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  2. I sincerely hope this is a joke. I would really like to believe that this entire post is satire about how A lot of fans of Rick and Morty think themselves to be somehow better than everyone else for understanding the “deep underlying existential meanings” behind the jokes in the show. If it is satire, I applaud it for having just enough sarcasm and realism to make me question whether or not it’s genuine If however this is not a joke, I beg you to please stop… Just stop. It’s the “super fans” with that kind of mentality, who form a mob outside of McDonald’s demanding
  3. When you literally dream about DU. No kidding, I actually had a dream the other day that I was inside of the game. It was kind of a weird combination between the game and the real world, because I was trying to turn an old Jetske I found in someone’s garage into a working hovercraft
  4. Sci-fi and sandbox games? Ok. Dead Space 1, 2, and 3 portal 2 Elite dangerous Hellion Pulsar Lost colony MineCraft Java •before it sucked• Empyrion Galactic Survival Star Citizen •didn’t like it• I never liked playing on big servers in Minecraft, too much reading with all the signs. I’ve stayed away from MMO’s in general because there’s always too much reading whether it be signs or chat, and being blind and unable to see important information like that kind of makes it hard to play Affectively. I making an
  5. I had a look at that picture. Is there no controls for EVA? I didn’t see anything for rolling. Unless they use the flight controls for ETA, in which case that would be kind of weird to try and build with.
  6. Money money money. This is a new age, A new planet, a whole new start for humanity… Forget money. I plan on dealing exclusively an orphan tears
  7. I'm somewhat curious as to how signing this NDA with work. Will it's simply be something we have to agree to here on the forums, or will they send out emails that we then have to agree to with an electronic signature? Or are they actually going to mail us some documents we have to sign and then return?
  8. I have a question. I've seen a few images on the Dev Diaries that would suggest some of the elements might be animated or have moving parts. Is this a thing? Landing gear for example look to have two states, deployed and retracted. I've also seen, although cannot find, an image of an engine deconstruct into its various parts. Some of the parts look like they would spin or something, like the turbine blades. Does anyone have any insight into this subject? Much appreciated.
  9. Thanks, I've been watching this game for about a year but only just decided I Felt confident enough to pledge and join the forms and everything. As I said I've been closely following this game as much as I could, but I'm now really actively reading up on all of the blogs and forum posts and even fanfics As far as organizations go, I was going to hold off on joining one or creating one until later in the game. I have noticed that most of these organizations are speaking as if they've already had a year or two of gameplay in, and sometimes speaking of things that just aren't p
  10. Hello everyone. I just bought A gold level pack and can't wait for the Alpha. I love these types of space sandbox games with heavy emphasis on building With some RP in there too. I really enjoyed building hi end looking luxury bases, and luxury ships that have a kind of Sports car look to them. I am excited to see how this game will work out for me, as I am basically blind with very Limited usable vision and only one eye. I hope to use this new platform to expand my creativity and perhaps one day make a name for myself as "that blind guy who bui
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