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  2. Because those without permission will not be able to go into build-mode and take down the door (no build permission). Instead, they will have to break the door through some other method, which should take longer and attract attention.
  3. Usually if a thread hasn't had a reply for at least several weeks its is considered dead. Some of the threads you have been replying to had their last reply during 2016, hence why the thread was locked down for necroposting. It is also easier on the moderating team if they just leave the thread open, especially since there were only a couple of community managers moderating the forums until a few months ago (can't remember the exact date). Try finding a thread on the topic that has had continuous activity (not a necroposted thread) and reply there, or if you keep having trouble, you could ask one of the moderators to help you out via private message.
  4. Usually a subscription is used to pay for servers and development. MMOs tend to last a lot longer than your average Fallout game, hence why Fallout 76 shouldn't have subscriptions (EDIT: Fallout 76 might have a subscription, similar to Elder Scrolls Online. However, due to the type of MMO that it is, it might include free to play elements, whereas they wouldn't be as suitable in Dual Universe ). In a game like Halo (also multiplayer) the server and development costs after release are paid by those who purchase DLC and, these days, micro-transactions. The Dual Universe developers don't want the downsides that DLC or micro-transactions have, and they want the game to last, hence a monthly subscription. I understand why people wouldn't want to pay a recurring fee to play a game, however it means that they can try the game for a lot less ($15 instead of $60) before they commit more money to it. Also, there is an item in game that will give you a month of free time, so once you can get a steady stream of it you don't have to worry about paying the subscription as much. In addition, these threads will close since you are replying to it way after it has been deemed dead. I recommend you compile everything you want to reply to and make a new thread that contains the links to these threads. Also, most of these threads will not have all the recent information regarding the game, so statements made in them are more likely to be inaccurate.
  5. I don't think you can deploy force field units in a safe zone. You have to let people through, but they can't do anything to the territory
  6. I very much approve of the categories of territory tiles. I think sanctuary tiles are a great idea, but I have a few questions: Will the MSA be located on only moons, or are they meant to be found on every planetoid aside Alioth? (and if only moons, will there be an ASA on the planet instead?) Will there be multiple groups of sanctuary tiles spread across the surface? Can Sanctuary tiles be taken as part of a war? If not, is there a way (direct or indirect) to gain ownership of a sanctuary tile when the owner is uncooperative or gone? (and would Sanctuary Control Units make a difference?)
  7. I think you might be underestimating him. Don't let your 'hatred' of those who disagree stop you from thinking straight. Attacks against character are only useful if you want to undermine their ability to reason (and therefore bait them into doing what you want them to do). And attacking Twerk's character means you lose, since it is usually a last resort (it is also what he wants you to do). Be rational, play devil's advocate, learn when to back down (I go by the phrase "If someone disagrees, check again to see if you are right").
  8. mrjacobean


    For spies: you get someone to infiltrate their ranks until they have access to those systems. For Commandos: you place explosives or hack their systems to disable them (hack/destroy respawn node, start attack)
  9. If I didn't know any better, I would say you are trying to promote Band of Outlaws Or perhaps I don't know better. Either way, I call it 'subtle'...
  10. @Vorengard, mind calming down? I can see the heat you are generating from the next system over... Now then... DU will do more, simply because of the ability to innovate more. EVE's system (from what I can infer) ran out of room to innovate new tactics and loadouts due to the finite amount of different 'assets' (ships, guns, etc.) available. The 'Meta' is static because the system has been analysed for over a decade with little player input to change it in a major way. Now, in no way is the list of DU's 'assets infinite', but it is MUCH larger due to it's control system and the ability for players to actually DESIGN the ships they build. Sure, standing fleets will probably follow standard protocol, but since you need multiple people to fly a ship (not counting strike fighters) not everyone is doing the same thing. The holy trinity won't really hold much sway, because unless they add a 'magic' repair beam that is effective in combat, ships will only be able to be fully repaired either when docked to a station or when they rendezvous with a repair ship (this means, no healers in the trinity). For reference, I imagine that DU will act much like The Expanse (though, at quite a bit larger scale). Massive fleets probably won't be maintained by one faction (not enough effective manpower) and DU has a lot more ground to cover than those in EVE, so it is unlikely they will pool all their resources into one fight (but, if they do... I imagine several groups will take advantage of it)
  11. And thus why logistics is vital when in war. You could also bring the materials to build them with you and have engineers construct them in the field. Another alternative is raid an enemy supply depot to steal theirs, but I digress. These support platforms are going to have to be built by the players in the form of constructs, and building a static platform is much easier than building a mobile one. Heavy Weapons Teams could carry the materials to place down the turret and then man it when needed, and tear it back up when it is time to move.
