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  1. Yes, same here. But this looks so promising, I didn't want to wait
  2. Yes, I know this game Thanks for sharing. But it has only some elements of AoC.
  3. New update We can buy the game via the website now (and also use PayPal) the packages are similar to the Kickstarter ones and they added new Goals for the next 31 days You can register on the website for free and automatically participate weekly drawings for alpha access here: https://aoc-game.com Cheers! Villspor
  4. Villspor

    Life In space

    i love this idea i am sure there is a way for "nature" to let creatures exist in a vacuum
  5. Yes Could be very fun, especially in coop
  6. Nice, looks fun. I will give it a try, when it is out
  7. This is to amazing, I wish i could travel to the US when this happens. But I have plans for August already. I wish you a lot of fun! Crossing my fingers, that you will see Shadow Snakes:)
  8. Welcome to the community GimmeMyGold!
  9. Yea Lets see what will emerge ^^ Edit: The Kickstarter was a big Success: $3,271,809 pledged by 19,576 backers Edit2: All who are interested and not registered yet, can register for weekly drawings on the website: https://aoc-game.com
  10. Yes, I understand your concerns and I will keep my pledge low. But there are so many exclusive kickstarter rewards, I can not not back it Lets say you back $25: ;-) 1 Month of game time Your name formally recognized within the games' credits. Access to in-game Chat Emoji pack - Tier 1 Additional character creation customization options - Tier 1 Unique "Explorer" forum badge Unique in-game character title "Explorer" Kickstarter Exclusive - A Kitten or Puppy Pet Kickstarter Exclusive - Unique Weapon Skins with Particle Effects Kickstarter Exclusive - Unique Armor Skin Set Kickstarter Exclusive - Water Mount Kickstarter Exclusive - Unique Set of Dye Colors Kickstarter Exclusive - Unique Mount Armor Kickstarter Exclusive - Skill FX Set
  11. Hey there   I would like to let you know about a new fantasy MMO, that is full of fantastic feature I was dreaming for a while. Now it is on kickstarter and hitting a stretch-goal followed by another, there are only 24h left: https://aoc-game.com I will definitely play this game and would like to know what you think about it! If you sign up there / already signed up, let me know and what you pledge (if you wouldn't mind). Would be super excited to play with some of you there as well   Cheers!
  12. Hi and welcome to the community. I would recommend to upload them to a Imagehoster and link them with bb-code. [img=http://i.imgur.com/example.jpg]
  13. Hmm, you can't see who voted for which age, I don't think there is any privacy issue.
  14. Now as it is here, I think we will never forget. My deepest condolences.
  15. Villspor

    Gold+ Pledge

    I would buy a name reservation token
  16. Yes, I would prefer to not have this option, as i guarantee, there would be inappropriate images a lot. :/
  17. Hey ZaneyHD! Welcome to the community! As there is a big team behind a game like this and they have to provide super expensive Server to play the game in high quality, in my opinion a subscription model is the only really reasonable option to guarantee a seamless and great experience. Lets say you watch a movie once a month, the movie will entertain you approximately 2h and you would have to pay about 16€ to own it. You would play more than 2h a month, would you? Cheers
  18. Hey mate Its great to have you with us and a cordial welcome! Congratulations on raising your pledge. I am pretty sure it was a good investment Cheers! Villspor
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