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  1. To bring the trashtalk back to the AMA: I don't feel safe with all that meanie pirates that can crash my pvp expierence. Do you have a hand-holding programme for the PvP zone?
  2. This confident attitude of showing the bugs and making-of from a trailer only confirms to me that NQ should be warming up as FB are showing things that have already been featured in videos from 2019. You haven't seen anything like this at NQ.
  3. I was about to write - By "annoying lurker" here he was self-reflecting and meant himself. And about Steam: Steam can be a dangerous place because you reveal your player numbers. Don't give me confirmations when I can read them as facts.
  4. FB has already released a few games. They have nothing to prove to themselves. It wasn't harsh enough in my eyes. The comment was well deserved. See you outside the safezone on Eos.
  5. “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself.” - Eleanor Roosevelt. NQ: "We're listening!" Other devs: So have we but we have been doing something about it. Seriously now, what exactly are you expecting?
  6. Wasn't meant to be a rule either, just the hint that if you want someone to see it from NQ that it won't be until Monday.
  7. I knew a few people who had the technical know-how to do really cool things and were invested just for the Lua stuff. What happened to them? They stopped playing when NQ decided that their work would not be protected or covered up. Why invest hundreds of hours in programming when people can just take it and you as NQ declare it as opensource? I still have the video here with the time stamp where I know they got the middle finger from NQ. Funnily enough, it is again the video where power management and AvA are also discussed. This has always been sold to people differently over the years. And with the podcast came the bummer that set everything in motion. But to come back to your question: I was working with C# in Space Engineers and was very proud when my solar panels aligned with the sun for the first time. It's not the same in DU without my people around me who I enjoyed playing with.
  8. There are memes that write themselves. But to sum up the situation in one image: I hope NQ takes something away from all the threads that have sprung up here in the meantime.
  9. Not only that. Also how they have decided to communicate over the years. Even if they figure it out today and come up with a decent game in the next few years... The way they have treated the community over the last few years should be an alarming sign. If you had told me 4 years ago what would become of DU, I would have bought an early access version of Starbase instead of my Ruby pledge for each of my 6 friends.
  10. True. For me to compare it, it has to be a game and not a tech demo. When I bought Space Engineers back in 2012 or 2013 with great joy, I already wished that I wanted to play something like that with more players. And Starbase does indeed achieve that at first glance. DU needs to get a few things right before I even see it as a competitor. The game can't do more than stroke the mutual ego phallus. Where this Landmark in space game can lead is anyone's guess.
  11. As I am in the Starbase Closed Alpha since mid 2020 and have no NDA and am allowed to show and talk everything: There is currently only one gas planet and if I am not mistaken 10 moons. The closest being around 20'000km (55 hours at 100 m/s , 37 hours at 150m/s) from the asteroid belt. The largest moon is thought to be 1000km in diameter. Planned features: player built stations (on moon and space, space is already in the making), mining lunar rocks. More to come with time, I guess. You won't be able to have a voxel-like comparison with DU because Starbase has no voxels. Think of it more like a kit that follows the principle of Space Engineers and Empyrion, but has a comparably great complexity of DU. I think everyone has to decide for themselves what they find more beautiful. I think both approaches are good. The other things, however, sound more exciting to me: - Modifiable engines that you have to cool? It's in. - Modifiable command seats with buttons, displays, server racks, a programming language and saving code on elements and giving it to other players? Yes, it's there. - Modifiable weapon attachments for the mounted weapons on the ships? Yep. - Cable and pipe management for power and fuel? Sure, you'll need to build a redundant system inside the ship. - Glass elements? Mhm, yep. - AvA, CvC, raiding ships? Yes! - Can I place mining lasers on the ship? Yessss! - Can I carry the asteroids with my ship to a safe zone and mine them there in peace? YES! - Ship designer? Yep.
  12. You'll laugh, but I've already made that suggestion to NQ, too, that they just tell people what they're doing every two weeks. Something like proactive communication. That was still in the mid-2020s, but you can see what they've done with it.
  13. You should have waited until Monday to do that.
  14. https://steamdb.info/stats/gameratings/ It's Factorio... Always has been.
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