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  1. Kill reports

    I’m referring to just an in game report about the nature of some property being destroyed. Like automatic in game police report. I’m not saying that there should be a central database accessible to all players.
  2. Kill reports

    Will there be kill reports provided when a ship is destroyed alá Eve? It would great if kill reports for other, non-movable structures too.
  3. ALIOTH FIRE OFFICE Fidnetia! My name is BandaTalk, aka Gifti Banda. I am the chief executive of the Alioth Fire Office and the owner of BandaTalk’s Coffeehouse. The ALIOTH FIRE OFFICE is an investment banking organization devoted to serving primarily the shipping/hauling and commodities/mining industries within the DU. My initial services will include, but not be limited to, acting as an underwriter for bond and stock offerings. I also intend to act as a private investor and will invest in the bonds and stocks of other organizations. AFO will NOT accept deposits and will NOT participate in any form of commercial, retail or private banking. You are not giving me your money to hold, you are simply shifting your financial liability to me in exchange for a premium. The AFO’s real estate properties are planned to include AFO headquarters on the Sanctuary Moon and BandaTalk’s Coffeehouse in Tortuga City. You can join by clicking on the links below: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/alioth-fire-office https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/bandatalks-coffeehouse Discord: https://discord.gg/Tx8RTSY
  4. A sub question: does anyone know of plans to allow for the logos of organizations to be printed to say the side of a ship or a building?
  5. Long term prospects for handheld support

    Does anyone know the reasoning for this?
  6. I am enamored with what I’ve seen so far from Dual Universe and am so freekin’ excited to take part in it. The problem is that I don’t have a PC, I am a Mac user. This is not a big problem as I do foresee Mac support coming fairly soon relative. In the further future though, I’d love to have dual universe in my pocket anywhere I go and the Nintendo Switch seems kinda perfect for this, or at least whatever the Switch morphs into in the future. I just want to hear y’all’s opinions on whether this should be a long term development goal or not. It would further separate dual universe from the competition and bring into the mainstream in a big way. Especially if the long-long term goal is virtual reality.
  7. Say I’m a new player who’s just arrived on Alioth, looking to begin a new life among the stars, but I only have a little bit of money, no ship and lack the ability to fly. Are there any plans by any organization to start commercial passenger flights between planets, moons, asteroids, etc. This seems to me to be a decent way to make money and spread the love to new folks looking to move on from Alioth early on. This could also cater to players who are not interested in ship building or flying within the game for whatever reason and don’t want to spend their time in game building and maintaining a ship. Make the the area around the arkship a spaceport and see it become the starting point for a prosperous world.
  8. Land tenure and ownership

    This would be very cool and go a long way towards the civilization building aspects of the game. I’m hoping for wealth disparity out the wazoo and hopefully some class conflict, revolutions, etc.
  9. Land tenure and ownership

    Thank for the great response! Subfeudination, meaning that the leaser of the territory unit can alienate (sell to another player) their right to use the land in that territory unit. By public land, I’m referring to land owned by the developers and not by any player. Land, which could go towards some real world educational purpose, for example.
  10. What I will do when I get Dual Universe

    I’m going to invest heavily in insurance. Heavily.
  11. Place your gaming Curriculum Vitae here!

    Civ IV Dwarf Fortress Kerbal Space Program Universe Simulator Crusader Kings II Prison Architect Minecraft Harvest Moon Beseige These are the games I enjoy the most that are most similar to Dual Universe. I’m generally a casual gamer though, with a more specific interest in emergent gameplay and arthouse games than in the kinds of games that may appeal more to your average 12 year old boy or gamer gater. I absolutely love playing Mario Kart, Old Pokemon games, GTA San Andreas, card and board game apps on my phone and even candy crush, which is addictive beyond belief for some reason.
  12. I am wondering how land ownership will work within the game. A big part of what has had drawn me to this game is the potential for a full and rich economic system along with a political system. Real estate is the backbone of both of these in the real world. Land ownership and property ownership in general does not work without a government which backs the legality of owns claim to any property. I have ave a laundry list of things which may or may not be part of the game: - Land deeds - leasing and renting - subfeudination - property tax - collective ownership - public land - arbitration of disputes - land registry
  13. Markets

    What do you guys think are the chances that there are things like banks, stock (and commodities) markets, black markets, insurance, etc. How detailed will the economics simulation be?
  14. Welcome To The GiftiDome

    Yo, I’m Gifti Banda, AKA BandaTalk. I’m a fan of and looking forward to playing and enjoying Dual Universe with all of you fine people. I have applied to join the merry Band of Outlaws organization and look forward to rising in its ranks in the pursuit of criminal organization with no other goal but to steal from the rich and to give to ourselves and maybe the poor. My Pleasure, Gifti