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  1. discordauth:t0rcn6WpHoDYJOqbUF0b6r9j5hQn0qF3oiH3W3ckbg4=

  2. Aaahhh slept in! Gotta get this going, see you all on the other side!
  3. Heh true, probably alot easier asking who isn't xD I juuust got my rig fixed up. Just in time to squash bugs and get properly updated xD maybe an upgrade or two ? Highly doubt my laptop could do it justice xD barely runs mortal online smoothish haha Until Sept, I'll keep plugging away in wurmonline xD gotta make those days go by faster!
  4. Who's excited for September?! I've been eagerly awaiting the pre release for what feels like an eternity haha This is the first game I ever felt was worth backing for the "fund me". Can't wait to squash some bugs!
  5. 5p34k3r


    Heya guys! I tried a general search on the forums for this, so pardon me if it's been covered Have we heard any word if there will be any vr support? I recently preordered the new occulas rift model for August 16 for my better half. Would be sweet to use it for DU
  6. Perhaps a low yield chemical rocket for the early stages of low and high orbit launches. Progressively becoming more difficult to refine as you move up the fuel tier. In eve they use ice mining for POS fuel. So perhaps ice could be mined from comets, asteroids, ice caps on planets etc (the ice would need to be consisting of something other than straight h2o, as to make it more feasible to mine off planet) then the tier three ftl could use the hydrogen from gas giants, nebulae etc At any rate, more than one way to acquire fuel and more than one type. I feel if we have mult
  7. Personally, I'd like to see gathering gas from gas giants, nebulae, stars etc as a means to extract the complex and/or heavier/exotic elements required for ftl travel. (or perhaps the gates require some sort of specially mixed and refined molecular structure) Would be really neat if you had to go into low orbit, scoop hydrogen (this being slightly easier than from a star lol) Or perhaps a station that extracts the elements from orbit
  8. The initial idea was influenced largely by the exploration profession in elite dangerous. being able to explore and sell your sensor logs was quite fun. Can sell the logs to a faction you like, gaining reputation with them and effecting the back ground sim. I realize it's not the same game, but that set of features was always quite intruiging
  9. Hey everyone! Before I begin, wanted to express my apologies if this is mentioned. I did attempt to sift through the idea box. I think it would be great if the sensor info about the surrounding star systems and other astrological bodies that we would see in our personal navigation (ship, tool, HUD, console, whatever the case will be) Were to be all unknown. This would allow people to trade star maps, allow for secret routes, (think star wars, the hyperspace routes) one could make a rather interesting and profitable living exploring various ftl routes, andd it would make it
  10. I don't think organization matters. I plan to stay with CSYN. This mission is ambitious. It'll need all the sponsoring and allies it can get. Once things are in full swing, I'll be contacting some of the council members cinderfall to see if we can find some sort of deal that mutually benefits all party's. Perhaps it'll be like elite dangerous, where one can sell their navigation logs to expand the star maps ooooh, that gave me a good idea to suggest hehe
  11. I can't wait for this mission to start. I was already excited for DU, but this just keeps me coming back daily to check in the very very VERY unlikely chance if it being released before Sept haha. I really look forward to exploring our galactic neighbourhood with all of you. We going to do any of this during the alpha testing phase? Even if it's time limited and they wipe after, we can still test some of the warp mechanics, and general interstellar and interplanetary traveling. If anyone has steam, feel free to add me. Kuro Avuli Maybe I could m
  12. I know there's another thread literally under my thread on this lol but when I try to reply, it asks to log me in again, which causes an error. sometimes even viewing a thread will ask me to relog or when I check out the activity feed. I did save password, I imagine the issue is smart phones. I'll have to check if I get same problem on my pc when I have the time.
  13. This made my day! Aannnddd totally captures of I feel lol
  14. Perhaps if the giant entity was in a part of space predetermined for galactic events. Although, people could still unintentially stray into it..
  15. Hahahaha. Few truer words ever spoken! Most of my friends back home wouldn't go against my sliver deck. Sooooo made a deck of all colours with the gate to nothingness x4 foil mwhahahaha
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