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  1. I am completely okay with a private notification of someone destroying my shit. Wouldn't even have to say who exactly and should definitely not announce it publicly who got killed by who
  2. The only use for a prison or brig (on ships) I can see would be to exact punishment within orgs, as a prisoner role could be bound to a cell rez-node (I've been out of the loop for a while, so not on the up and up about current mechanics) and prisoners be given that role. Punishment would be served as time or work and only be applicable if the individual wants to stay in the org. But as a wartime measure, I don't see much point in forcing someone to spend potentially hours locked up.
  3. So, I haven't really participated in any but the very first few Alpha sessions, so I'm not sure about the current state of development. But I think, in theory, you could build a tube, put a hovercraft in it with smaller engines all around to keep equal distance to all walls and then just slap massive engines on the back and front. The small engines keep you from getting caught on corners, the large engines propel you through the tunnel. Just need to build everthing smooth.
  4. So, I started out with Industry Giant 2, which got me addicted at age 8. Over the years, I've amassed quite an amount of games, like Payday 2 GTA V Black Desert Online 7 Days to Die Civ V Empire: Total War (the best Total War) HoI 4 Mount and Blade: Warband Space Engineers Garrys Mod CS:GO RimWorld Rainbow Six Siege War Thunder Prison Architect ARK Factorio Civ 4 Total War: Rome 2 XCOM 2 Paint it Back MGS V Planetside 2 Europa Universalis 2 Titanfall 1+2 I could go on, but these are the ones where I have 90h+ I play mostly shooters, strategy, logistics games (and never will I enjoy driving/flying. I suck at that) Oh, and a rhythm game called Osu, which is currently my second-most played game time-wise
  5. I mean, on release: No way. But, I guess if we manage to finance the game for long enough, everything is possible
  6. Do you have a discord for VCorp by chance?

    I represent a union of independent and neutral trade organizations and we would like to invite Volcanov Corporation as a partner of the Covalent Collective if you are interested you can contact me via discord: [Lukas Vangard]#1996

  7. It doesn't have to be that complicated. Just make laser-weapons higher in the skill tree than bullet weapons.
  8. That would also encourage competition among mining companies, since the positions of rare ores will be rather valuable. And about the problem: Well, if it's mined already, bad luck. When you buy info-tablets from last year, don't expect them to still be valid.
  9. I hope you are victorious today in everything you do. (Also, MLP movie made me really happy, as well as the S7 finale. Hope S8 will be great too)
  10. There are plans to make it all dynamic and realistic, but thats for the far future. What I could see happening would be planned events where an uninhabited area is chosen for either a starfall or smth like that or maybe an asteroid is introduced to game world that's rich in ressources (I know I'm using the asteroids for basically everything ressource related, but for me they are the only good solution to our finite ress problems...)
  11. One possible solution to the "destruction of matter though x" could be reintroducing the destroyed matter via an asteroid belt that forms around the starting planet. No player would keep trac of every single asteroid, so I wouldn't break immersion too much if new asteroids appeared in the belt (except when you purposefully completely mine a certain part of the belt, but thats your own fault then really) These asteroids would contain mostly dirt to fill up, but also very small amounts of basic ores, as to keep the starting planet a good starting point.
  12. Not exactly. The russian name is Rutschnoi Protiwotankowy Granatomjot, the english Rocket Propelled Grenade is technically false, as not all RPGs work like that. (Only thing I can contribute to this petty squabble, since I have no clue of physics)
  13. In larger fleets there certainly will be a command ship, probably equipped with lots of radar (as a "top-down map" would be not the most efficient in a 3-dimensional space) where the leaders of fighter squadrons coordinate targets for their pilots. As for ground vehicles, currently none are planned (as far as I know, been out of it for a while), as wheels would need a lot of calculations done by the engine as to not constantly clip through the ground.
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