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  1. Probobly yes but those elements can be havely protected by armor and without adjustor or engines craft will also crush
  2. I would prefer to shoot elements that can't be fully coverd by heavy armor, for example adjustors and engines
  3. Yes, I expect DU to be different. In EVE you can't prove your worth by designing and programming ships. If you are a pacifist then you are left alone in EVE.
  4. It's hard to play when everyone treat you like a spy. Playing alone is just boring.
  5. I played, but the level of paranoia in this game made me stop.
  6. To reserve name you must send email to support@novaquark.com Employee of NQ will answer to you. If name you chose is free then thats all.
  7. If your data is publicly accesible then you have gave them and colecting them by person or automaticly is 100% legal.
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