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  1. Alioth Star System

    The DU website (dualthegame.com) has a list of the current planned planets. All of the planets in there for some reason has an atmosphere. Even if the code needed a valid atmosphere(i.e. 0 bars of atmosphere pressure will cause a divide by 0 error) it could be set to some arbitrarily low value.
  2. DU Memes

  3. I imagine an org controlling a planet not with TCUs but by controlling the orbital space around it. If they can manage who can get in and out that grants them enormous power around a planet. EDIT: am I giving people ideas?
  4. Alioth Star System

    Also will all bodies have atmospheres? That I find just unconvincing. More variety in planet types will be needed to make the game more interesting in the long run and part of that are planets/moons without atmospheres.
  5. I think a good compromise is "one target per player" and pilots can't use turrets. So, if you got a ship with 1000 turrets bombarding a planet or something, one player can sneak up on your blind spot and start wrecking you. Besides, turrets are complex espacially when its the future so it would be good to have advanced heat and powet managment which gets increasingly difficult to take controover the more turrets you have. I also talked about maintenance costs before in another thread and turrets could have particularly high costs and break down easily, requiring lots of engineers on han for larger ships.
  6. Nanoprojector

    On the other hand, doing it from a construct gives the user more protection, and the nanoprojector could potentially be hooked up to a storage unit.
  7. *gulps salt* I'm sick of World War II but IN SPAAAACE!!!!! This isn't WWII anymore - there are technologies to electrically link togather turrets by sending electric impulses to motors on multiple turrets at the same time from 1 control station - no computers required. Of course, the problem with this setup is that if two turrets are 5 meters apart, the shells/laser/etc (in an ideal setting with no recoil) will be travelling parallel to each other so they won't hit the same spot. This means 1 person aiming can't perfectly aim both turrets at once unless this inaccuracy is compensated for by a computer modifying the electric signals. This should be left up to the players. Besides, at realistic space combat distances, computer aided fine-controles will be required since your target will be a rapidly moving dot. And there is a pretty fine line between computer-assisted and computer-controlled. All I want is for turrets to be able to be controlled by logic gates and such as well as computers being able to relay basic instructions(point a certain direction, fire, reload, etc) to the turret, nothing too fancy.
  8. Nanoprojector

    Because you sre still limited to the power of 1 nanoformer per person.
  9. Nanoprojector

    NQ said that there are no plans of adding vocel editor elements like drills in-game because a big org could make a massive drilling ship and outmine everyone else in the market. My idea is that ther would be a nanoprojector. Nanoprojectors would function as nanoformers but they are attached to a construct that you control and all the nanoforming would happen from there. It would be like if your nanoformer was somewhere else. For instance, you could place a nanoprojector on a front of a ship. You would still need to be sitting in the ship but you could use the ship for mining.
  10. PvP System

    The problem with interdictors in DU is that most travel will be sublight so you can't really interdict a moving hunk of matter accelerating by Newton. Unless you call "putting a hunk of metal in front of the ship" interdiction.
  11. Excited for Falcon Heavy?

    Now somebody needs to do this in DU.
  12. PvP System

    I was like "If this game is about player made society and whatnot then why not go all in?" This argument seems to be a particularly strong one in the community so I was simply taking advantage of it. Aldo, Minecraft in space? You mean 2b2t?
  13. PvP System

    There is a difference between *can do* and *should do*. Like I said, there seems to be little willingness in the community to prevent griefing/ganking/etc. but rather a mentality of "somebody else do it".... I'm going to be frank here and say that it was a good decision for me to not fund the game.
  14. PvP System

    I don't know, but you are the person trying to distract from the main argument that pvp is not emergent gameplay. "Blow em' up was just an expression. Certain aspects of pvp can be emergent but pvp itself isn't when its something that is going to be a well-established game mechanic. But ultimately, its going to be up to the community to keep the peace, and from what I've seen here, most players doesn't seem to be willing to do so, but do the opposite. I suspect that is because of EVE Online's "do-whatever you want" mentality.
  15. PvP System

    I don't find "blow em' up" as "creative solutions [and] complex situations that emerge from simple mechanics." I find it as something that is obvious and simple and has been made clear by the devs as something straightforward to do. Find someone you don't like? Blow em' up.