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  1. DaSchiz

    Stargate Technology

    OIC ...... oooooops. Thnx
  2. DaSchiz

    Stargate Technology

    I thought it was already said that a stargate can connect to any other within a limited range. The builder of a gate however is the owner and sets permissions on who can get in.
  3. DaSchiz

    Who's excited!?

    I checked the user name list ... there is no one named excited.
  4. DaSchiz

    Where is download client of game

    I looked like this trying to read it.
  5. DaSchiz

    Will Mechas be possible?

    Voltron is the all-time best one.
  6. Secret org .... you make outside of DU site duh ... lols .... well, I would guess .... if I was to do such a thing ... not saying I am or have ..... but if I did you wouldn't know
  7. DaSchiz

    Ideology and Censorship in Organizations

    If NQ didn't intervene which they would .... Yin Yang federation would
  8. DaSchiz


    Thread title makes me think of Red Hot Chili Peppers ... Ark-i-fi-ca-tiooonn ... Oh yeah
  9. DaSchiz

    Furry Dual Universe players?

    WTH is a furry?
  10. DaSchiz

    February developer update video

    All I want for Christmas is DU alpha I would like it for 4th of July but looks like no. Overall I just want to have enough in Alpha to actually test. In NQ I trust
  11. Chances? ..... 110% /end thread
  12. DaSchiz

    Debate 9: Tech Tree Thoughts

    Whatever allows true specialties and diversification. And not just to be different where only a couple are useful but REAL choices.
  13. DaSchiz

    Morals question

    I think those are the same tbh. ... there is no or there.
  14. DaSchiz

    Is it cheating to create an org of alts?

    Yes ... and very sad.