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  1. Game needs Digfighting

    There is a difference between realism and nitpicking....
  2. Last Post Wins

    I just realized, if I can get the mods to lock this thread and I post just before they lock it, I win!
  3. The footage of the race itself will most likely be NDA unless NQ grants special permission. But how about the race results?
  4. Game needs Digfighting

    It also depends on the weapons available and the medium that combat happens in. If NQ decides to implement the more realistic Newtonian motion in space, then dogfights as we know it probably will not become a thing outside of atmospheres. If air-to-air guided missiles are common, dogfighting will be almost nonexistent like irl, and I see no reason why humanity would have reverted to WWII-era combat style after 500 years of technological advancement.
  5. Game needs Digfighting

    Hmm.... What is it with futuristic spacecraft and WWII-era aerial combat tactics! I believe the lock-and-fire will only be for turrets and spinals will have something more dogfighty. If we are going to have lock-and-fire, why not add missiles with locks and flare evasion and whatnot?
  6. Dual Universe Exile Mod?

    There might be cases where you might be flagged as hostile by RDMS for doing that, but there probably are ways to make it not do that.
  7. Do you come from a land down under?

    Do you come from a land of 3000 ping down under?
  8. Physics 'n stuff

    To be fair the planets can be on rails. Assuming that relative coords are already being used so it can't be that hard to implement since all the voxels wold be as if they were stationery.
  9. Will there be any form of resource regerantionH

    I believe you are referencing 2b2t, which is the SECOND oldest, not THE oldest. DU is actually rather forgiving with TCUs and Arkship spawn compared to 2b2t. Also a lot more people can be online at the same time. I don't play on the server myself but I hear people complaining about the large amounts of lag and queue times. The combination of more people being online and the land areas of planets being much smaller (the MC world max size is that of Neptune, its not uncommon to see people a million blocks out from (0,0) in the server) as well as an incentive to stay that her rather then go out as far as possible should mean that there is a higher player density and hopefully better law enforcement.
  10. Revegetation - player instigated

    How about a "tree" voxel? When you plant a tree, voxel data would be stored there as a tree root blocm and the client would render a tree model accordingly.
  11. Tedious Turreting

    So, it is currently known that turrets will be lock-and-fire and have to be controlled manually by a person for each turret. This beings up a problem. In combat, your average turret gunner will be: -wait for orders to lock to a target -lock to target -rinse and repeat This will likely be tedious and detract from gameplay. It also won't make much of a difference compared to centrally controlled turrets all aimed by a few people except for adding a weak point of potential miscommunication. So, how do we address the issue? -A Quasi-Aim System: Make the turrets free-aim but still ude hitscan, with where the person is aiming being a factor in the DPS. While this might make combat more engaging, your average space battle will involve velocities too high for manyal aiming. -Relegate People to Management Roles: While this may solve the problems of tedium and not being able to hit things, implementing this would reduce the importance of players and something about emergent gameplay and being a social MMO and blah blah blah..... Of course, no system is perfect.
  12. Next build: Scanning, Mining and Markets

    Is NQ working on Valve time?
  13. Will there be any form of resource regerantionH

    On the other hand, by allowing access to technology to scan for more hidden ores or refine lower grade ores more efficiently as time goes on, it can bring the pros of regenerative resources without the cons.
  14. The right to be evil

    To be fair there is a difference between "Legally acceptable" and "Socially acceptable". For example, telling someone that they are an idiot while legal (at least in the US), is looked down upon. And if there is a culture within DU that there is a "right to be evil" then there will likely be a lot more griefers and whatnot even if the game mechanics are the same compared to a culture against griefing. This is the biggest problem that I see with the game. Not the mechanics, but a culture of acceptance of griefers.
  15. The right to be evil

    Counterintutively, not moderating the simulation can lead to the simulation strangled by the players. Well, strangled by one type of player that goes around harming all the other players, leaving with only that type of player and a shrinking playerbase thanks to the one type of player driving all the others out. On the other hand, an argument can be made about this being natural and humans naturally being jerks