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  1. @blazemonger You need to revive this thread. Somehow I discovered more fun in it than somewhere else. xD
  2. No idea, as I expect a wipe. At least it would not make sense in my eyes to continue this way. When was the fiasco with the prices for the schematics? 2021? That had people screaming "Rollback!" but Nq didn't respond. And while we're at it - remove the schematics. My nanoformer is smarter than the factory.
  3. I can think of Fortnite (right, Fortnite. The Battle Royale mode came only half a year later!), also things like Eso (very bumpy start), GW2 (praised as the PvP / e-sport game, it then eventually changed the focus to PvE) and FF14 (driven against the wall because it was not contemporary at release). Very good that they have revised it). I would rephrase the statement to say the essential foundations of a game must be in place for people to be retained. If people are already running away from you after 2 months, then you're doing something wrong. But if people stay with you after 2 months, even if things are not finished or even missing (See Star Wars Galaxies - Until the first expansion you couldn't even fly a spaceship and the "Star Wars" is missing in a "Star Wars" game), then the essence or the foundation of the game is right and can be expanded. Will DU be able to do that? I don't know. But it has to become more than just Landmark in Space. The restrictions or course changes make it hard for me to believe that. Missing AvA, Player Markets, for me this is not a sandbox but a game that NQ dictates how you have to play it.
  4. Great. Now you forgot to tell the people when. We write something for the sake of writing only to say we are preparing something so that next time we can say when it will be.
  5. I'm keeping this quote from your throwaway account. I have rarely laughed so much. This, ladies and gentlemen, is called a denial of reality. The moment you can no longer constructively criticize anything, as most do here in the forums, I would worry about what kind of people you play with here. A very strange attitude. But to return to the OP: This seems to be indeed a local problem that exists on your pc.
  6. The cost or what problems they have is not important to me as a player. In the end they stood up and said with a little over 600k euros and about 25 employees (at that time) we can meet the Kickstarter rewards as well as the game. It was even awarded things still like the bounty system because it did not reach the 650k. What they have for costs or how they organize themselves, I assume that this has already been calculated through, if I put money in someone's hand on a serious platform who always said he was a scientist and tried to prove what he did in the past. All the mechanics, like planetary mining, was thrown overboard for mining units because their technology doesn't work. Or Avatar vs Avatar, which was postponed after release with no time given. But well, the CEO at the time who wanted the money is now no longer in management. That makes things a bit more complicated to look at as a whole. In the end DU, Chronicles of Elyria and also Star Citizens made sure that mmorpgs via this platform now have to be enjoyed with caution after the year 2020. It's a pity, because I had good experiences with Kickstarter with games like for example Factorio, Elite Dangerous, FTL, Darkest Dungeon, Divinity: Original Sin or Pillars of Eternity. So do I have to expect that I won't get it like that anymore ingame as an earnable item and will be asked to pay for it? Several outfits were presented in the past. I have many questions NQ.
  7. The monetization of the game on a subscription basis where at the beginning it was said that the wipe was not excluded but would be our last resort (so to speak, hedge in the subordinate clause that it can happen after all), reflects here exactly what you are asking. In August, it will be 2 years where this course is driven. However, it would not surprise me that they once again say something in a news and then do something else, as evidenced by many years of experience with this company. "We hear you, we hear you!" /s
  8. I also wouldn't be surprised if NQ came on release day (or up to 4 weeks after) and said "yo guys, we have cosmetics you can buy for real money." Should this be the case: How about getting the core mechanics done for once? Wasn't the 30 million euro and the trust of the backers enough to put the game in a solid position?
  9. They could also wipe nothing - You let players move to solar system 1 without items, they keep talents, money (or a max amount of money) and blueprints. The difference - once moved you can't get back to the current one (solar system 0). No matter how you spin it, you're going to have to cut back to find a compromise without feeling screwed for the monthly money you paid. And new created characters start in solar system 1.
  10. I agree with the previous speakers. Good luck. According to Kickstarter, the feature should have been available for release, but it won't be. That's one of the reasons why people have funded the project, including myself. Instead, stretch goals was given preference. I'll leave you with my meme gallery that I made in December 2019 about AvA: https://imgur.com/a/uVOYJT0
  11. You can't just pick out UI and hide the circumstances. If I have to invent an entire system, as in my example, because the players haven't seen it yet, then a different focus has been placed here. We already complained years ago for DU, in Alpha 3 already, that the UI is static and not intuitive. Not much has happened there. Instead, we got some stone textures in the game world this year that didn't have to be there. That's why I don't understand your reasoning now. NQ has time for stone textures, but not for a UI. See WoW Vanilla 2004 - They used the invented systems of that time and built a user-friendly interface and made it suitable for the masses. I never said it needed that. But according to you, it is not important, it is the game features. I actually expect features to come then. But overall, not much has really happened over time. The patches speak for themselves. In the end, it's just your opinion. It is not universally valid. You can see in the game which orgs and players from the past are still there. But there won't be many of them any more. Too many mistakes were made in the past for that. They can't even manage to implement the game features in a reasonable amount of time, let alone make patches in two parts and never release the second part. A good UI seems to be nothing more than wishful thinking today.
  12. The comparison is somewhat misleading. You can't compare a game that should have been released in 2018 and will probably be released in 2022 with one that is over 20 years old. The pioneering work of Everquest, be it world creation, what a realm is, what groups are etc were things that didn't exist back then. The UI had no real meaning back then, even colourblind mode was a foreign concept. NQ doesn't need to reinvent the things mentioned, like knowing what groups are, guilds are.... Heck, it's even an empty sandbox game without quests and npc.... What has NQ been doing all this time since august 2020? Not much has happened this time. Well, except for a lot of people leaving and few features coming, not really.
  13. There are roadmaps that shows what has been planned over the years, but it has been out of date for a long time because too much has been pushed around and the wrong people have been listened to. Key features have also been postponed from the main goal at kickstarter, so that they no longer appear at the time of release but later. Most of those who wanted a 2nd EVE have moved on because they won't find it in DU. A quick look at all the org advertisements from 2017 to 2020 and today will show you the difference. TLDR: No one can answer that for you. I've put together the 3 roadmaps I know of. The first two are older, the last one was published in July this year. I leave the conclusion to you. https://imgur.com/a/5j6CQ73
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