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  1. I thought it was already said that a stargate can connect to any other within a limited range. The builder of a gate however is the owner and sets permissions on who can get in.
  2. I checked the user name list ... there is no one named excited.
  3. Secret org .... you make outside of DU site duh ... lols .... well, I would guess .... if I was to do such a thing ... not saying I am or have ..... but if I did you wouldn't know
  4. If NQ didn't intervene which they would .... Yin Yang federation would
  5. Thread title makes me think of Red Hot Chili Peppers ... Ark-i-fi-ca-tiooonn ... Oh yeah
  6. All I want for Christmas is DU alpha I would like it for 4th of July but looks like no. Overall I just want to have enough in Alpha to actually test. In NQ I trust
  7. Whatever allows true specialties and diversification. And not just to be different where only a couple are useful but REAL choices.
  8. I think those are the same tbh. ... there is no or there.
  9. I guess I missed something while I have been away. BTW, banking relies on confidence and trust of the customers ... ummm good luck with that one.
  10. I was thinking it when I read the thread title .... but you typed it before me.
  11. I have to know .... is this real?
  12. OMG this is still going on .... it's like the energizer bunny .... The whole base of the coding itself is integrated into the server technology. There is no discussion about this. Playing without being online is impossible ...
  13. I know http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Kessel_Run
  14. Firefall is dead!?!?! I haven't played it for a bit but I enjoyed that game for a while. Pour a lil' liquor for those homies that ain't here no mo.
  15. "OH YEAH!", I yell as the anticipation becomes unbearable waiting for DU alpha to load. What am I going to try first ... resource gathering, exploring, design, so much stuff to do! Game loads and I wake in the Ark but then .... my toon can't move. Bug report sent and wait for bug to be fixed. Ok now fixed days later, anticipation boils again and YAY! my toon is walking around the ark. Time to explore the world. Toon steps off ark and game crashes. Bug report sent. Days later bug fixed .....
  16. Well no matter what I bet I can run it in less than 12 parsecs ... no matter how long you make it Sorry, had to. I'm surprised no one said that yet.
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