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  1. I would make this in part with an "upkeep" or Maintenance cost. Keep said parts updated, maybe weekly, else it will decompose (and overgrowth) over a 3 month (real time) period.
  2. We can have no battles, or we can choose to have battles. I rather we members of organisations decide how to move forward. Each Org and choose their own path, and each citizen can choose their own path. I see nothing wrong with allowing the option of PVP, and at the same time, allow a truce that will not have PVP. We as humans will always have the urge to battle, and to prosper. There will never be a utopia.
  3. Damm, that put it on a whole new level.
  4. Person who places it is the owner. I tend to think of the Stargate as just a phone system. We can block all number except those we want allowed, or vis-versa.
  5. I would like individual. Defending could be as simple as an "iris", if were taking that route.
  6. We should assume world wide. No point in locking it up to a small part of the world.
  7. I would like to have a TriCorder. Able to scan, and detect a lot, but can be blocked by tech and environment. Example, can not scan past 500 meters of solid rock.
  8. I would like to see something like how enterprise fly. Please note that this would be for much larger ships. Bridge does not have a window, but can look out via a camera system. Helm can have sensors to know distance from objects, starting at about 1km away (dependent on speed).
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