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  1. I'm having great fun. My projects list keeps getting bigger and my imagination is going wild over all the possibilities. IMHO, The industry is what it should have been at the start of open beta. I like this game, so will play it. When I don't like a game I don't play it! Why would I go on a forum for a game I don't like and moan about it? seems selfish to me ? What am I not understanding? please educate me ?‍?
  2. Remove all mining gameplay, save server recourses and drip feed ore into tens of thousands of locust containers.
  3. I like that idea. Hilighting a corp of the week / Month, good way to reward community active corps.
  4. The problem is not lots of alt corps, but alt corps at the top of the community listings, having unfair publicity. Solution: remove the corporation listings by member count. Instead list them by searchable tags, i.e. , Pirates, banking, RP, industry, military and corporations name. etc, ect. Then all the corporation advertising can be done on the DU forum, ON A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD. Now there is no insentive to artificially build large corps. Any inactive corp or alt corps will collect dust in a folder somewhere giving no one unfair advantage.
  5. How? If only the Leader / creator of the corp has this right to remove legits, it will get rid of spys and traitors that have lied and wormed their way into a powerfull postion. At this time not even the corps creator can not get rid of a spy or traitor. This would lead to the corps collapse!
  6. Need to be able kick legits that will not resign.
  7. Please, a tiny tiny almost Infinity small suggestion, keep audience questions towards the end. Would loved to hear more from JC about the amazing game you are working so hard to produce.
  8. Just watched the stream. DU is looking impressive and I love the vision and direction JC and dev team are taking DU. Keep up the hard work and keep to your vision.
  9. Hello looking forward to live stream latter today, what time is it going live?
  10. Cool I love a bit of role play. So this is goodys verses baddies, pirates verses commerce. Arrr jim lad my hearties, shiver my timbers arrrrrrrr, let me put this telescope against my patched eye, arrrrrrrrrr I see no ships. There be ship on de horizon capin. Man de rigging set topsels and garnets arrrrrrrrrrr. Eye eye captin. errr I mean eye capin, There be a mining ship ahoy to fill my swollen Chest with pices of eight and the golden ore from under de ground arrrrrrrr. Look sir it's a pirate dread ship and it's heading for us. But we are an unarmed mining vessel, they must be after our ore. We can't out run them or defeat them in ship to ship combat, what can we do..... sir pls sir what is your order? Set self destruct 10, 9, 8, sir I don't want to go like this, 6, 5, 4, if we can't have what we sweated and dug out of the ground with our own bare ha BOOOOM
  11. The starting planet has a lot of water, will it have physical properties? Would love to dam a river and build a hydro plant, Producing large amounts of "free" power. I can see such a building being a very valuable asset, And target. Moats Aqua ducts Irrigation Canals Land reclamation Swamp draining So much game play from physical water. I'm sure a few headaches making it work as well.
  12. Will the user interface be scalable? Hoping it will be for 4K users and the partially sighted. ????
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