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  1. So there's a difference between the Kickstarter Founder Packs and the Alpha Supporter Packs. Bronze Founders unfortunately do not receive Beta Keys. Reference:
  2. Even if that were the case I feel like they could at least tell us that much. When the project was first getting off the ground everyone was so on edge about pulling a No Man's Sky. They should stick with that approach of transparency we started out with and at least tell us what's going on, we shouldn't need to be guessing about the goals of the developers. The uncertainty is whats unsettling me the most.
  3. I'm sorry could you rephrase that or expand a bit, I'm not sure I understand the question. Anyone who didn't purchase a pledge prior to Beta would need to either purchase a Beta subscription or use a Beta key. Ah, so even on your end it says it's been used. I would first double check with your friend and have him try to Reset Password to see if maybe an account was created anyways if you guys haven't done that already. If it really didn't go through, you may have to create a support ticket to Novaquark for help as this is the first time I'm seeing this issue. Not sure if anyone else would have information on this.
  4. What does it say in your account? Is the Beta key you shared "Pending" or "Gifted"?
  5. Yeah, you should be able to gift your friend the Beta key now. https://www.dualuniverse.game/ > Login at top-right > Select "My Products" Your Beta Keys should show up there under "Giftable Beta Codes"
  6. Unfortunately, for the time being, the three-month option is the minimum subscription you can purchase. The option to purchase a single month subscription will most likely be available during Official Release, and there's a possibility they could allow it further into Beta, but for now that's not an option. References: https://web.archive.org/web/20200718102810/https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2020/07/06/dual-universe-faq-beta-release-pricing-strategy-and-more/
  7. No, you are right in that for new players who did not purchase any of the pledge packs, their game time starts ticking with the purchase of these subscription. For your question though, I believe they gave their short blurb on the page where you purchase the subscription, but they've also recorded their response in a Q&A as well. Basically, it's a combination of their need for funding to support additional players on the servers and also so that there is (albeit obviously not foolproof) a layer of screening against players that may come into the game simply to grief. Reference: One consolation is that Beta is also intended as a soft-launch and a reset/wipe is not expected for the Official Release and whatever you create will remain in some form or fashion. So despite the "beta quality release" it isn't for naught and also puts emphasis on why they would want that additional layer of screening. All said, the labeling as Beta is intentional in terms of framing expectations and if you'd prefer to play an officially released and polished game, it may be better to hold off.
  8. If you're giving them a Beta Key to use then they will have full access during for the entirety of Beta (until the Official Release) with or without the referral program. These two things are separate, and at the time of writing this comment it's still being implemented. I don't think simply recruiting them will give them any free subscription though. With that said, f you friend doesn't mind starting a bit latter you might as well have them wait so that if they ever pay for subscription (for Beta or down the road) you'll get credit for it and they get some free starting items.
  9. In case you haven't found the answer yet, the Beta invitation system is still being worked on at the moment (they got a bit delayed with the revamp of the site). An official announcement should come when it is ready. Reference:
  10. In case you haven't found the answer yet, the Beta invitation system is still being worked on at the moment (they got a bit delayed with the revamp of the site). An official announcement should come when it is ready. Reference:
  11. You can use internet archive's Wayback Machine to see a snapshot of the page. Reference: https://web.archive.org/web/20200717054056/https://www.dualthegame.com/en/pledge
  12. From what I undestand Beta is being treated essentially as a soft-launch so a wipe is not expected for the Official Release and whatever you create will remain in some form or fashion. Novaquark has stated they are planning an upgrade to the planet after Beta that may require some constructs to be removed, but they will be returned to you in the form of "magic blueprints" with everything included and will allow you to respawn your constructs as soon as the server is restarted. Reference:
  13. Ah, so this was actually brought up in a recent thread. This should be the most up-to-date information regarding Beta keys for Kickstarter backers (See Question #11):
  14. Xugo

    Beta keys?

    Edit: In case others stumble upon this thread, see Dhara's response below. FAQ appears to be out of date. --- While Gold Packs are equivalent to Sponsor Packs, I don’t believe they’ll include Beta Keys. ”Basically, we decided to upgrade founder pledges with supporter rewards except: DACs from Supporter Packs Beta Keys from Supporter Packs In-game and forum titles from Supporter Packs Name in credits as a Supporter backer T-Shirt from Patron Pack.” Reference: https://support.dualthegame.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001639873-FAQ-Supporter-Packs
  15. If the pack is linked it should show up here: https://community.dualthegame.com/accounts/profile/ > Edit profile > About me > Display pack Beyond that I'm afraid waiting for the support ticket is your best bet, although you can try getting the staff's attention on Discord as well. From what I understand, the Beta key will grant access to all of Beta (no need to pay for subscription for the entirety of Beta). I haven't seen anything that would suggest this would include any of the exclusive perks that come with a particular pledge pack such as DACs, Pets, special Outfits, T-Shirt, etc. If Novaquark decides to grant all players with Beta access a particular benefit then they would receive it too, but not perks exclusive to the pledge packs.
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