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Hello DU bros!


We've got a couple of threads about what to play while were waiting and we've got a forum for introductions. But it would be lovely to know your gaming background with the focus on Sci-fi games and Sandbox games.


For me I started out with the first game I bought (for 9 Gulden, the Dutch currency before the Euros) as a 12 y/o kid: Ascendancy

From there on this list is what got me busy the next decade and a half in random order


- Freelancer

- Homeworld 1 & 2

- Freespace

- Star Ranger

- Minecarft

- Space Engineers

- Space Station 13

- Global Agenda

- Planetside 1 & 2

- Elite: Dangerous

- Ark: Survival Evolved


- Hellion

- Dungeon of the Endless


- Endless Space

- Fractured Space

- Empyrion - Galactic Survival

- Stellaris

- Star Drive

- Planetary Annihilation

- Pulsar: The Lost Colony

- EvE

- Galactic Civilisations II


These are the games I've played for some length. The ones with singleplayer campains I've all finished. I've spend an ungodly amount of time in minecraft and space engineers designing factories and bases. Also currenly immersing myself in Space Station 13 again. Playing on a remote 8chan server. They can be bastards, but they're beautifull bastards.
GRAV was interesting, not as optimized as I would've wanted. Empyrion was fairy easily broken when bases had roofs covered with guns like their roof-tiles. StarDrive is kinda a less superior Endless Space. Hellion is like a 3D Space Station 13, but less wacky and much more survival aimed.

Also, these are just the Sandbox and Sci-fi games I could think of that I played. So... what's your story or your list?

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Age of Conan,

Mount and Blade: Warband and all associated mods,

Haven and Hearth,


are the most influential and important ones. I have dabbled in plenty of MMOs in my days though, looking for The One Open-World PvP Basebuilding Crafting MMO (TM). You know how it goes.

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Space Engineers

Star Wars Galaxies




Act of Aggression

Command & Conquer (Tiberium, Red Alert and Generals)


Elite: Dangerous

Endless Space

FTL: Faster Than Light


Nexus: The Jupiter Incident

Planetary Annihilation

Shadowrun 4th Edition

Space Pirates and Zombies


Supreme Commander

Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War (1 and 2)


Yeah, quite the science fiction library. Story to come...

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Scifi-Space and stuff you say? And sandbox?


Stellaris (Playing a bunch atm)



Portal 2

Jedi Knight Academy 1&2


Star Wars Battlefront

Space Engineers




Planetside 2


And some stuff i cant really remember

Done a fair share of different MMOs as well

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Sandbox? LittleBigPlanet. My favorite game of all time. Best part about it is it can be any genre you want! I made bleak industrial stuff.


Space Engineers in later times... I even have a t-shirt!

FTL: Faster Than Light. It's always there for some quick entertainment. 

Borderlands 1 and 2. I've beaten them so many times.

Spore and No Man's Sky I have love-hate relationships with... Great games in their own right, but could have been so much more.

Going way back, Battlefront II. Who hasn't played that, really?

Red Faction Guerrilla, only game I have for PC, Xbox, and PS3.

Halo: Reach. I never was into Halo as a kid, but Reach didn't need to be nostalgic for me to be totally engrossed by its story and soundtrack.


Some other scifi games I've played but aren't too special to me:


Sins of Solar Empire: Rebellion

Space Chem


Fractured Space


Galactic Civilizations II

Planetside 2

Unreal Tournament 2004

Various Halo

Mass Effect series (besides Andromeda)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Apart from the type it in yourself and pray you didn't mess up (Vic 20), I started with Elite in 84 and since then there's been this huge hole in my wallet :)


Just a few...


Elite (1984)

OP FLashpoint



Duke Nukem


all the way up to today

Arma 3

Elite Dangerous

Star Citizen <---- Hoping it's before I shuffle off and my Grandson gets all the feckin fun :)

Dual Universe <---- Sooooooon please :)





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Minecraft: My first video game, and it's still my favorite.

Space Engineers

Garrys Mod

Planetside 2



Planetary Annihilation: TITANS


Eve Online: Never really got anywhere in it though.

Kerbal Space Program: I tried I'm very bad at it :(

From The Depths

Doom 2016: I highly recommend this to anybody who has not tried it.


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Hm, I guess mine will be the shortest thus far...


Most of my gaming growing up was with anime/fantasy MMORPGs. Tried a large variety over time, but mainly stuck with a couple, i.e. Maple Story and Dream of Mirror Online (anyone?). Haven't played anything much ever since the latter stopped being supported by the original publisher. 

Hoping to get back into gaming with Dual Universe and that it'll be the third MMO I stick with for several years. 

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I think it's good that you only allow certain genres. Otherwise my list would probably be too long. :) No specific order.

- Star Wars Galaxies, or let's say at least the most SW Games (SWG, SWTOR, KOTOR, SW:BF, Republic Commando, etc, etc...)

