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Fun Competition - Guess Alpha Testing Date


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I'd have to guess July 14th, near the Fourth of July... but they're from France, so they don't give two jigglies.  So added 10 days.


And in a case of complete coincidence, you stumbled upon one of France's most important holidays - Bastille Day. So probably not then.


I'll guess May 25th because it's the closest to my birthday that also falls on a Thursday.

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Let's go through it analytically.


We have many events this year. Known international events:


PAX East: 10. - 12. March 2017

E3: 15-17 June 2017

Gamescom: 22. - 26. August , 2017

Tokyo Game Show: 21 - 24 September 2017

Paris Games Week: October 2017



NovaQuark was present last year on PAX, E3 and Gamescom. I do not expect it to start two weeks before, during or after one of these events. Every man / woman is needed.

As a business man, I suspect JC would like to convince the public. Dual Universe is no empty promise, Dual Universe can be what JC tells. And he wants to show that. Best if he has real players.


My forecast:

15 May 2017. Or at least calendar week 20.

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