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  1. Anarchy online (mmorpg) had the engineer class with robot pets and mechanical engineering expertise. The main perk was being able to build your own huge white slayer droid you could use to take npc aggro. Seemed fun being followed everywhere by an enormous killing machine
  2. I hope DU do a press release on reaching this C v C milestone and revealing whats next. A great achievement for a growing community
  3. I see that. My point is new thinking, new ideas. Lets stop trying to recreate Eve. I like the camo / impersonation idea, it could even be an awesome mechanic and could allow to get past LUA scripts but perhaps not real clan members.
  4. Now if in DU we could extract skill points or experience from frozen bodies (say 1 days worth per corpse). That simple mechanic alone would likely change gameplay style significantly.
  5. Implants. We need to have some differences from Eve. Anybody else remember proper implant twinking from anarchy online?
  6. Agree 100%. All those haters based on one game. If that is the worst thing that happened in their lives (so far) then they got to get out more.
  7. Random words here. I like lamp.
  8. I read the transcript above (thanks great effort) but didn't get the chance to watch all the video. Did JC not mention timing for alpha at all? Can anybody who was there share any hints?
  9. Buy the gold pledge. Don't cheap out. It's what you *know* you want to do and now you can do it ????
  10. If there will be a skill system how will it work? For example will it be profession or level based, accretive over time (Eve) or activity based, adjustable with skill buffs (anarchy online) or boosters?
  11. I so miss that game. One of the original sci-fi mmo greats. A great example of what was possible with implants and augments and a spreadsheeting exercise in twinking ????
  12. Why is this topic still going. I thought the first post was a troll. Don't feed the troll.
  13. If you needed another reason to up your pledge there it is. Pick gold.
  14. I've seen, especially for some new mobile games (you know the ones), have built in MS or google live translation chat functionality. Certainly makes for some interesting conversations and funny translations, but overall works well. Eve as an example had a later expansion that added language support for Asian countries.
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