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    It's been a long time in, cryo sleep. Time to wake up! https://soundcloud.com/daniel-wasilewski-4/homeless-awakening
  2. Homeless will be a prime example of it
  3. devu


    Added a part with chord progression that suggests escape velocity has been reached . Also the synth bass was booing too much on my speakers. Most of the time I compose on my headphones and sometimes quality is crap...
  4. devu


    This feeling when you trying to escape planet gravity but your ship is not quite ready to do so yet https://soundcloud.com/daniel-wasilewski-4/homeless-escape-velocity
  5. We really do hope so as DU flight mechanics seems to be more in line with proper flight simulators rather than SC arcade mode. Proper analogue joystick was the first thing that came to my mind when testing my first designs. Game deign and interfaces suggest it is doable.
  6. Well, not a big fan of EVE here too, but I would highlight obvious differences here. EVE for me lacked a immersion. In DU that aspect is definitely more appealing as you are a character not a ship pointing to go from A to B and watching animations. Maybe, because of that general feeling of the game was.. everything is predefined, it was obvious from the start you have to get hang on political situation and choose your mates wisely. Have a look at the map. Yeah impressive, big.. but predefined with obvious borders and points of influence. In DU having organic borders, changing a landscape with every new discovered planet or Solar System this is something that in fact can give a bigger chance to opportunists. Even lone wolfs may have a chance. But ultimately it is about politics, economy and whether you like it or not, you have to interact with people. And take a risk of dealing with all that comes with it
  7. Well, politics is official part of this game. Choose wisely. If you are hans solo, who knows, maybe after few weeks flying straight into abyss you will find some habitable place to live on. But without access to the market... Here is the thing @Tactician, there is a big percentage of people playing MMO games that moan about the game being too crowded. It's probably, you are one of those and not getting a concept of MMO at all. You better find some single player game and avoid servers as you wasting slots for those who would like to play.
  8. To build space capable craft yes, it's a knowledge you can share. But building ship capable of lifting few people there comes with bigger cost. Engines, material etc. And we have no way of saying right know how that is going to play. Even massive org out of luck to get the correct resource can stay behind.
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    This piece was brought to you by bottle of home made wine https://soundcloud.com/daniel-wasilewski-4/homeless-ride-towards-a-star
  10. devu


    Today I forced myself to do new tune. https://soundcloud.com/daniel-wasilewski-4/homeless-rise-of-empire Hope you enjoy it. It suppose to stay on the subject so.. same style as the rest.
  11. Yeap, the spreadsheets is the key!
  12. Regardless.. I wish Yaw to be swapped with Roll otherwise many ships will die
  13. @Bitmouse I have an idea for you. Create organisation that will focus on designing ships. Find far away galaxy, claim some territory, provide resources, money and safety for your members. They will essentially get nice facility to practice their skills. It will feel for them like they play creative mode Oh wait... isn't what this game is about? So you see what you proposing here? Rob many organisations from this possibility because you want free facilities for that. It is, because this very thing comes with game play, stimulates economy, gives people things to do, game make sense. If you can't see how DU is different here? I seriously recommend you, to rethink if you really got the core idea of DU.
  14. @EmperorSly you may check Homeless. Some people call us communist but we believe we exercise true democracy that in fact is distorted in RL. Entire org is build around the idea active citizen takes responsibility for it's decisions, when playing strategic role in org, becomes a public servant. But aided by AI to help in automation and integrity.
  15. Again... this game and it's technology is build around MMO. Client will not exist without server. And the biggest attraction of this title is a single shard universe. I bet this fact alone attracts far more MMO players because of that as oppose to creative builders. Because they understand implications of this style and embrace it. And DU attract this kind of audience. Sure I understand, some would prefer creative mode, but this game is simply not for them. Go play SE, minecraft or whatever. And I doubt there will be community split here. This game is for those who understand what, how and why.
  16. Considering the setup of engines nothing will look exactly as IP builds, and yet because of setup you will take into account efficiency and function first of all. Fuel consumption, how well it can handle, what's the purpose etc. There is many factors when applied, will determine almost naturally how the ships will start to look. Remember for engineers there is no half empty/full glass. Glass is twice as big as it should be
  17. Well.. the thing is, we are on board of Arkship still, whatever happened last weekend was just a simulation so... AI put us back to sleep and we remember... nothing! Wait did it actually happened?
  18. And the current mode is pre-alpha. I don't think you understand what you asking for here. Simply to provide mockup of their server architecture to run on your local machine.. Is not going to happen.
  19. p2hf - pay to have fun p2cu- pay to catch up obydss-overpay because you did something stupid obyal-overpay because you are lazy bsaeig-be smart and earn in game blsh-buy low sell high Heck. nothing catchy so far. Anybody came up with some more acronyms of possibilities? I actually hit like buttons on both sides of this spectrum because this is what it is for me. It's obvious how Visa works and as long as you can pay with it for in game goodies you can benefit. But as long as game provides equal opportunities and possibilities to earn in game there is always a chance it's a Visa Uber players that feeds a market but its them being ripped off by skilled players. Usually because they too lazy, ignorant, not skilled enough, because they can or simply... people playing for fun and want to catch up. I don't care about definitions. As long as there is no item shop that will put Visa guy ahead of me because there is some gear I will not be able to acquire any other way, most of people are happy with it. Sure, maybe more cash will give you more raw materials faster, you can employ some workforce etc. But at the same time, there is not guarantee for Visa player of success on any level here. I do agree however this should be transparent and obvious to anybody who making decisions. And I believe DU will provide more opportunities for fair chances to everybody to compare to EVE. But there is no way to have a perfect solution. One have more cash another time on his hands. Both are precious commodities in MMO games. Period.
  20. SC to ladnie wygladajacy sklepik ze statkami jak dla mnie. Moze za kilka lat cos tam zrobia ale absolutnie nic mi nie zastapi satysfakcji zbudowania wlasnego miasta/statku/czy bazy i jak odwiedze kolege obok to wiem ze za kazdym razem to bedzie unikatowe doswiadczenie. W SC jak zobacze statek to bede tylko wiedzial jak gruba byla VISA card ;). Nie.. jak dla mnie to jest model gier z lat 90. DU moze nie bedzie tak pieknie wygladalo ale dla mnie grywalnosc sie liczy. Ta gra jest najblizej z jakiejkolwiek gier ktore zblizyly sie do mojej gry marzen. Mam nadzieje ze sie nie rozczaruje. Ale coz, kazdy ma swoje preferencje @Skimus zapraszamy do nas na kanal. Naliczylismy 6 osob z goldem juz. @SzaryWilk tez zapraszam, my spotkamy sie juz 23
  21. Speaking of JS... Stick to in game screens, those suppose to support HTML5 standard so... JS enabled? hmm..
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