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  1. May it is just sunk cost fallacy: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/s/sunkcost.asp
  2. It can be assumed that those with the most fans will get the votes, regardless of whether they contribute anything constructive or not. I am not a big fan of this "Gleichschaltung" or echo chamber. There always needs to be critics, an opposition. Somewhere in the forum, and on the DU announcement site/forum at the time, it was possible to see who was part of this organisation. (NQ had published the list of who was invited) Judging from what you read of these people in the public forum, what they wrote, who also have an ATV title, I conclude that over 95% are not critics. OP thinks everyone is just shouting "NQ bad", but you can see from my old public posts, for example, that I have always voiced criticism and suggestions for improvement. However, none of these seem to have had any effect. And I can't talk about things concerning ATV or Mission Control, because NDA.
  3. So that it can't happen again like it did at the start of the beta in 2020. A lot of people who left just left their speeder all over the place at the beginning and that brought the performance in those areas to its knees, which wasn't really a good experience for anyone. Unless they can offer a better solution or performance, that's the right approach. Even if it were only a few days, that would be very counterproductive if someone who finds out after 1 hour that the game is not for him and then it sits there for X days.
  4. Because no mmorpg company does it that way. You pay the same amount of money every month, regardless of the platform. And you take the most expensive approach that comes along and that would be steam here.
  5. I am a little confused. Did gamers believe that Steam's 30% revenue would not be passed on to the customer? Some people really haven't been paying attention in the real world. So now I don't know why you're upset. "It's only 12 euros a month" to use your argument against you.
  6. What you are asking for is a completely different game and has nothing to do with what they used to advertise. I have always said, build the vision of your AvA Lock & Fire into the game - With a gun. Just one gun. Use that as a foundation to also show that you're not forgetting the people from a pillar, which had interest in this game. Why should I pvp if it has no impact on the world? That is also something completely different from what they always said. Heck, we don't even have territoral warfare yet. And I disagree with you. Landmark in space won't survive long like this with a subspriction model. A very good comparison here is New World, which originally started as a pvp game, then at some point fired the game designer, brought in someone new and wanted to make it a pve game with opt-in pvp. What happened then: the people in the beta said that there was no pve content. Amazon had to postpone until the pve content was delivered. So, what happened at release? People had fun for a few months. But the game is dead. The servers are empty. I would like to state here that we are not talking about an indie developer. We are talking about Amazon. (Who had a bad statistic with released games - 1 cancelled, 1 back to alpha before New World came out).
  7. How can it be silly if that's a selling point as to why people left money in the first place? You've been around long enough to know which big orgs were there and what they always wanted. How many of them are left? We now have what we have. Will that be enough?
  8. The 2016 interviews around the KS framework have always talked about a 20km safe zone radius around the Ark Ship. And it was always planned to have several Ark ships also for the future. Here is a source from 2016. It was used to advertise the KS campaign. https://www.eurogamer.net/building-a-space-sim-in-a-post-no-mans-sky-world Edit: As for the Sanctuary Moon, that's what was said back in 2018 about what they should be. Unfortunately, these links do not work. Edit 2: Thanks to webarchive - this can be found: http://web.archive.org/web/20180311083616/http://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/03/02/more-info-on-sanctuary-territory-units/ Edit 3: And here is the article mentioned in the post from Edit 2: http://web.archive.org/web/20200808141938/https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/01/30/our-toughts-on-territory-protection-mechanics/
  9. First and foremost, they want to make sure that there is no repeat of August 2020 with the speeders who were left stranded everywhere at the starting point and brought the performance to its knees. As for PvP... well, the selling point was that you have to expect pvp outside the safezone. Now this is not a world first, as this has been clear to everyone since it was announced at KS in 2016. Whether you like it or not is ultimately your problem, as with any other mmorpg. There are actually people who complain about being attacked by the opposing faction on a PvP realm in WoW, for example. And the same is true here. Even if many tried to twist the narrative and make it a non pvp game, in the end you will lose every player if you drive your credibility to the wall now. Is the PvP fair? Nope. There are no limits or X vs X scenarios for it, because this is not foreseen in an open, single world, where manpower dominates.
  10. Since the new FTUE, you have some new possibilities, which the tutorial also brings closer to you in addition to the login reward. Among them are the tutorials and the Surogate VR Challenges in addition to the familiar Aphlia Mission.
