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  1. I didn't read all posts, only the OP and few more, but I think that in "single shard universe" it should stay as one world. Always. Instead, why don't just: - implement waiting queue (that's going to be there anyway) which will control the flow of players into the world - while players are in the queue, they will be in special virtual world that's lore-wise the tutorial for Arkship landing; this is tutorial meant to teach player basic controls and stuff as well as to give them tips how to continue; this shouldn't take more than 3-5 min to explain the basics and can be skipped (you just can't while you are still waiting in queue, which you can see on the display) - the tutorial should also explain some of the lore... it should all feel like when you are awaking into new world and getting some guidance by AI - this tutorial should be repeatable anytime and in the case you are still waiting in queue, at the end of tutorial you can just use it as playground, where you can try some building, mining, crafting or other prepared activities - after tutorial and waiting is gone, player should have some idea as what to expect (other awakened players), how to settle and what to do + one additional feature might be handy... if there is still too many players, it's worth considering allowing one-time travel from arkship to any location in arkship range using escape pod or some automated flying vehicle
  2. Alpha access is going to be granted to: - people selected by NQ based on community activity and contribution (the lists/waves you've seen) - backers who got packs with "Alpha Access Key" If you are in any of those groups, you have nothing to worry about.
  3. I'm optimist, so let's have it on my birthday, May 3rd. It was the last day before force began to be cool.
  4. Multiple options would be nice:) I can't wait for: - building & designing & scripting - exploration - markets - ship battles
  5. Join Alpha Academy. No long term commitment as this group existence will last until release, just engineers playing together in alpha/beta and then deciding what to do next:) A lot of great engineers already there.
  6. Every single item in any bundle has some specific value and the number of items you get is balanced across all bundles. Some of the packs have also Lifetime subscription, that is equal to 80 DAC (this is ratio set by developers). Now, the physical vs digital: Ruby Physical has extra physical items. Ruby Digital has no physical items but same price, so the difference in price is balanced with 20 DAC. If you get the math, physical items for Ruby pack are equal to 20 DAC. And it's only your choice if you pick physical items or virtual currency. If you are still not happy with answer, I'm pretty sure that if you asked developers after game launch that you want to get your lifetime subscription replaced with 80 DAC, they would do it for you :-)
  7. So, after reading about the Novawrimo contest, I decided to join it. I have to say I didn't read any of the existing stories yet, only the base lore by NQ. I also have no writing experience and english is not my native language. But I had some ideas in my mind and decided to write this story that fits into existing lore but adds waste new future possibilities (opened doors) to the DU universe :-) What you see is Chapter 1 that I started to write 4 hours ago. We will see if I can get up to required 5000 words before the contest ends. So far it's only 1200+ words across 4 pages, but I didn't have much time and can't be sure if I can finish it before end of the contest. So there is no reason for me to hold it off and you can enjoy it right now. Hopefully you will like the idea behind as me and let me know if you are really interested in what would follow ;-) Novaquark: If this doesn't get updated to required 5000 words and you don't lower your requirements, feel free to remove this from the contest. I'm not doing this for rewards :-) Thanks. PDF is attached below. PS: If anyone wanted to co-op and continue developing the story, just send me PM and ask me what plans I had, I'm opened to that option too to see how far we can get it :-) The Last Arkship - Chapter 1.pdf
  8. I think that they will allow automated turrets in the end as everyone wants it. It just needs to be well balanced so it's always better to control it manually. And that can be done by penalizing the turret performance when used by AI. Making turrets operate at 20-40% of performance compared to player-driven would be quite ok. Some of you can oppose that players could create solo-crew ships with many automated turrets, the quantity would beat quality. Well, yes and no. You could mount many turrets, but those have weight and energy. You can only mount limited amount of those depending on your ship size and power capacity. And if you really want to do that and encounter ship of similar size, you are going to be fish food. Not even slight chance to beat similar-size ship, it's simple math: 20-40% vs 100% firepower. In other words, simply penalizing automated turrets performance would be perfect balance between those who want to have full combat capability with full crew and those who still want to build and enjoy bigger ships but have incomplete crew.
  9. Amazing! It's obvious you know what you are doing and I can only say... keep doing that!:-)
  10. I wouldn't be worried with the "ugly" wastelands. You must realize that the world will be huge and there will be many areas. One of those will be industrial and same as in real world, you will see huge craters from stuff that was mined/harvested out. It's ok. Many areas will transform into wasteland, but many things will be built on top of it and there will also be areas terraformed into something beautiful. People will create those landmarks, cities, whatever. And it will also help the economy. Once the materials are harvested, companies will have to relocate to build another bases and continue the harvesting. And they can sell the old bases cheaply or keep them for any other purpose:-) I want this world without regeneration, where every change is permanent.
  11. I think that we need to do this: Before Collision = Aladeen After Collision = Aladeen Yes = Aladeen No = Aladeen Maybe = Aladeen Now seriously, it's a nice idea :-)
  12. As Shynras (and previously JC) said, the game will be easy to learn, hard to master. From pre-alpha videos it seems to be easy enough for anyone. Actually, building tools look already nice and with some improvements they have on the roadmap it will be really easy to start playing. Now, the second part. While Twerk is right about the technical informations, I must agree that some players are overthinking it and posting various ideas. And tons of them are simply wrong (during development you have to filter thousands of bad ideas to get few good ones). But don't worry, the devs have clear vision and they are making logical decisions WHEN they are needed.
  13. No idea how they plan to do it, but I prefer whatever that will allow us to play without lags. Some tasks can be very consuming and I seek many things, but absolute realism isnt one of them. I mean, it would be nice, but not when it would render the game unplayable. Also instead of focusing on cutting ship in half, you will more focus on destroying specific parts which is easier to handle for devs than being 100% realistic with all the floating debris. No matter how damaged, ship will still be one object moving at once. And if you severely damage it, it will be big piece of floating debris:-) Its ok.
  14. Forget the promises made for distant future. If you have alpha/beta access, join Alpha Academy, org where you can play & test with others as soon as alpha starts and decide what exactly will you do much later. No promises, no commitments, no limits. After release you can keep playing with those you met or just do whatever you want.
  15. I see many people are thinking about organisations as about guilds. This should change, people should get educated to think about those as about abstract entities that players can get linked to and have functions and rights set by it's creator(s). Organisations in this game are essential elements to build any social structure we want and developers should only focus to give us tools that allow such complex management. (one of those tools should for example allow specific limitations for it's members and/or applicants)
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