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  1. Why and for? I think % of role-players will be very small in release dates. It could looks popular on forum while waiting game, but overal player base will never care about something like that, they will play the game. Ofc everyone may go anywhere, may do anything and may believe any religion or something else, but if to speak about "Is it need to be global?" - No. Thanks, Archonious
  2. I believe that game need require skills for main direction. Like a building, piloting and other (for DU), because game is about this. But imagine if one of the key sides of the game require some skills (which is not about game at all). I know some people in real life who have no idea how to sort with sudokus. For them it is the same as this: Imagine that some "quantum physics scientist" come here and say: "Let's use the quantum physics formulas, it is not hard and everyone can learn it or use internet". Yes, it sound silly, but who knows, maybe for somebody these sudokus tasks looks similarly =) Once again, personally I am fine with that. P.S: It would be absolutelly fine, if there would be some "ingame skills" to help or auto unlock. Maybe some consumables to open some numbers. I meain, if player can get skill or pay extra money, he/she can avoid that. Thanks, Archonious
  3. I see the title only. So opinion based on that. Personally I like idea, but this could set different players in unfair possition. Some people very easy solve these tasks, some have no idea how to do it. If to create them easy as NoManSky's one, this is pointless. So there are two sides of the coin in this idea. Thanks, Archonious
  4. Ok. It looks easier to argue with a wall =))) Words, many empty words only. Nothing about the facts. Just everyone MUST do that because I WANT! All I see egoistic/selfish position. Nothing to talk about! Bye! P.S: Twerk is in ignore list for ages, don't care about this dirty troll
  5. Yeah, if to read with closed eyes or while flying in silly dreams =) Most of the times I wrote examples when everyone will get profits - as low time players, as average players, as nolife players. If you will open eyes and read again, you will see the idea is not about "Solo player on big ship", but about very flexible system, when player can control few system if he/she has enough multitask skills and ingame skills. I would mark "IF HE/SHE HAS ENOUGH SKILLS". So if job very easy for me, I can do something else as well, at the same time. I don't tell that EVERYONE need to do that, as you do. If I can do 5 tasks at time, I do not force everyone do 5 tasks at time. You say, EVERYONE need to do 1 task, because somebody want to be engineer (from your example). I say everyone can do engineering and something else, if player can do that (once again, IF PLAYER CAN DO). Comprendo? Thanks, Archonious
  6. I bet nobody cares about ALL players here. Everyone pull on own side only. That's the problem of this community.
  7. Stop! You say "...because everyone can do that". I give example which fit "everyone can do that". Now you tell his example is better. His example does not fit "everyone can do that" at all. And there was no insult, there was a question.
  8. Are you dumb or don't want to see analogy with your "Everyone can do that, so this need to be separated" to make this boring as shit? =))) With your example "submarines" crew need to be about 200-300 people then! YES, Let's create virtual world same as real. OMG!
  9. I didn't write it need to be easy that every single player can do that. And if it is so easy (that everyone can do that), why SHOULD I do this primitive/easy job ONLY? If you want game for dumbs, we will never agree, because this is real trash and I don't want see DU as DUMB game. It is like in real life to create rule that car need 3 people in (easy multitask that everyone can do that, from your message). One for drive, one for transmission and one for pedals. You can do all 3 things? No, YOU NEED 3 PEOPLE! It is VERY STUPID! Why? Because there are some players who want to control transmision. I hope you can see analogy. P.S: And you say, I should not schedule. Example. My ship (and 5 members who NEED to be on ship to make everything work) goes somewhere away (few hours or even days trip, as we know there would be long distances between planets and other objects). So nobody else will have chance to respawn (respawn in closest resp only). If 1 or more of crew Leave (long DC/AFK or something else) I can't replace person, it is impossible, we far away. Ship can't be controled, so all others need to wait for unknown time or wait another ship with some people who can replace DC crew member. Woooow, so much fun! I can say, I understand your dreams about "How it could be fantastic!", but it would be pain in the ass in many many situations, if it would be not flexible system. Thanks, Archonious
  10. It is not only about flying. And why flying ship is flexible, but weapon/turret control (or other systems) need to be very necessary controled by separate player? Why I can fly and control shields or something else? If I have enough skill and multitasking to do that, why I CAN'T do that? Why should I play by schedule and always organise time with somebody else? It is STUPID! It is fine if I don't have multitasking and enough skills to do that. If some dumbs can't fly and control shields at the same time (as example), it does not mean everybody else MUST NOT do it. If I have enough skills and multitasking to control, aim and shoot well from 10 turrets, game must not limit this (because some retards can't do that). Yes, it will be less effective that if all turrets will be controled by different players, but IT MUST BE AVAILABLE. I am very against Hard Requirements to have Crew. I don't want have another job, I have one, it is enough for me. Thanks, Archonious