  11. What bothers me most about the schematics so far is that not all items needs schematics and you often feel like you're waiting twice. Example: "Oh cool, I built the intermediate parts, now I can finally build Basic Metalwork Industry M". "Oh, I forgot to queue up a Tier 1 M Element Schematic Copy, I'll just do that." "Oh, I have to wait 50 minutes and pay 15,000." The reaction is already a... for me: "Hmph." It doesn't feel good. Especially at the beginning, when you're still doing a lot with the nanocrafter and then you switch to the machines, you often forget that or don't have it in the back of your mind. At least that's what happened to me now that I've started all over again. Edit: I'm sure it's already been said, but I'll write it down just to be on the safe side. It is also irritating for me why an Atmospheric Fuel Schematic Copy is needed for Nitron in the Machine and not in the Nanocrafter. I miss this consistency in the concept. The result is that I then simply build all things in the nanocrafter. The same applies to Al-Fe Alloy as an example. Why? Edit 2: I understand where this is going and what they were thinking. I think it's better than buying individual schematic copies (System after 0.23) for individual machines, now they are no longer limited to the element being built but category dependent, which is a big improvement. The approach is fine as far as it goes. But we are not yet where we should be. This "hmph" feeling has to go away for me. Give me a reason to get a reward feeling, after I've built the intermediate parts. Edit 3: Maybe this will be clearer, since most people will look at the list that is required to build something?
  12. - Survival elements like oxygen and energy? - NPC enemies like wolves or spiders? - Weapons for the avatar to kill NPCs or players? - NPC ships that attack you? - Meteoroids that hit planets? - Mountable mining units on ships? - Planetary mining (besides on asteroid)? This is exactly why I play Space Engineers, sign me up for this!
  13. How exactly do you envisage this? Everyone talks about how much potential the game has. The game had potential two years ago. The game had potential 4 years ago too. It also had potential when it was introduced on KS in 2016. But now comes my question. We are going into release next month - when is the potential going to be realised in this game that was in development for 8 years? I can't tell a new player that things are good that are not good or missing. About missing features, about things that don't work and a feature that was completely changed, that you can't do planetary mining anymore but have to use mining units. There are so many indicators, just the fact that you didn't see any advertising (or scenes in trailers that don't take place like that), that the Twitch statistics have dropped rapidly (the game is currently at 28 average viewers, that once was at 1000 in August 2020, with every week falling, I had recorded somewhere in the forum here how the case was), that cost-cutting was worked on, that a new CEO was suddenly there - attention, the community had first found out that he was the new one, before NQ said anything. Furthermore, employees in key positions quickly resigned (example: former CCP Technical Director Högni Gylfason as CTO who left after less than a year), which can be seen in the public profiles on LinkedIn. And I don't even want to talk about false promises and information, bad or no communication of the developers in the last years, which the players have already experienced since the beta in August 2020. And I go back to my original question: How do you imagine that I can enthuse a new player for this game after this text? Especially with the argument that this person has to sign up for a subscription in order to continue playing. Why shouldn't that person rather play World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King Classic on 26 September? I would describe the game as follows: It's Landmark in space. The "millions of players" it has always talked about are not there. And it doesn't even manage to show 50 players in one place. But in the end, everyone has the opportunity to play the game for 2 weeks at release. Then everyone will decide for themselves how long they want to stay with it. It can be assumed that many will be there for the first 2 months, as with any other mmorpg. But it will be interesting to see what happens after these 2 months.
  14. It has been postponed indefinitely after release. This was confirmed in a podcast here in December 2019, which was later shown in a roadmap. Podcast here with timestamp to the ava/cvc part: And of course, after listening to it, I couldn't help making memes. Link: https://imgur.com/a/uVOYJT0 It was just funny to see how no one had a problem except a few who pointed out the problems that already existed there. But blind trust didn't help anyone. The unpleasant awakening of the majority came later. And today we are where we are.
  15. Two things, regardless of the content: - The video explains why you are doing what, it seems more personal. I like it. I would like to see something like this in a live stream, where you can also ask questions. I wish you would have started earlier. If you keep this up for the future (video format, explanation, streams), you're already on the right track. - I've only just realised that NQ-Nyota has cat ears. From now on I'll call you NQ-Nyata. About the content: It was to be expected and you are making the right decision. Now it must not happen that individuals again buy schematics for 1% of the value and are compensated 100 times over. Even if it was only a few, the money still remains in the economy, which a few do not understand. After the wipe, it must also be ensured that errors are addressed immediately. Now it will be interesting to see what you will do.
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