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  1. there is a discussion about a change of two? Really?? It could be anything from a credit card being over limit to someone being over budget, a Xsolla error, or a dozen other choices that come to mind. Two is not shocking, if you were talking 200 then there would be something to discuss. As it is well within any industries variance statistics. Let's discuss something important like when we can expect the link to download DU
  2. Thanks for all the Info Yama! I am ssooo looking forward to getting into DU and seeing what can be built\ experienced
  3. Exactly! For those who love testing new games, this is what we live for! Bring on the game so we can see what can be broken to make it stronger!
  4. lol, no although when I first read the article I thought about it... My kids are grown, making them perfect for indentured labor
  5. Well it has been proven that most will not... Here's a link to a article where college students gave away their first born children in an experiment on reading terms and conditions... https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/mar/03/terms-of-service-online-contracts-fine-print
  6. It will be interesting to see what the taxes are. A pertinent part of that question also would be how large is a tile?
  7. Well let's see if I can keep it somewhat current Avorian Ascent - For the community building Elite Dangerous Empyrion - Galactic Survival on multiple servers gates of horizon Homeworld 1 & 2 Eve online MOO 1,2,3, and 4 No Man's Sky_Especially since the latest patch Osiris New Dawn - just switched to the open beta for the changes they recently did and want tested Distant Worlds Polaris Civ beyond Earth ROKH Space Rangers - The whole series because it is a hoot Star Trek Online Stellaris Gal Civ 1,2,3 Evochron Mass Effect 1& 2 Space Empires 4 & 5 StarPoint Gemini 2 and Warlords The entire X Series that's a partial list be in keeping with the request
  8. I am excited by the "Pre Alpha release. I think allowing up to 1500+ people at the server at this time will be a good test for NQ and DU. The fact that they want to keep what a promise although it is not quite ready to their standards of release may speak to a desire for perfection. Until we can get into the game and see what is waiting we'll never know. As for the NDA and not wanting to see it streamed; I can understand that. Some people just have a desire to try and destroy something so they can feel good about themselves. It's sad but true. Bring it on NQ, Thanks for having some faith in us as a community.
  9. I played Eve for 10+ years i have EA games (Empyrion, 7 days to die, etc) p2w games and sp games also Games cost money to develop, that is a fact. I would rather spend mine on supporting a great idea and help it make it to market without the pressure from corporate sponsors... and I would keep on paying to keep the patches coming similar to how it was\ is done in Eve. Why? Because the game stays vital and interesting by keeping the dev's on the project. If you don't like that idea there are alot of games out there where you will pay for the game once, and if development continues for the game you will pay a price for the DLC's that follow. That price is usually at 50% of the original purchase price. But those type of games don't have the same type of ... call it reality feel that Eve does and that DU is striving for. To me that is worth the pledge to get it developed and worth the sub price to keep it going.
  10. My definition of griefers would be something like this a Person or Persons who attack or disrupt a player(s) ability to enjoy a pastime (game) to the point that they either stop enjoying the game or stop playing the game altogether. The suggestion by John " For example, the community could exchange info on "bad" players and create a list of these players. If the Bounty stretch goal on the crowdfunding portal is reached (or even if it is not), the community could always take apart players having really bad behaviors, via a common approval from all the major organization... " sounds like a reasonable one. The community would have to decide together what would constitute the bad behavior by the "bad" players and possibly work with the Developers on possible solutions to said "bad" behavior. Just my two cents
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