city seems like a great place to get it. Food can exist without tying it to a survival mechanic, but they could tie it to minor stat buffs, which are likely a mechanic that's already planned for other things. Bingo. Join an org, peruse the ship showrooms in the city and pick out a ship. Off you go soldier.
  6. Very good points. Socialites are likely to congregate in the safe zones to avoid PvP shenanigans, but they will need resources that (hopefully) can only be obtained from elsewhere. Safe cities will need outside supplies. Supply shipments will need protection from a military contingent. While safe cities won't be subject to PvP annihilation, controlling the surrounding areas will be key to keep the city alive. Citizens of safe cities will certainly be at an economic disadvantage as they will rely on outsiders for resources, but their cities will provide social services and a refuge from the chaos. Big orgs might want control over safe cities, for prestige sure, but also to serve as a trade hub or a place to conduct business. Providing builders, architects, and socialites, with resources on the cheap, will likely attract more members and more citizens. It just might be a wise investment for large orgs.
  7. What is clear from last weekends city build is that there are people playing the game that enjoy the social aspect that cities provide. It is also clear that cities need planning, a government, law enforcement, garbage collection, entertainment, among a host of other things. All those "things" give players something to do. Some of it is sims in space, but some people like that kind of thing. If DU can get those kinds of people playing the same game as the space marines and quanta miners... it'd be the holy grail. DU doesn't need reasons to build cities because people want to build cities. What DU needs are mechanics that cater to those people. It was touched on earlier, but in-game communications, yes I know discord, but in-game chat, especially localized, gets people closer together, it's social. Emotes, completely unnecessary, but again social. Trading, bartering, buying, selling, directly between in-game avatars, with goods and services that can't be magically obtained from terminals or email. There are players wanting to engage in those activities, just as there are players wanting to fly around and blow things up. I think there is room in the universe for both.
  8. I personally don't care who does it, as long as I can run to the market and grab some snacks and bottle of Pepto before catching a ride to planet Gobblenorth . That's the beauty of an MMO.
  9. Well said. DU is trying to get fans of multiple genres to all play the game together. (Yes please.) FPS fans can become fighter pilots and pirates and soldiers and engage in battle after battle, while engineers design ships and buildings, and builders do the building, and the economists crunch numbers and manipulate the market. Spies, assassins, explorers, farmers, thieves, diplomats, accountants... the list goes on. The issue is that each element on it's own pales in comparison to games with a dedicated genre. MMO's typically favor the hack n slash because that's where the money is, behold the hack n slash theme park MMO, everyone else exit stage left. Eve took a different approach and succeeded at being... Eve. If DU can find a way to appeal to, and satisfy, gamers across multiple genres, it would be a game changer. The CONS of a sandbox MMO are the requirements: time, dedication, and money The PROS of a sandbox MMO are its incredibly deep and rewarding gameplay across multiple genres. Themepark MMO's don't really compare to what DU is trying to achieve.
  10. Watch the videos online, JC talks about his vision of the game quite a bit.
  11. Is there a big enough group of farmers out there to sustain that part of the economy? I mean, if a freighter full of grain goes missing, will it affect anything?
  12. With the various elements of game play like combat, economics, exploration, industry, and politics, I can see where agriculture/food could play a role too. I was at an in-game bar this weekend and would have killed for a pint.
  13. Something I discovered after bouncing off Error 500 a few times is that the forum site allows me to log in with my email address as a username. The new website, with the pledges and what not, requires that I use my in-game username.
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