  11. There is little problem with that. It could be fine if there are many players who happy to cover and org have just a few ships and people absolutelly fine to do any other thing (and I'm not saying about player location. Imagine your ship miles away from base and nobody can just respawn on it, bacause it is not the closest one). Now imagine you have 20 ppl and 5 ships with 4ppl crew (in original). So there are 5 good *special role* in org, nobody else can do it well (or do it t all). If to make these roles SO NECESSARY, than it means org NEED to have at least 4 these guys online. If not, others will stuck and can't do what they want to do (even with less efficency). If all these guys are friends in real life and go to party somewhere. This mean all the org stuck, because this role so necessary. And this is only sample with 4ppl ship. Imagine 10, 25, 40 or 50 ppl ships? You always will face situation described before "Sorry, we don't need you anymore, main player come back" or "Sorry, this guy raplaced you, because life was more important for you yesterday". Game without flexibility = dead game. I remember days of classic WoW. When 40 ppl wait 1-2 guys, because their roles were very important. When everyone lived and played by schedule. This is CRAP! Game must not be suitable for small group of players and disabled for another, because they has less time to play and can't plan their time in game, as NoLifers do. Thanks, Archonious
  12. If they said that and going this way, then I say that, they are. This kind of limitation won't work good for game. If game allow me to fly small ship only (and I need to find 100500 players who will play when I play), I won't stay in this hame for long and it will be huge disappointment in all this project. This is my opinion. And I don't like when somebody say "You need to play this way, because I am fine with that". And no matter that many can't do that, not just they don't like it, they CAN'T! Very simple.
  13. Apetite growing is human nature. If somebody say "I wanna small ship only", does not mean this person won't say "I want something bigger. So what in your opinion is good? That everyone need to play game same as they work? I need to login to game and wait others of my team? Or search somebody else and kick those who helped me to build ship? If game is not flexible, it could make negative attitude very fast. What the point to play if you can not do "that" or "that", before you start hardly play your time for game? It is very childish attitude, not many have a lot of time to spend it in games (not saying about hard planning of this time). As I said, if you have chance to spend you life in game, do it. You get more profits for that. But if somebody has real life and don't want sit here day and night, it does not mean that some parts of game must be limited (because they become limited by the fact). Thanks, Archonious
  14. You get it bit wrong. If you need to have 10 people crew on ship, it will be real problem for busy people. Because they can't play by schedule. Team work require schedule system. Swaping people everytime won't be enjoyable to anyone - "Today they need you, tomorrow they say ship is packed" or "You missed yesterday, so we don't need you anymore". In both situations there is unhappy person (we speak about unique role, not just for being on the ship). Fully automated (equal as manual) will make game as EVE (I think the most boring fights I ever seen). As somebody wrote/quoted "Go AFK, whule ship fighting". Don't want to see this game become as this AFK trash. Yes lazy players (few hours a week) will need much more time to build, to get used to ship and role. Busy players (who play few hours a day max) will spend less time than lazy players to rich same targets. NoLifers will achieve targets faster. So actually they will be most experienced (real exoerience) anyway. They would have schedules to work/play, they will have constand duties and other. They will do everything very well, because they professionals. They have time for that. If you say, Lazy players must not Build/Control big ships (they have no time to set teams), these players lose motivation to play in one moment. Same with busy players. Less motivation, more players will leave - more players leave, less chances game will survive in long term. I am strongly against to make game for NoLifers only. And no need to say "They can fly little solo fighters". 99% of players want and will play to build something bigger. Then bigger, ten bigger, then bigger". If I have opportunity to play on solo fighter only, because I can't spend 6+ hours a day and live by the schedule, I won't be interested to pkay long, I won't be interested to invest in game. How many players will do the same? If I can build somethibg big and control it, even with less efficency (than full crew), then I have motivation, then I will invest in game. Because there is potential to go forward. Thanks, Archonious
  15. I still don't understand why this thread in "Idea Box" forum. Basic "General Discussion" thread. BTW, automatic/nonautomatic (crew control only), both systems has own PROs and CONs. Argue what is better is waste of time, both systems will be bad. Hybrid system will fit in this game, IMO. Possible auto, which is very weak (maybe except stationary objects), crew control of all systems (as most effective and easiest) and one man control (when player swap every turret, shoot from it, control movement of the ship and other. Lot of duties, more risk, less effectiveness). So the most laziest players will have automatic systems - less effectiveness. Solo players or small groups will have opportunities to try bigger ships and put lot of effort to control them - average effectiveness. The big groups of players who wanna live in game (actually spend in game more than 6 hours a day), can cooperate with others and play game as others go to work (most effective). In the end: -lazy players can play -busy players (2-3 hrs) can play -nolifers can play -there is skill progress/improvement Thanks, Archonious
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