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  1. discordauth:__snCby9zfvyQLRmLjGROWRwVvsTUzb0vSVZ-T5uS-0=

  2. Lights

    ahoy thario! yet another newbie thread!

    dude it didnt even snow this winter ffs XD, and rains are so rare they just come out of the blue, 99% of the time the reporters for weather are correct cuz they just say its gonna be sunny and if they are wrong no one blames them XD
  3. Lights

    ahoy thario! yet another newbie thread!

    don't you just love the post apocalyptic kitty litter we live in called a desert? xD
  4. Lights

    ahoy thario! yet another newbie thread!

    Ayy new mexico, i'm currently residing in shit-city Albuquerque my dude wassup?
  5. Lights

    [fr]Hello, everybody

  6. Lights

    Linux crowdfund please

    you have to realise though that less users have linux with steam because less steam games support linux, so less variety/availability of games and genres, so there's not as many people filling in those slots. if i made a language tutoring website, and wanted everyone there to learn english, but most tutors didn't teach english, it would make sense that most of the students wouldn't learn english.
  7. Lights

    Linux crowdfund please

    yes, because there won't be any PR problem with charging different OS users more money
  8. Lights

    An introduction.

    Wait...I don't understand so if you're a transgender girl, does that mean you're a boy thats transgender that identifies a girl, or a girl that became transgender? Your wording didn't help much and made me confused. If i didn't make sense somehow we can talk and help not confuse each other, maybe overcome the binds of the English language.
  9. you know... not really useful to put your name in the text when we can see you posted the message...
  10. Lights

    Greetings to all wayfarers of space

    ayy, another rusky alsways glad to see some in DU welcoem aboard!
  11. Lights

    Hi There I'm New :)

    hi welcome welcome :D, grab some cookies for your arrival, and some popcorn to enjoy the community
  12. Lights

    Starting classes

    i smell carebears
  13. Lights

    Mind's Reach - Recruiting

    cant say much, seems like a very simplified roman adaptation to DU, but tbh, a more accurate roman structure might actually benefit in DU
  14. Lights


    welcome to du, sometimes it takes a while to get access to pre-alpha boards
  15. Lights

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