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  1. I agree with the previous speakers. Good luck. According to Kickstarter, the feature should have been available for release, but it won't be. That's one of the reasons why people have funded the project, including myself. Instead, stretch goals was given preference. I'll leave you with my meme gallery that I made in December 2019 about AvA: https://imgur.com/a/uVOYJT0
  2. You can't just pick out UI and hide the circumstances. If I have to invent an entire system, as in my example, because the players haven't seen it yet, then a different focus has been placed here. We already complained years ago for DU, in Alpha 3 already, that the UI is static and not intuitive. Not much has happened there. Instead, we got some stone textures in the game world this year that didn't have to be there. That's why I don't understand your reasoning now. NQ has time for stone textures, but not for a UI. See WoW Vanilla 2004 - They used the invented systems of that time and built a user-friendly interface and made it suitable for the masses. I never said it needed that. But according to you, it is not important, it is the game features. I actually expect features to come then. But overall, not much has really happened over time. The patches speak for themselves. In the end, it's just your opinion. It is not universally valid. You can see in the game which orgs and players from the past are still there. But there won't be many of them any more. Too many mistakes were made in the past for that. They can't even manage to implement the game features in a reasonable amount of time, let alone make patches in two parts and never release the second part. A good UI seems to be nothing more than wishful thinking today.
  3. The comparison is somewhat misleading. You can't compare a game that should have been released in 2018 and will probably be released in 2022 with one that is over 20 years old. The pioneering work of Everquest, be it world creation, what a realm is, what groups are etc were things that didn't exist back then. The UI had no real meaning back then, even colourblind mode was a foreign concept. NQ doesn't need to reinvent the things mentioned, like knowing what groups are, guilds are.... Heck, it's even an empty sandbox game without quests and npc.... What has NQ been doing all this time since august 2020? Not much has happened this time. Well, except for a lot of people leaving and few features coming, not really.
  4. There are roadmaps that shows what has been planned over the years, but it has been out of date for a long time because too much has been pushed around and the wrong people have been listened to. Key features have also been postponed from the main goal at kickstarter, so that they no longer appear at the time of release but later. Most of those who wanted a 2nd EVE have moved on because they won't find it in DU. A quick look at all the org advertisements from 2017 to 2020 and today will show you the difference. TLDR: No one can answer that for you. I've put together the 3 roadmaps I know of. The first two are older, the last one was published in July this year. I leave the conclusion to you. https://imgur.com/a/5j6CQ73
  5. DU started the beta without a stress test. If I compare that with the other game, which had up to 3 events every week in the closed alpha (in the form of stress test and pvp events, besides servers running 24/7) up to closed alpha for a year, which by the way can also be documented afterwards from the announcements in their discord(!), then they are two different worlds. Oh, and I would like to note that after each event you were given forms to fill out. DU had that too. In the whole pre-beta time 2 times or so. Have you been asked in the NQ forms if you think the game is ready for the beta? No, you were not. In the other company you were ALWAYS asked what your view on early access is.
  6. I would like to add at this point that the tech tree was not in closed alpha, just like the easy build mode. We did not have the opportunity to give our feedback on it. But to pick up on your initial point, that's what I've always said: The players will forgive you if you live flawless communication like the other company over 2 years and treat your players like real customers. I gave my feedback on the translations a couple of days just before early access what people were doing and the dev in charge, who you usually never see talking in discord, spoke up. She took note, took my suggestions seriously and communicated the changes that were coming. If I then compare this with NQ, where I commented that the org changes (as they were originally planned) would not work as they were (as an example, I took 2 people who want to collaborate together and would need a 3rd person to run this alliance), I got the answer: "It's a multiplayer game". Planned changes or that my point of view would be taken into account? Not a chance. It then took 3 weeks to communicate that they had listened to "big" orgs and are postponing it. In the end, I feel slightly fooled. So why continue to give my input?
  7. What are you waiting guys? I'm already looking at an asteroid.
  8. To underline this statement, here is the link from Wiki with a few games. Look at the mmorpgs made with this engine, whether they were still being developed and when the last updates were released by the developers. To cut a long story short: No mmorpg except Dual Universe is still in development or has seen a release. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unigine#Games ---- But I'll jump straight to the other game. The guys also tell you what to expect at the beginning. And that 19 days before early access. And that's what I call transparency. You know what you get for your money. They don't sell it as a beta. Beta would mean it is feature complete (speaking from a software development pov).
  9. Exactly what I said. You cannot sneak in a ship and raid it. I even provided you with weapon examples that are close range. Don't know what your problem is. Non-Consensual Boarding means here, you are not allowed to enter the ship without the permission of the owner. Maybe you should read the news there again. If you have further questions, you can send me a pm. Let's not discuss something else in the topic now.
  10. Broken down to the crudest (and with some recent examples), I guess for me it's things like: - Game development that is misleading. See patches that do not have their content. Or generally a very meagre roadmap for 2021. - No communication. The community itself found out first that there is a new CEO. - Wrong priorities. See the last announcement about the game. So in a pvp zone I need the consent of a person to board their ship. Then, while looking at another game coming out on 29 July, the developers ask me if I'd rather carry a shotgun, rocket launcher, flamethrower or remote charges when I raid the ship. - The lack of features like Avatar vs Avatar, which one or another backer on Kickstarter saw as a reason to spend money on it, are also the reason for me. That will only come post-launch and not at the time of release as advertised. - The appreciation of your community. I don't have the impression that NQ has taken me seriously lately, despite my critical voice here or in other areas. At least I raise my eyebrows when I have to smirk that org changes with the cores are postponed. (Interpret this statement as you like, I am not breaking any NDA here) I think I also wrote this in another place: even if NQ should manage to turn the tide, you don't forget the last years like it was here. And that has a bitter taste. Many players who put their heart, soul, sweat, time and energy into this project as customers, both before and after the release of the softlaunch aka betaphase, have left in the end. Personally, in the end I just wanted to contribute to the game and have an amazing time with people. As example - Community Translation of the game into other languages. See the date of the thread when I created it (and no reply from NQ in it). The developers of another game, which will be released on 29 July, have called on players to come forward who would like to translate. Since I had already translated 80% of their wiki into German, I applied and was accepted. Which I think is pretty cool, even though I don't think it's necessary, but they will mention the names of the translators in the credits in the early access version. With all the NDA and secrecy, a wiki for DU has never been possible. Instead of being transparent, like the vision preached in the Kickstarter, and opening up to the community, they have closed themselves off. Perhaps after this wall of text you will ask yourself why I am still here. The answer is simple: If you want to hear my opinion about what I want as a customer, then I'm happy to make that known. I also help to contribute to the game if I can. But if NQ doesn't want that and they don't want to see me, then that's okay with me. You can also ignore me and I'll bring out the popcorn if I'm right again. For me, both sides are beautiful.
  11. As I indicated on Tuesday, here is the roadmap for the year and the next 2 months. The date for 29 July (next week) has also been confirmed for early access.
  12. A survey like this would be more interesting if you asked the more than 40,000 people on their Discord. Everything else is not significant enough for me here. Edit: I assume this vote is the topic: https://www.reddit.com/r/starbase/comments/okpvxr/why_is_sb_appealing_to_you/
  13. I have saved the current roadmap. Starbase will publish their updated roadmap this week. Let's just make a direct comparison then. I mean, the old Starbase roadmap was impressive, so I'm all the more excited to see what's in store for us this time.
  14. Ikr? It just seems strange when you have this information on one side and read this on the other. As a potential new employee, it would irritate me why it is not updated, even though they are looking for new employees. But the disillusionment comes 2-3 months later when you are employed.
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