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  2. Lord_Davy

    Emote Detector

    Or you could have it so that when someone outside the ship uses a middle finger emote the weapons turn on them
  3. There could always be an addiction level to any kind of medicine to treat the trauma meaning that if you were to die often and keep using the medicine to reduce/remove the effects then you would end up with a longer lasting harder to remove debuff as a withdrawal from the medicine used to treat the battle fatigue, this could help because it would mean that the player would have to decide whether to wait the original debuff out or to get it sorted by a doctor and risk getting addicted. I think this would still be relevant later in the game aswell because once organisations are built up more then most would be able to remove the battle fatigue quite easily and so by having the possibility for an addiction would still allow both the trauma and hospitals to exist and allow for further emerging gameplay. As always just an idea.
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