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  1. I thought it was already said that a stargate can connect to any other within a limited range. The builder of a gate however is the owner and sets permissions on who can get in.
  2. I checked the user name list ... there is no one named excited.
  3. Secret org .... you make outside of DU site duh ... lols .... well, I would guess .... if I was to do such a thing ... not saying I am or have ..... but if I did you wouldn't know
  4. If NQ didn't intervene which they would .... Yin Yang federation would
  5. Thread title makes me think of Red Hot Chili Peppers ... Ark-i-fi-ca-tiooonn ... Oh yeah
  6. All I want for Christmas is DU alpha I would like it for 4th of July but looks like no. Overall I just want to have enough in Alpha to actually test. In NQ I trust
  7. Whatever allows true specialties and diversification. And not just to be different where only a couple are useful but REAL choices.
  8. I think those are the same tbh. ... there is no or there.
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