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  1. 0something0

    Crappy suggestions thread.

    Turn DU into a 10000-player battle royale.
  2. 0something0

    Block Count System

    Yes it does: https://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=125+liters+of+concrete
  3. 0something0

    Crappy suggestions thread.

    Fully automated luxury gay space communism
  4. 0something0

    Crappy suggestions thread.

    The name says it all. Give your crappiest suggestions! I'll start: You should be able to show NQ your real life degrees/certifications to get the in-game equivalent item on the skill tree.
  5. 0something0

    Recycle element

    iirc the devs have said that DU will feature a very complex crafting system - I imagine this involves handling various chemical and mechanical processes, as well as pure assembly. In the same vein, decrafting should also feature similar processes, with near - 100% returns on simple disassembly while more complex processes will take a recovery hit.
  6. 0something0

    Democratic Organizations

    Don't forget McNukes (that won't exist ingame because Novaquark are run by statist [REDACTED]) /s Given multiple people in a finite space, true freedom cannot exist since each person's freedoms will interfere with others. My freedom to take your stuff interfere with your freedom to own property, for instance. Instead, what we have are attempts to limit distribute freedoms through a variety of means in order to (ideally) minimize the amount of freedom lost to interference (Obviously some people have have other motives). A corporate poly-poly(?) on force doesn't necessarily better ensure maximization of freedom via minimization of interference then a state-owned monopoly, especially if said state has a working system of checks and balances. It should be noted that force to govern is an attempt to rein in and control interference on freedom to make it less unpredictable.
  7. 0something0

    Could a Decentralised City Function?

    On the other hand, people want action, hence the fact that nearly every org has security positions listed. Even with this highly militarized society, trolls griefers gankers err I mean people who take advantage of gameplay mechanics in a new and emergent way will be more common than in real life due to the low cost of dying compared to real life, especially since people won't be able to man security positions 24/7. Other implementations of anarchy, such as EVE Online, Ark Survival Evolved, 2b2t, and Somalia have worked out to varying degrees of success, but one thing is clear. In order for markets to function, there needs to be security, stability, and a peaceful way to handle conflicts - or I can bomb my market competition or that dude who pisses me off and call it a day. At that point, we no longer have markets, we have warfare. So when can I get my A-10 delivered in the mail?
  8. 0something0

    Lua Scripting OpenGL Library

    As I don't have NDA, I cannot tell you the exact details but iirc NQ will be adding/have added vector graphics support into Lua.
  9. 0something0

    Linux and China

    Windows and OSX being banned in the PRC means Linux might be the only viable option for people within. Having 1 billion people switch to Linux I say is a pretty big deal. That being said, I doubt Dual Universe would be approved by PRC regulators, even if there is a separate PRC shard (making it a Dual-shard MMO). Since we are on the topic of Linux, Microsoft will be incorporating the full Linux kernel into Windows 10 later this year. I wonder if its possible to develop solely for Linux and get it to run on Windows 10 using the kernel or even the current WSL environment seamlessly.
  10. 0something0


    @rothbardian which enlightenment-era philosophers was the post most influenced by?
  11. 0something0

    Black Holes

    Of course, like most things Issac Arthur does, making black holes probably will require a K2 civilization. So no black holes for us I guess
  12. 0something0

    Free Range Farming and Bulk of Producers in Dual Universe

    It probably was more efficient for wgoever made the arkships to pack blueprints for machines that allow you to chuck in all the needed chemicals, wait 5 minutes, than *voila!* All your nutrients hot and ready to eat!
  13. 0something0

    Physical financial securities

    Related: everything other than the default currency (quantas) will be physical. If you don't like that, make a electronic medium for stocks with Lua!
  14. 0something0

    Pharmaceutical Industry and the benefits from it!

    This is great, but there are some caveats. Most drugs these days are synthesized so large hydroponics plants probably won't be needed. Also, I think NQ has hinted that industrial processes will be complex and lifelike, so the same should apply for biochemicals. For instance, this is how you make aspirin. http://www.lahc.edu/classes/chemistry/arias/exp%205%20-%20aspirinf11.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwjX0tmU-sHgAhVlm-AKHQm0BJAQFjAIegQIDRAI&usg=AOvVaw2L4VwSJh1Qp3BOXYf15VtD
  15. 0something0

    Advanced HTML

    So its known that there will be basic HTML in DU. But how much HTML will there actually be? Will the be HTML5 compliant? Will inline/external CSS and javascript be a thing? Is it a in-house HTML engine or a fork of say, Chromium?