  12. Have different damage types (different damage sphere shapes)? Use weapons the target is vulnerable to? Use AP rounds? It really depends on what you want to damage. At the end of the day, you will be going up against a superior foe if you want to go toe to toe with a tank/aircraft/spaceship. Surprise, deception and underhanded tactics are how you win against them. There are things like infantry carrying AA or AT weapons, but the trick with those is they have severely limited ammo and are quite obvious.
  13. A Stealth Suit is usually active camouflage, not ha can never see me. Thermographic vision can see them easily (depending on environment)
  14. He is for food, but not in a "YOU MUST EAT EVERY 20 MINS" kind of a manner
  15. I will login, create my character, start skill training queued up to 24 hours and return the day after when the safe zone isn't so busy. Yeah, I'll lose first player advantage, but I have the ability to join an org of my choosing at that point who will be needing manpower for something other than mining
  16. If anything, at least add it to the list of possible expansions Modular element design, whether it be decorations, weapons or engines, would add more to those sectors
  17. If you have played space engineers, you would have seen how connectors work. You put them together and they allow item transfer. Well, we could use something similar, though a bit different. Say we have a nanite connector. It's like a connector, but it has a range of, say, 5m. If you have a pair of nanite connectors within 5m, then they would be able to transfer items between themselves. Using LUA, we could assign an input inventory and an output inventory for that connector, so anything in the input would be transferred over when active and the output will grab any items that are deposited into the connector. This is of course providing that there is enough space, otherwise items will not be transferred. We could also have players interact with them, giving them the ability to deposit items into the output cargo of the connector.
  18. Alternatively, when declaring war, you must decide which TUs to attack, which will be set as war goals. Each war goal has a cost value associated to it, and the objective of that war goal influences said cost. For example: - If the war goal for a TU is set to raid, you can attack anything on that tile, but the TU itself remains unconquerable and indestructible. You can still destroy buildings and loot containers though. - If the war goal is set to destroy, you cannot capture the TU, but you can destroy it, rendering the territory uncontrolled. - If the war goal is set to capture, you can capture the TU Now, for each war goal you have, it increases the conflict points of that war. The purpose of this is two fold. First, the defender can set war goals against your territory, with the points from those war goals being less than or equal to the conflict point total made by the attacker. Second, the more conflict points a war deceleration has, the longer it takes for the war to start and the longer the war is allowed to go on for. This also works in the way that if you are raiding an area, you may only choose to have one raid war goal, which means it takes a short amount of time to have the protection dropped, but it also limits the amount of time you have to do damage/loot. EDIT: To clarify for this example, TUs have inbuilt protection that activates after it is powered
  19. I think the community will deal with seasonal events. As for minigames, it is possible to create them using LUA (JC showed off a virtual game in one of the recent devdiaries)
  20. PvE content is essentially PvP content without (or limited) other player involvement. Such activities include exploration, building, mining and salvaging. However, it is likely that during PvE activities you will encounter PvP content (since negotiations are also PvP), for example being attacked by pirates or being questioned by a border patrol.
  21. So, custom title (which you can put anything in) and a bio card that is your public character information. Sounds pretty good
  22. Would the bio card be automatic, and if so, could someone put false information on there or omit some previous actions?
  23. You could have a title system similar to early SWG, where once you max out a skill group you gain a title from that skill group saying "Master Hacker".
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