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  1. Last Post Wins

    fun fact: I can't read or write.....
  2. Last Post Wins

  3. Last Post Wins

    don't mind me
  4. PvP System

    Well we do have the bounty system, so perhaps a reputation system connected to the bounty system.
  5. And that's a major difference between DU and Eve too
  6. @Lethys thanks i must have glossed over that bit
  7. Different gear from where we have been going. But I just realized that the FFU is said to protect the construct it is placed on....ships are constructs.....is a 24-48hr bubble placed on the ship then? and if so can the ship then move?
  8. I was referring to if we made the entire planet under the ASA given how they worded the ASA area only having common and low end materials. So we need UA on Alioth still
  9. @Setzar my take away was once someone starts attacking the constructs it will set up the bubble and be active for "24-48hrs" I assume rdms still has effect over what you do inside. So if RDMS says no hostile actions then you cant break it per what ever other consequences we have.
  10. timey wimey safey placey? This would be my issue if they expanded the ASA to much past maybe another few Km. We wouldn't be able to get off the planet without the rarer materials and the market would never take off.
  11. I find this to be fair all and all. The MSA is an interesting solution to the need for more safe areas.
  12. discordauth:l13VuW6U_pGOl_S2UOGzGbzFl4QPsOT23ehCp63etB4=

  13. Last Post Wins

    pfft, you all are still trying to beat me.
  14. another new future player

    Welcome to the forums! Glad you saw the light of DU lol kidding, but the more people the more fun we will all have.