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  2. Lol. Pretty much any and all player run commercial banks in these games are scams and even they aren’t intended to be originally, they almost always end up becoming a scam anyways. Anyone who deposits their money in a bank with zero assurance is just dumb.
  3. A million quanta is cool, but you know what’s really cool.......? Scams are great, but if you want to make really moneys. Institutional control kinda moneys, you need to build trust and incentivize rational behavior. Be transparent and put large amounts of your own money into the enterprise. I wouldnt invest in a DU bank that didn’t have any of these in a million years. Commercial, retail and private banking are all unnecessary in DU and are all definitely a scam.
  4. Or have a player run bank underwrite the IPO on their behalf. An org first going public would probably want to minimize their risk as much as possible.
  5. Will there be financial market mechanics with securities like stocks and bonds?
  6. The VoC is also known as the Dutch East India Trading Company, the world first multinational corporation and the world’s first publicly listed company. The pirates are the guys from Pirates of the Caribbean.
  7. Exactly! Imagine the VoC vs Pirates but in space.
  8. The Terran Union folks aren’t gonna be happy with high taxes, bonds could be a more popular means of raising revenues for their activities in game. The Terran Union could issue their version of Treasury Notes and Treasury Bills. Same with BOB and all the other orgs also.
  9. I guess I could create unique certificates just like one would create a unique ship and then sell it.
  10. My idea is for securities such as stocks and bonds to be held as physical items, such as they would’ve been held as physical certificates in times past in the real world. This would allow players to conduct finance is a far more secure manner and also give the holders of these securities incentive to protect and honor them. This would also also allow the set of of trade hubs specifically dedicated to trading securities and would essentially be a DU stock market. I’d think this would be relatively easy to implement, but maybe not. What are everyone’s opinions on th
  11. I’m referring to just an in game report about the nature of some property being destroyed. Like automatic in game police report. I’m not saying that there should be a central database accessible to all players.
  12. Will there be kill reports provided when a ship is destroyed alá Eve? It would great if kill reports for other, non-movable structures too.
  13. ALIOTH FIRE OFFICE Fidnetia! My name is BandaTalk. I am the general partner of the Alioth Fire Office and the owner of BandaTalk’s Coffeehouse. The ALIOTH FIRE OFFICE is an asset management and financial services firm organized as a private limited partnership. The AFO is primarily devoted to serving the shipping/hauling and commodities/mining industries within the DU. AFO is NOT a bank and will NOT accept deposits and will NOT participate in any form of commercial, retail or private banking. I would ideally like to work with the
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