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  1. My choice for a targeting system is crosshairs. The longer the target stays in your crosshairs the better chance for a hit and greater damage. The crosshairs should change colors as the duration within the crosshair increases. Tab targeting should could used for shooting missiles or torpedoes with a percentage chance to hit (dependant on pilot skill and technology level of the weapon). I also like the idea that different parts of the ship can be damaged or destroyed, especially since the ship is "pieced" together. Therefore, you can have hull breaches, knock out engines, comms, weapon sys
  2. Regarding planetary control, i think it's only necessary on a somewhat galactic scale if you want/need to control a region of space. However, for our purposes, I beleive we're only interested in controlling resources or certain areas of interest on a planet. Question I have about tile ownership is just how much resource is there be in a tile? Doesn't a TU controlled tile equal 1km area, which is then broken down into smaller areas? Is there a mix of resources in those smaller areas? How long will it take to mine everything out of the area? If its mined out in a matter of weeks then t
  3. I hope to see an Alpha forum created with many subcategories created to discuss EACH specific aspect involved in the game. Some of the forum could be archived and other topics like Introductions and such should stay persistent.
  4. I think a lot of these discussions/topics are about people starting to get antsy and anxious (like me) to try out DU and see what it can actually do. Currently, EVERYTHING is hypothetical without the ability to prove/disprove the theories. I just hope Alpha starts out real soon so a lot of these questions can be answered. As for the lone wolf discussion, we have 2 hands, scripting and the ability to due multiple things at once. The low efficiency/effectiveness will make running big ships less attractive, not to mention the large amount of time and huge cost needed to build such a ship (
  5. I'm hoping for the ability to use monitors to display different information such as scans, markets, news, videos, etc.
  6. First of all, I don't think anyone should be able to buy skills. It will ruin the game. However, I can see some sort of apprentice/internship to learn a few basic skills (and I want to stress A FEW) with certain requirements. They could perhaps learn a basic/general skill up to a certain level (like the first 20% out of 100%, or the first level out of 5 levels) with the requirement of accomplishing a goal or being within a certain range of the trainer performing the skill being learned. For example: You have 2 brothers, one is older than the other by a few years. The older kid know
  7. Just give us the tools, we'll figure out the rest. I'm sure someone will MacGyver something together. When there's a will, there's a way. It may not be pretty but that doesn't matter.
  8. I'll say Tuesday, June 24th. That'll give them a couple days to fix whatever major login bugs and such may occur and we'd have it before our (U.S.) 4th of July holiday.
  9. I think having some type of mech/robot would be cool, even if they are only used for industrial purposes.
  10. Good luck with your group. Who knows, I may have to contact you one day.
  11. I don't mind that a DAC equals a month gameplay except that one month = 30 days. Well some months are 30 days, some 31 days and one is 28/29 days. Even though this is minor it might be even simpler to make a modified DAC (a DACLY?) = 7 days. Just a thought.
  12. Here's a thought, players can make drones to do anything they can think of BUT they can only operate one drone at a time. If too maybe types of drones is an issues, then limit the number of drones a player can create and own.
  13. BUB Update March 16, 2017 https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/brightstar-universal-bank Stay tuned for more updates.
  14. I've heard alot about scripts won't work unless you're online and close to the object. What exactly is the range on these scripts? Do they all have the same range or do they have different ranges depending on type of object / size / power used / skill level? Is there a way to extend that range with other objects or skills? This is very important for us small organizations who don't have too many other players to rely on.
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