- Space Engineers


- Factorio


- Dead Space

- Osiris: New Dawn

- J.U.L.I.A.: Among the Stars

- Mass Effect

- Minecraft

- PULSAR: Lost Colony

- Terraria

- Earth & Beyond

- MDK 2

- Ark Survival

- Citadel: Forged with Fire

- Quake 3 Arena

- Unreal Tournament (1999)

- RimWorld

- Turok

- System Shock 2

- Deus Ex

- Planet Base

- Planetside

- Battlefield 2142

- Starbound

- No Man Sky



Did I miss something? For sure.


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Well let's see if I can keep it somewhat current



Ascent - For the community building

Elite Dangerous

Empyrion - Galactic Survival on multiple servers

gates of horizon

Homeworld 1 & 2

Eve online

MOO 1,2,3, and 4

No Man's Sky_Especially since the latest patch

Osiris New Dawn - just switched to the open beta for the changes they recently did and want tested

Distant Worlds


Civ beyond Earth


Space Rangers - The whole series because it is a hoot

Star Trek Online


Gal Civ 1,2,3


Mass Effect  1& 2

Space Empires 4 & 5

StarPoint Gemini 2 and Warlords

The entire X Series


that's a partial list be in keeping with the request  :)


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 Sci-fi and sandbox games?  Ok. 


Dead Space 1, 2, and 3

portal 2

 Elite dangerous 


Pulsar  Lost colony 

MineCraft  Java •before it sucked•

Empyrion  Galactic Survival 

 Star Citizen •didn’t like it•


 I never liked playing on big servers in Minecraft, too much reading with all the signs. 

 I’ve stayed away from MMO’s in general because there’s always too much reading whether it be signs or chat,  and being blind and unable to  see important information like that kind of makes it hard to play   Affectively. 

 I making an exception for DU though, especially if they’re supposed to be voice chat in the future 

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Hoo boy... I don't think I could come up with a comprehensive list even if I tried... There have been far too many.


Here are some off the top of my head:

- Minecraft

- FortressCraft Evolved

- Interstellar Rift

- Natural Selection 2

- PULSAR: Lost Colony

- Avorion

- Empyrion

- Endless Legend

- C&C (Tiberian Sun, Red Alerts, etc.)

- Zero-K

- Global Agenda

- A bit of EVE online

- Planetary Annihilation

- Firefall

- Fallout (all of them)

- The Black Watchmen + The Secret World(Do these count? A&B games are somewhere between sci-fi and fantasy)

- Kerbal Space Program

- Robocraft

- Half Life(s), Garry's Mod, numerous other HL2 mods

- Space Engineers

- Subnautica

- Antichamber? Sci-fi?

- Supreme Commander

- Mass Effect series

- Portal series

- FTL: Faster Than Light

- Metro series

- Fallen Earth

- Face of Mankind

- Anarchy Online

- Lots of other forgotten Sci-Fi MMORPGs

- Systemshock, bioshock, deus ex, doom, quake, UT....


So many others I must be forgetting as well... Good thing we're narrowing it down to just sci-fi games.


[EDIT: Oh crap I forgot the sandbox side of things apart from minecraft...

Let's add:

- 7 Days To Die

- Citadel: Forged With Fire

- Dark and Light

- Wurm Online

- Blockland?

- Plus a bunch of sim/tycoon games like rollercoaster/zoo/whatever tycoon

- Oh and there's Starforge, too... (tried very hard to forget it and almost succeeded)


Do we count Flatout and Liero as sandbox games? What about the Grand Theft Auto series? I played all of them between GTA2 and GTA IV


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  • 9 months later...

Civ IV

Dwarf Fortress

Kerbal Space Program 

Universe Simulator

Crusader Kings II

Prison Architect


Harvest Moon



These are the games I enjoy the most that are most similar to Dual Universe.  I’m generally a casual gamer though, with a more specific interest in emergent gameplay and arthouse games than in the kinds of games that may appeal more to your average 12 year old boy or gamer gater.  I absolutely love playing Mario Kart, Old Pokemon games, GTA San Andreas, card and board game apps on my phone and even candy crush, which is addictive beyond belief for some reason.   





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There have been a lot.  I think I've tested more than I can remember, but here are the ones I've actually ended up playing and/or currently testing.

Just posting the online games.  Too many offline ones to list.


Air Warrior 3
Everquest 1 & 2
Anarchy Online
World War II Online
Dark Age of Camelot
Global Agenda
Ark:Survival Evolved
City of Heroes
Champions Online
D&D Online
Lords of the Ring
Eve Online
Star Citizen
Guild Wars 1 & 2
Star Wars Galaxies
Star Wars The Old Republic
Star Trek Online
Ultima Online
Elder Scrolls Online
World of Warcraft
Elite: Dangerous
Final Fantasy XIV
Dual Universe pre-alpha
No Man's Sky Next
Black Desert Online
Fallout Earth
Defiance 2050
Bless Online
Camelot Unchained current beta
Lineage 2
Tabula Rasa
Forsaken World
Perfect World Online
Silk Road
9 Dragons
Face of Mankind
APB: Reloaded

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I grew up in South Korea, so of course the first "real" game that I was introduced to was Starcraft. I remember obessing over it but never actually playing it... I was like 8 at the time though. So, in order, here we go.



