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  1. As stages of game play open up more and more funding will pour in...especially if they avoid rushing anything and listen to the fans.
  2. Yep, been planning this since I sat down and was deciding on how to spend em. I am planning to get a tier 2 sapphire pledge in but definitely going tier 2 gold if all else fails.
  3. You were indeed aggressive for the sake of being aggressive and got called out for it, do not flip-flop now. Community excitement will be a driving factor in more pledges being made. Have a pleasant week
  4. June 1st. It's a Thursday so the dev's will have 24 hours to correct any problems that arrive before the weekend rush. Not to mention summer vacation is a few days later.
  5. It's called a ticket my friend. Learn em, love em, do eet. That's the ONLY way you will know for sure.
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