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  1. In WoW it was easy to implement distinctiveness due to being able to wear gear that appeared on your characters model. If such is the case here, then a guild-tabard like item wouldn't be odd. Or... Beter yet: A distinctive paint job.
  2. joke's on you folks, I'm a necromancer by night.
  3. so, what was the topic about again? Connectors, right? Would be swell. We could Power Ranger our ships into a big ship. Or better yet, how I use it in Space Engineers, create a jump-ship or space-atmo lifter that large ships can latch on to so these ships don't have to install an expensive jump-drive. Mind you, I am talking multiple ships latching onto a single jumper :).
  4. fools! Btw, I made sticky-chilly-chicken last night. So good...
  5. So we talked about pizza. Now we move on to an equally amazing topic. PANCAKES! How do you prefer your pancakes? What are your favorite toppings?
  6. Not just one of the most complex in MMO's... But gaming as a whole. AS A WHOLE.... Pfew, does NQ know about Minecraft FTB and Space Station 13? They know about EvE... That's pretty bold indeed. It's been a pretty bold project already. Any more of these promises makes me knock on wood and hope they don't bite more off than they can chew. Surely they know what that leads to?
  7. Hey folks! Amongst the discussions we've seen a number of small mentions of this subject. But I don't think we've dived in the full details and possible implementations of this subject (do correct me if I'm wrong, but I doubt I'd have to ask ;D). As what I've seen from videos, it would be an indication that the core is the power source. Seems rather simple while potentially, energy, could be a legit resource in a game like this. I trust I can leave the imagination of it's benefits as game feature to you, forum reader. Ultimately minerals and blueprints shoul
  8. Sounds like a Starship Troopers kinda thing. Or that one time in Stargate: SG1. Both very unrealistic in execution but still pretty awesome.
  9. quarter-sliced, then fold the quarters. New York or just thin bottom. I'm here to eat pizza not a thick piece of bread.
  10. We keep saying "griefers" but in reality we got to count on the community to reduce unwanted guests. We're getting in the dispute district of the discussion again where it's a "he said, she said" situation. Trust the community to solve these disputes with what I've described before. Griefing is a very minor form of 'evil' though. Of course it's undesired but it doesn't really hold a candle light to monopolizing a base material, destroy any competition by influencing the market and put hit man bounties on miners of anyone other than their own corp. Or politically hold minor corps un
  11. The naming department really didn't get paid enough for that name. Brilliant! But sadly the game engine tech won't aloud us the pleasure and wonders of high velocity impact weaponry that wasn't predesigned. Imagine diving down, eject a very dense and heavy cone shaped projectile and then maneuver away. The explosive energy on impact alone would wake up the neighbors from miles away.
  12. I doubt we even wil have a group of players trying to make the game as unpleasant as possible. One could argue that logic is the sole needed counter argument. Do we really believe that players buy the game, get a subscription, spend time building any inventory to even grief with... Only to get blacklisted by major corps on hit-lists, KoS lists and buried under a mountain of bounties. Let alone possibly banned for "undesired behavior". If anything, the French usually in games and fora have a very tight "no bullshit" policy for when someone even wobbles accidentally off t
  13. No no. It just got real! We're onto pizza topic now. The most consumed product of in all of geekdom. Now, not to trigger any Italians here, but I do love pineapple on my pizza. Hold your horses, I can hear you rustle your spaghetti but hear me out. Our local pizzeria has invented a new evil. They call it the pizza-ice cream combo. Yes, vanilla and chocolate creamy ice... On a pizza bottom... And fruit!....AND, you can add ANYTHING else they've got as regular toppings. Broccoli, four types of cheese, all sorts of meat. My only sin is pineapple. Let us please unit to
  14. Sure, landing will be pretty interesting, though.
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