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  2. dude it didnt even snow this winter ffs XD, and rains are so rare they just come out of the blue, 99% of the time the reporters for weather are correct cuz they just say its gonna be sunny and if they are wrong no one blames them XD
  3. don't you just love the post apocalyptic kitty litter we live in called a desert? xD
  4. Ayy new mexico, i'm currently residing in shit-city Albuquerque my dude wassup?
  5. you have to realise though that less users have linux with steam because less steam games support linux, so less variety/availability of games and genres, so there's not as many people filling in those slots. if i made a language tutoring website, and wanted everyone there to learn english, but most tutors didn't teach english, it would make sense that most of the students wouldn't learn english.
  6. yes, because there won't be any PR problem with charging different OS users more money
  7. Wait...I don't understand so if you're a transgender girl, does that mean you're a boy thats transgender that identifies a girl, or a girl that became transgender? Your wording didn't help much and made me confused. If i didn't make sense somehow we can talk and help not confuse each other, maybe overcome the binds of the English language.
  8. you know... not really useful to put your name in the text when we can see you posted the message...
  9. ayy, another rusky alsways glad to see some in DU welcoem aboard!
  10. hi welcome welcome :D, grab some cookies for your arrival, and some popcorn to enjoy the community
  11. cant say much, seems like a very simplified roman adaptation to DU, but tbh, a more accurate roman structure might actually benefit in DU
  12. Lights


    welcome to du, sometimes it takes a while to get access to pre-alpha boards
  13. welcome to DU man, youre gonna have alot of fun here
  14. I'm sure we could make negotiations over a vegemite sandwich lunch meetup.
  15. I've met a man like you from Brussels.....
  16. discordauth:__snCby9zfvyQLRmLjGROWRwVvsTUzb0vSVZ-T5uS-0=


  17. he also said tho that peopel would be able to use multiple turrets using AI at the expense of viability
  18. This images symbolic meaning is quite deep. First and foremost, you have the giant ring of a snake eating itself. -What does this mean? Is it related to the cycle of need rebuilding itself? -The snake is thought of a evil animal. What else is evil? Cannibalism of course, and with this symbol, the snake clearly represents that the org will eat anyone inside alive, it wont commit cannibalism outside of its org, because it needs the peoples consent via joining. The woman with the scales. -She is also holding a sword, and blindfolded. So we can first automatically assume she is bling, and doesnt want to show her eyes which have already been eaten out by her org. Secondly, the sword, its just a way to symbolize they dont use surgical tools to cut away body pieces, they preffer the ancient ways of their ancestors. as for the scales, im sure it just represents that a members body is eaten evenly throughout the org so that people dont fight over body parts. The compass. Im 99% sure its jack sparrow's compass which shows you what you desire most, and most of the members desire to know who to eat next, and the fact we cant see the compass needle indicated that it is spinning wayyy too fast because the person who is to be eaten next is holding the compass. The measuring tool (which I forgot the name of) 9000% sure its to help split the bodies evenly through mesurement. because scales wotn always account for density Let's talk about the color blue. Why blue? probably because the blood of the dead corpses looks more bluish than red. New Genesis: the name itself both makes all the sense... and no sense. genesis means the creation, birth of something, so im sure its because when they eat a body, it contributes to their society to create new infant members of the org which would continue their tradition of canibalism EVIL ORG 0/10
  19. ODY is a Company, so it fits your need for "promotion" which is all you're really looking for, and any member can be any rank with the effective votes, but dont expect elections to be every month or some shit, you just get promoted as you go
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