Minecraft (2012)

Starcraft II (2012)

LigmaBlox (yes I know..., 2014)


I also was introduced to Steam around 2014. I played and hopped around various F2P games such as Robocraft, TF2, and Planetside II, though I never seriously got into them. I also was introduced to Kerbal Space Program around that time (late 2015), which basically was the dream game for me as a space nerd.  It also was around this time I seriously started gaming, with League of Legends, War Thunder, and Counterstrike. 


And the rest is history...


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--- Sanity Warning: Do not click unless you accept potential neurological damage. This is an actual, legitimate list. With strong opinions. I typed this while I was a bit... eh. ---


Warframe, PUBG (slightly more bugs than an actual bug), S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (one of the best games I've ever played, don't @ me), Rimworld (ditto), Insurgency (sandstorm plz), Forknight, Starbound, Minecraft (dont click), Battlefield 4 (svrcina approved), the forums, me watching "The Office" for the first time- which is just a bunch of abuse tagged as comedy, CS:GO (Valve, buff the SSG), Spore but I was like 6 and couldn't read very well so that doesn't count (i was a dumb child), FTL: Faster than Light, Rust, Insaniquarium, Bubble Tanks (certain versions, true masterpiece), Bubble Tower Defense, Metro (okay the actual best game series i've ever played, dont @ me), bad formatting (anything can be a game!), Sakura clicker (don't judge, its still a game), my life, watching Darling in the Franxx and waiting for a second season that'll never come (which they buggered up the ending), writing (more like a joke but okay), slightly interweaving SCP references, [REDACTED], SCP-2521, League of Legends (i main evelynn, yeah, don't judge), Frackin' Universe, reddit, schooling, going on Fantasy Name Generators to find funny names, discord, wondering impossible situations, thinking im james bond when i sometimes run near a corner which then messes up my ribs super bad (please ?), complimenting people you cool person), trying to end lists with a sick punchline, trying to not get punched by my brother

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I have palyed:

-Space Engineers

-Medieval Engineers




-Osiris: New Dawn



-All X-COM's(including board game)


-Endless Space

-Fallout's (All)

-Fracture Space


-Master of Orion

-Oxygen not included

-Planet Nomads


-Sid Meier's Starships

-Space Empires IV-V

-Spacebase DF-9



-Sword of the stars II

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I'll confine this to titles with some relevance to DU:


  • Wing Commander series (all of 'em)
  • Freelancer
  • Privateer
  • Homeworld
  • X-Universe series (all of 'em, but X3:Reunion is my favorite so far)
  • Star Wars Galaxies (I own a Collector's Edition box :))
  • Planetside 1 & 2
  • Elite:Dangerous (briefly)
  • EVE-Online (first 6 years after launch)


and 4500 hours of aerial combat in War Thunder ! :D



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Hmm, I feel I've posted this before. 

For the sake of keeping it 'short' I'll only list PC games I've played a lot of, lets say 50hrs +.


EVE, by far the most, I'm sure I've logged a year online time when I played. 

Minecraft, some vanilla but mostly FTB


Nexus The Jupiter Incident (first space game I played and I was hooked)


WOW (maybe 51 hrs tops, it went through some dark times dont judge)

Sup Com FA





COD: Modern Warfare



7 Days

Empyrion (really early access)

Space Engineers


Cracktorio... I mean Factorio

Rise of Nations







Garrys Mod


Creeper World 3


Frontlines Fuel of War

Dig or Die

Dungeon Defenders

Global Agenda

Sins of a solar Empire



Portal 1&2







Im sure I missed a few but I'll stop there to keep it short. And there are many more I've played for shoet peroids. 




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8 hours ago, 0something0 said:

Which nation?

All of them. I still have a a few jets to unlock and fully upgrade, but they will probably never get done, because I don't really enjoy jet combat. And there's a couple of attackers I haven't spaded, I fly mostly fighters and bombers.

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So, I started out with Industry Giant 2, which got me addicted at age 8.

Over the years, I've amassed quite an amount of games, like

Payday 2


Black Desert Online

7 Days to Die

Civ V

Empire: Total War (the best Total War)

HoI 4

Mount and Blade: Warband

Space Engineers

Garrys Mod



Rainbow Six Siege

War Thunder

Prison Architect



Civ 4

Total War: Rome 2


Paint it Back


Planetside 2

Europa Universalis 2

Titanfall 1+2

I could go on, but these are the ones where I have 90h+

I play mostly shooters, strategy, logistics games (and never will I enjoy driving/flying. I suck at that)

Oh, and a rhythm game called Osu, which is currently my second-most played game time-wise 

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Needed to add Osu
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