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  1. Where did you guys learn the language Lua? I've been reading the 5.3 reference manual, but i'm worried that it is not a reliable source; it is a few years old, and I'm not sure how recently the syntax was updated. Thanks for the input. Here's the reference manual in case you want to check for relevance: https://www.lua.org/manual/5.3/manual.html
  3. Go ahead and give a listen to the Interstellar OST. The movie may suck but at least the music is amazing; it is composed by Hans Zimmer, so that explains why it is so frikin good.
  4. Understandable, have a great day
  5. I really have no reason for creating this post. I'm just bored. Not noticing a lot of forum activity lately. I have completely run out of ideas for additions to Dual Universe.
  6. I play No Man's Sky! ... I have no life. ;(
  7. I am starting to get hallucinations too... help me
  8. Sorry. I'm a student pulling an all nighter and this is what I'm doing for a break, just wandering through the forums. Don't mind me
  9. After hearing recent news about No Man's Sky NEXT, I began to wonder: will this update along with an Xbox One release bring players back to the game? Since it's launch was very troubled, players have come and gone with recent updates. So, will this new update be enough to resurrect the game?
  10. I know that, but I just want to have a plan for what I am going to do in game for the ship, kinda like a reference point of sorts.
  11. Can anyone suggest to me a good voxel editor that I can use to make ship designs? I've tried MagicaVoxel and didn't really like it, mostly because of the scale required. I want something easy and fast, so that I can be pumping out ship designs really fast. And don't suggest Roblox. Don't be a trololololololol.
  12. Yes, and I meant to put a different profile picture, but the image refused to load up.
  13. DAMMIT! The code doesn't work. It's from my phone. So... sorry not sorry.
  14. This is not a virus link. It expires in 10 minutes though. If you Latin to this you will die. Of you. This song is gorgeous. They could make a rule 34 of it. LGFJ3S DAMNYOUAUTOCORRECT!
  15. I feel like this thread has just become one for shitposting.
  16. I'll become a professional kamikaze. I will get laid very well, in all of my lives. DAMN YOU AUTOCORRECT
  17. Dual Universe should have the option to turn off player nametags. This should be implemented as purely a performance issue, but I could see it being used for cosmetics (screenshots, gameplay, etc). The reason this should be possible is because some players' computers will not be able to handle the high stress levels of the single shard universe, especially with floating nametags having to be rendered along with computing the server load. This could also serve some practical purposes as well, such as only showing the players' nametags that are only in your organization(s). This could ensure that you don't accidentally destroy your own organization's bases, kill your own organization members, etc. This would only be needed when an organization swells beyond member memorization, but would still be nice to have.
  18. This is a continuation from my earlier post on tectonic plates. Ice moons. They could somehow have their own atmosphere, similar to Titan, and have massive subsurface oceans underneath. This subsurface ocean would be a great resource for travellers, as it could possibly be split and used for oxygen for air to breathe and hydrogen for fuel, respectively. It could also be used as a gateway for life. With ice moons and subsurface oceans comes the possibility for cryovolcanism. Similar to Enceladus, we could have massive geysers expelling water into space. That's all I have to say on the topic, because my brain is dead. I'm sure you can find something else that I just haven't yet put my finger on to put in this post. I'm brain dead right now.
  19. After just coming out of the shower, I have had an epiphany: Seismic and volcanic activity on planets. This feature would not be applied to all planets, as it may cause too much server stress. This engine would work similar to how tectonic plates work on earth, or the plates could be immobile and the only evidence that they exist is mountains and valleys. All of the plates on Earth are driven by one thing: magma. This magma could present on planets, with unique subcrustal temperatures varying greatly. This magma does not have to be fluid, but textured to look fluid. This would ensure that server stress levels remain stable to handle this amount of liquid present without crashing. In order to compensate for this lack of fluidity, lava tubes could be implemented to present evidence of previous plate activities that could be used as a base hideout of some kind. This magma could be used as an energy source, with many pumps being used to extract it. These tubes would have to be able to handle the high temperatures of the magma in order for successful magma extraction to happen. If it is unsuccessful, the pipes could just melt or something. This would explode the market with different types of tubes with varying effectiveness. I will continue this post as a different idea titled "Ice Moons and Cryovolcanism" so you can respond to it separately.
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