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  1. 0something0


    Well, the jackpot would be a largr vain of the pure stuff, not some diluted mess. I was thinking that drills would be brute force machines digging through matter indiscriminately and diluting the good stuff in the process. World Eaters: Well, drills are moving parts that you are smash at hard rock. Just have them have a high upkeep cycle. This would prevent world eaters since you can't just let it run for a couple of months. Server Lag: that would be better than a bunch of alts? Machine Hazard: Well about 90% of the userbase has no problem with ganking. I don't see them having a problem with this kind of stuff.
  2. 0something0


    What if only nanoformers could harvest high grade ore but regular drills could harvest low grade ores or regular rock/dirt?
  3. Actually, if designed and built by competent people (unlike basically all of the Star Wars staff), a sphere would actually be a good shape for a spaceship. It's low surface area to volume ratio would decrease its cross section while keeping volume for internals high, and its consistant radius means it is able to have a relatively low moment of inertia all around, allowing the ship to rotate quickly, especially important in Newtonian space combat. The drawbacks would be that the nuclear reactor and engine, emitting lots of heat and ionizing radiation, would be within the main hull...
  4. 0something0

    Modular Weaponry

    Well, each element would have a file associated with it with all the properties of the elements, regardless of of whether it was player-designed or NQ-designed. While it might take more time and performance for the server to get the associated data, I don't see it having that big of a performance. I read that as you talking about people marketing crappy elements as a high-end one like those E-Bay GPU scammers... And you wouldn't check specs for the pre-made NQ parts? If you were an org, you obviously would want your stuff to be standardized and use a bulk-order contract. If you were making the ship for yourself, you wouldn't really be buying engines a lot unless you were a bad pilot. And you would know the fair price for an element by looking at its final specs. For example, I would say even though the F-35 incorporates high-grade aerospace materials into its design, its lackluster performance and high cost means it wouldn't be a good deal regardless of the materials used. Again, bulk-order from a trusted manufacturer if you want intra-org standardization. Alternatively, design it in-house if that is what you want. Use blueprints. If element X with performance Z uses material set Y, element X made with same material set Y will have the same performance Z (unless NQ rebalanced something but thats still going to be a thing with pre-made elements.) Well, what if these interchangeable elements had interchangeable elements in them, at least at the time of manufacturing/design? tl;dr You seem to be misunderstanding what I am saying. Bottom line is that instead of having only a limited set of elements to choose from, you could say make an engine with various sub-components of your choosing like the nozzle, combustion chamber, turbopump, fuel input/output, etc or a turret with different materials for the barrel or the base and whatnot. It would be not so different from what Childern of a Dead Earth has (but not as complex probably) or the Tinkers Constructs mod for Minecraft
  5. 0something0

    Modular Weaponry

    1. So my idea is that the parts would be fabricated by a fabrication unit. So, each element would have a locked performance specification when it is actually made into an element. 2. You see, that is the beauty of a free market! DU is supposed to be unregulated (unless it is TOS-breaching) so it is up to the players to do something about scammers like putting a bounty on the dealer and spreading the word about scammers. They would be forced out of the market when the news spreads. Alternatively, the item specs could be hardcoded into the element. I disagree. There still would be defined elements, but each variant would have its specific specs. Its like how there already are plans to add different engines and whatnot, except its player-made in a player-build universe. And while balance is a concern, but some designs are simply going to be better then others. Balancing should be pretty easy if physics is at least somewhat adhered to, since then we won't have terawatt lasers with little heat output or some BS like that.
  6. 0something0

    Physical financial securities

    From wherever everyone gets their money, which according to current plans, are the Arkship shop.
  7. 0something0

    Modular Weaponry

    Yes, I am refering to said elements. I think it would be cool to be able to experiment and build using costume materials and parts and promote emergent gameplay. For instance: Faction A is at war with B and is short on metal x which is needed for a vital component. However, it can be substituted for metal y at the cost of reduced peformance and lifeslan. Do they accept reduced production by sticking with metal x or risk using metal y? The addition of custom parts would also diversify the economy everywhere as R&D industries would become more prominent. And finally, if you can build ships, why not the parts on said ships?
  8. 0something0


    I looked at my arm. It was the nanoformer. The 17th Arkship Division was run by the Butlerian Jihad whos leader's wife, a top executive of UFE, had unknowingly married into. But what is the Butlerian Jihad? Having its origins almosy as far back as computers itself, it was a group advocating against automation, machine learning, and the corporate, rather then collective ownership of the means of computing by the likes of the long-gone Silicon Vally Conglomerate. They managed to seize a coop on the UFE and banned automation, almost causing the halt of the early Arkship project. They lived on but slowly lost ground in the following centuries.... If anyone asks me, that was fiction. The Jihad portrays themselves as savior of humankind from AI and late-stage-capitalist-tech companies. So, because of it, the Arkship databases had no drills. I thought... What if I detached it? I got a friend to cut the nanoformer off with his nanoformer, carefully. Might be a horrible idea. Might be the best one. The plugs were nothing like I've seen so I spent 30 minutes downloading Skillset: Soldering for Dummies and soldered an adapter. I hooked it on my ship... AND IT WORKS MY SHIP HAS A DRILL TAKE THAT THE JIHA- *Player 0something0 was banned for exploiting*
  9. 0something0

    Physical financial securities

    It wouldn't. The stocks and bonds the OP are describing wouldn't give you any control over the org, just a monetary share of it.
  10. 0something0

    Modular Weaponry

    I disagree. In a world where everything* is supposed to be player-made, why should this exlude functional modules?
  11. 0something0

    The Ryzen Empire

    Petition to add this org to the list of approved guilds/orgs
  12. 0something0

    Place your gaming Curriculum Vitae here!

    I grew up in South Korea, so of course the first "real" game that I was introduced to was Starcraft. I remember obessing over it but never actually playing it... I was like 8 at the time though. So, in order, here we go. Starcraft Minecraft (2012) Starcraft II (2012) LigmaBlox (yes I know..., 2014) I also was introduced to Steam around 2014. I played and hopped around various F2P games such as Robocraft, TF2, and Planetside II, though I never seriously got into them. I also was introduced to Kerbal Space Program around that time (late 2015), which basically was the dream game for me as a space nerd. It also was around this time I seriously started gaming, with League of Legends, War Thunder, and Counterstrike. And the rest is history...
  13. 0something0

    Let's Talk: Neutrality Orgs

    Are "neutrality orgs" really neutral? After looking at some of them they feel more like their own political faction rather then a group committed to neutrality. While it can be argued that not taking a side is taking a side in and of itself, the term "neutrality orgs" becomes a misnomer. Abother facor impacting the orgs in question is given the general community's stance on in-game unsanctioned hostilities, these orgs may be forced to become military alliances against their wishes.
  14. 0something0

    Mobile Bases?

    I mean small asteroids should be movable imo. Even NASA was planning to do that (until their budget for the program got cut because Congress but lets not get into politics). I'm talking about sub-100 meter asteroids though we could go bigger using things like mass drivers (irl).