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  1. They take a 100 pills then suffer from a space overdose.
  2. If implemented please ensure there is a way to change the phone number used for two step verification.One game I play the only way to change the phone number is to enter a code sent to the old phone number....
  3. I would like for there to be alot more thought needed to building a ship than is in Space engineers.
  4. They had a booth up at Pax Prime most would overlook it because it was so plain but the footage and demo sold me on it.
  5. Im sure there are a few. I dunno if its wise ,shedding fur in space,thats gonna clog ALL the filters.
  6. Space engineers did that but but their implementation was terrible the cone was more of a cylinder that started right at the engine so everything adjacent to it was getting fried.
  7. a full year to travel to even one new system......Being a space game I hope there is alot more emphasis and accessibility to yknow exploration and space then that.
  8. 5-10 years is a bit long.planets are huge and how far do you think people would travel out from the arkship? 10 jumps people will be getting sparse,20 you may be only a handful 30+ you would be alone.
  9. Here is to hoping that the is a very functional copy/past/merge tool in the voxel editor.
  10. I like the idea of food as a macro resource,you need it to support a population or maybe claim an area.I DO NOT want to have eat three meals a day in game.
  11. Dusty plains,I loath foliage in games plus I hate clearing trees.
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