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  1. I'm not a fan whatsoever of removing nonconsensual boarding altogether, and I hope that is taken into consideration later if/when avatar combat becomes a thing. Not only because Boarding a ship to take it over was something featured in the Devblog way back in 2015: But because boarding ships to take them over has been a thing since, well, ever. Now a whole avenue of gameplay has been removed to address something that wasn't really a problem before. What we should have gotten instead is a way to see who is on our construct, and remove them if they are logged out.
  2. Um... no that's not how it works. There is no technology on the planet available aside from them physically laying fiber cable directly between all of their own datacenters that would allow their server tech to be split across the planet like that, and NQ doesn't have hundreds of millions of dollars lying around for them to be able to pull that off. As it is the servers have to be physically close together in the datacenter and be optimized as much as possible for communication speed between them. It's been described as "closer to a weather modeling supercomputer", this is high performance computing and that just doesn't give much flexibility in where those machines can be physically hosted. So while different storage components, databases, login queuing systems, account information, etc. might be hosted on separate machines in different datacenters, the game server itself just doesn't have the capability to allow for that. Maybe when a billion people are playing Dual Universe they'll be able to afford laying trans-Pacific fiber optics and creating some massive global-spanning supercomputer cluster, but that's just not how it works today.
  3. I was told earlier that there would be no event for MIGS this year, it's a bit last minute to be planning one anyways.
  4. I hope we get a date soon, 10 days isn't really enough time to plan a trip 😕
  5. I was able to play with a tethered 4G internet connection from the hospital with no real issues, so I'm not sure how that factors in but there's some info for you
  6. If anyone is writing bots or services for their own discords/websites/applications, you can use this API to check whether a user has NDA access or not: https://api.dual.sh/verifyauth/167790688161890304 Simply supply someones discord ID as the last field of the URL. This doesn't use a database, rather it references discord directly, so it works seamlessly with this new bot
  7. Roles on discord can be fixed/updated by running "~fixmyauth"
  8. We are currently working on having an unofficial fan meetup hosted here in Austin Texas for fans of Dual Universe. There are about 10 or 12 of us RSVP'd at the moment from all over the US, but we are looking to reach 20+ if at all possible. Though if we got even more than that, we certainly wouldn't complain! We're aiming for a date in October, most likely on a Saturday, and food will be provided (with a small donation to @Wrathschild who has offered to cook us delicious BBQ). We also have a bar in the middle of downtown Austin TX ready for us to reserve the whole bar, and is ready to order any beer or liquor requests anyone has in mind. Drinks won't be free though :p The event will be free to attend, but as stated above, it would be kind of you to donate to Wrathschild for the BBQ If you are interested in attending, please shoot me a message and/or join the discord where we are planning everything and keeping track of everyone here: https://discord.gg/c6uXMdB
  9. It looks like perhaps your account isn't linked properly, I would put in a ticket @ http://support.dualthegame.com/ and explain your situation so they can fix your access. If you are a Kickstarter backer, you have access to all of the tests from now until release.
  10. probably a discord auth for a different bot
  11. You need to find which pack you bought (likely Iron if it was that inexpensive), as not all backers have access yet, which you can reference on this chart:
  12. No. Please, No. At this point you may as well be asking to just buy our resources from NQ with cash. If you're really burning through ships and supplies that fast, that's a you problem, not an economy/gameplay problem.
  13. I've seen this bug from time to time but I don't know what causes it, sometimes getting on a vpn fixes it, sometimes using a proxy fixes it, sometimes using a different browser fixes it. I'd try edge browser first or disable your ad blockers or something along those lines. I know it's only $10, but 10 bucks is 10 bucks (even if it's me saying it)


  15. Beta isn't scheduled to start until next year, so you don't have access yet. Alpha 2 starts on the 11th. You can always upgrade your pledge if you want sooner access. Edit: I misread what you said: You can download the game here: https://community.dualthegame.com/accounts/profile/
  16. You just need to follow the instructions the bot sends you when you type ~forumauth, your forum account is approved
  17. I believe you were waiting for forum approval, you should be good to go now
  18. I don't think that word means what you think it means.
  19. Meanwhile I tried doing exactly this last year and was met with nothing but complaints and accusations when I put the bot online.
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