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  1. Anarchy online (mmorpg) had the engineer class with robot pets and mechanical engineering expertise. The main perk was being able to build your own huge white slayer droid you could use to take npc aggro. Seemed fun being followed everywhere by an enormous killing machine
  2. I hope DU do a press release on reaching this C v C milestone and revealing whats next. A great achievement for a growing community
  3. I see that. My point is new thinking, new ideas. Lets stop trying to recreate Eve. I like the camo / impersonation idea, it could even be an awesome mechanic and could allow to get past LUA scripts but perhaps not real clan members.
  4. Now if in DU we could extract skill points or experience from frozen bodies (say 1 days worth per corpse). That simple mechanic alone would likely change gameplay style significantly.
  5. Implants. We need to have some differences from Eve. Anybody else remember proper implant twinking from anarchy online?
  6. Agree 100%. All those haters based on one game. If that is the worst thing that happened in their lives (so far) then they got to get out more.
  7. Random words here. I like lamp.
  8. I read the transcript above (thanks great effort) but didn't get the chance to watch all the video. Did JC not mention timing for alpha at all? Can anybody who was there share any hints?
  9. Buy the gold pledge. Don't cheap out. It's what you *know* you want to do and now you can do it ????
  10. I so miss that game. One of the original sci-fi mmo greats. A great example of what was possible with implants and augments and a spreadsheeting exercise in twinking ????
  11. Why is this topic still going. I thought the first post was a troll. Don't feed the troll.
  12. I've seen, especially for some new mobile games (you know the ones), have built in MS or google live translation chat functionality. Certainly makes for some interesting conversations and funny translations, but overall works well. Eve as an example had a later expansion that added language support for Asian countries.
  13. I'd love for it to be sooner rather than later. I saw they're currently advertising for a number of different roles from server to programmer and tester. Not sure how long the QA tester has been listed, but I'm sure they'll be needed soon http://www.dualthegame.com/careers
  14. Yes that's right as the title says, this post is all about a FUN community competition to pick the exact date for when you expect (or hope) the alpha testing will go live and we'll be able to first play (even if only for testing) The "winner" will be the poster that picks the exact date, or where the exact date is not picked, the post that picks the absolute closest date before or after. The "date" will be measured as the first date that gold founder members are able to log in to the Alpha testing servers. What do you get, well mad props of course for your un-canny and amazing forecast skillz. Of course, we'll also see those for which the glass is half empty or just decide to be widely pessimistic. I'm going to pick April 12 2017 for reasons and that we have holidays the following week So post your best guess alpha date. MAX
  15. still going? choo chooo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qt7ZRVaMhm8
  16. Thanks all for sharing views. This gives me an excuse for a sweet new build and a reminder for others to get a GPU in on Santa's list.
  17. Remember some of us will be pre-alpha testing in a few months. It'll only look that good / be playable ok if we're getting in the upgrades we may need. I'm sure I saw something suggesting 1060-1080gtx range. Makes pledges look a snip.
  18. Monthly dev vids with content like we've seen will help
  19. Great update. So excited. ..any have a view on GPU requirements and whether this will be a monster like star citizen or something more modest?
  20. Nice balance between Europe and US and the rest.When we eventually get off planet finding an organisation team that fits your time zone will be key to having that feeling of population ... even more so when no one can hear you scream in space.
  21. I snipe you and you die. The hill is mine.I leave mines to catch the unwary. I hope they release something to play, ahem test, soon. Practising voxel ship or base designs would be awesome. Today I even logged into my 10 old eve online characters to look around. Hella confusing and it wasn't the same as before.
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